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Rush’s Morning Update: Muddled
November 3, 2010

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The excuses started before the first votes were counted. Pennsylvania Governor “Fast Eddie” Rendell blamed Democrats for sending a “muddled message to voters.” He also claimed “expectations were unreasonably high” for Obama.

Well, who raised those expectations? Obama did, andhis own State-Controlled Media. Thepostpartisan, postracial presidency was a mythcreated by willing media accompliceswho refused to report on Obama’s beliefs, his associations, or hismindset.

Even when he promised to redistribute Americans’ incomes, or to lower the seas, there was no critical analysis. Criticism was instead heaped on those who attempted to uncover his past connections, raise questions, or call attention to his lack of accomplishment– and to that big, angry chip on his shoulder about America’s past.

The Democrat message was not “muddled.” Two years later, wehave the chance to respond to the clear agenda Obama and the Democrats rammed down our throats: exploding government, rampant spending, crushing debt, confiscatory taxes, entitlements without end, payoffs for unions and other far-left cronies, racial divisions, and class warfare.

When Obama recently called those who oppose his radical immigration policies “enemies”, it reaffirmed what many of us instinctively knew:we, thepeople, had become enemies of the state,and Obama and Democrats would punish us as long as they could.

So no, Mr. Rendell,the message wasn’t “muddled” — we got it. Now it’s your turn to get our message… and our message isn’t”muddled”, either. Heh-heh-heh.

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