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“The history of the world is oppression, tyranny, and control, and the United States is the exception because of our founding documents.”

“Have you seen any network coverage on Jan Brewer’s race? No, and why is that? Because even people on our side told us that if we didn’t adopt an open borders amnesty position, it was going to be the death knell of the party. Well, they’re not covering Brewer’s reelection because she’s going to win in a landslide.”

“Who is it that’s saving this country, that’s saving the Republican Party from itself? It is you and me — those of us who were told that we are the problem.”

“Our principles are for the express purpose of benefiting everybody because our principles empower individuals to be the best they can be, independent of a Nanny State and a ruling class that views them with contempt.”

“Obama doesn’t dare explain anything he believes and was taught because then he wouldn’t get elected dogcatcher, and that’s the truth.”

“I think Obama regrets that he wasn’t born soon enough to be alive in the sixties. I think he really identifies with people back then, and if he could be anybody, it would be Castro.”

“I have to agree with you on one thing, Jeff: We are going to be disappointed tomorrow. I mean, Obama is still going to be president.”

“So they’re worried about low turnout in Delaware. I imagine the Coons people probably calling ACORN and the SEIU: ‘Get some thugs out here! Do something to roust people out of their homes!'”

“If you believe that America must pay the price for 230 years of indecency and evil, you vote Democrat, because that’s what they believe, that’s what President Obama believes, and that’s what his policies are aimed at achieving — making this country pay.”

“Why is Biden going to Vermont? That’s like the Soviets going to Moscow. Why?”

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