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RUSH: You know what they’re talking about right now on MSNBC? This is hilarious. What they’re talking about right now, on Election Day, on MSNBC, is how the GOP does not want Sarah Palin in 2012. That is what is occupying their time. Folks, it could be huge today, it could be big. Everybody on the Democrat side is in the bunker. They’ve got no events planned. They got no parties planned for tonight. It’s just shaping up to be something out of sight, and a lot of people are afraid to make this actual prediction because there’s so much data out there, it’s hard to know which is true and which isn’t, but I just saw on one of the cable networks that Delaware is a close race, Delaware is a race in play, the Senate race, how can that be? How can Delaware be in play? I have been saying from the get-go that that race was competitive, that it never has been a 15-point race. We’ll see tonight if I’m right. But Ed Morrissey at Hot Air today posted the fact that Christine O’Donnell is outdrawing Bite Me 5-to-1 in Delaware rallies in the final days in terms of the crowd. Bite Me drew 200 people at his last rally and half of them were walking out before the thing was even over.

I have this e-mail. I went back and looked at my e-mails from way back when, and I was prompted to do that because of this. The subject line is: ‘You were right.’ Dear Rush: ‘I remember on the day after the 2006 elections you said the Democrats are setting themselves up for a huge loss. You said you weren’t sure when it would be but that it was coming.’ And I remember, I did say that, after that 2006 race, and the reason I said it was that they are totally misreading why they won. They think they won in 2006 because all their arguments against Bush carried the day. They think they won the argument that Bush was lying and the economy was bad and we deserve to lose in Iraq and that’s not why they won. They won because Republicans ticked off their own voters who sat home. Republicans stopped governing as conservatives, their voters sat home and the Democrats won, and they overreached. That was another thing we predicted on this program that the Democrats would overreach that that Obama would overreach. And they have. So once again, documented to be almost always right 99.6% of the time.

Remember, if you want higher unemployment, if you want fewer jobs, vote Democrat. If you want more Americans who are outta work and don’t want to work — we already know 76% of us know somebody who’s lost a job — vote Democrat. If you want a smaller paycheck, if you want less take-home pay, vote Democrat today. If you want higher college tuition, if you want to pay higher tuition for your kids to go to what now seems like a more and more worthless proposition, college, vote Democrat. If you want to lose your home, vote Democrat. If you want to be less secure in terms of foreign policy or even domestic policy, vote Democrat today. If you want illegal aliens to vote, vote Democrat.

By the way, do you know that the governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer, is up for reelection? How did you know that, Snerdley? You haven’t seen it on television. Have you seen any network cover Jan Brewer’s reelection race? You haven’t. Why is that? Because remember, now, even people on our side told us that if we didn’t adopt an open borders amnesty position it was gonna be the death knell of the Republican Party and conservatism, right? Well, they’re not covering Jan Brewer’s reelection because she is in a landslide victory position right now. She does not believe in open borders and she is not for amnesty. And you are not hearing one word about Jan Brewer. She’s never been behind in any poll. Since the Arizona law was first proposed and debated and passed, she has never been behind. She is up for reelection, and you don’t know it if your source for any of this is mainstream media. So if you want illegal aliens to vote, vote Democrat. If you want open borders, if you want lawsuits against states who try to enforce federal law, vote Democrat.

If you want police citing you for eating too much trans fat, vote Democrat. If you want death panels in your health care legislation, vote Democrat. If you want higher health care costs, vote Democrat. If you want to believe that we are not a great country — and Michael Kinsley today writing in Politico actually says we’re not a great country and never have been and he’s all ticked off about people who say we are, the exceptionalism thing is overdone. And he illustrates how he totally misunderstands what American exceptionalism is. He ought to listen to me. American exceptionalism is not that we’re better people. It’s not that we’re any different DNA-wise. It’s not that we’re special. It’s not that God has chosen us. American exceptionalism is this: The history of the world is oppression, tyranny, authoritarianism, control, dungeons, and prison. The history of the world is people living in squalor. Check it. The history of the world is human misery. The United States is the exception. And why?

Not because we’re better people but because of our founding documents and the notion that our freedom is part of our creation, that we are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights, among them life, liberty, pursuit of happiness. Our Founding Fathers codified our very existence in our founding documents. Our Founding Fathers wrote a Constitution that limits the freedom of government, that limits the reach of government. That is what is exceptional about America. Sometimes the whole phrase ‘American exceptionalism’ is lost. Try to look at it this way. There’s a standard, whatever it is, and then there’s an exception to the rule. We are the exception to the rule of humanity. The rule of humanity on this earth has been torture, imprisonment, squalor, totalitarianism. We’re the exception to that rule. Human freedom. That’s what American exceptionalism is, and it is at risk. Because the political party that pooh-poohs the whole concept of American exceptionalism believes in authoritarianism, believes in expanding government, believes in total control.

If you want to be penalized, if you want the police citing you for eating too much trans fat, even though you may not even know what it is, vote Democrat. If you want higher health care costs, vote Democrat. If you want to believe that we are not a great country, if you want to believe that we are a fallen country, that we deserve to be a fallen country, if you want to believe that we are a nation in decline, if you believe that this nation must pay for its transgressions since its founding you make sure you go out today and you vote Democrat. If you believe this country is immoral and unjust and unfair, if you believe this country is racist to its core, sexist to its core, bigoted to its core, homophobic to its core, if you believe this country is the most despotic place on this earth, you vote Democrat because they agree with you. If you hate your country, if you blame your country, if you are angry at your country, you vote Democrat. You join them. If you believe America must pay the price for 230 years of indecency and evil, you vote Democrat, because that’s what they believe. That’s what President Obama believes. And that’s what his policies are aimed at achieving, making this country pay.

If you don’t believe this is an evil country, if you don’t believe that we must pay a price, if you don’t believe that we are racist, sexist, homophobic, if you don’t believe that we are unjust and immoral as a nation and as a people, don’t vote Democrat. Remember the Limbaugh Rule. Any candidate with a (D) next to his name on a ballot, you vote against. The Limbaugh rule, when you see an (R) next to a candidate’s name, you vote that candidate. You do not seek compromise with those who believe this country is immoral and unjust. Where do you find compromise with people who believe what the Democrats of today believe? We don’t seek that compromise. We seek to defeat them, in the political sense. We seek to relegate them to the true minority status that they are for generations.

We’re gonna go back and listen to four separate sound bites of my CPAC speech in February of 2009, just about a month after Obama had been inaugurated. Nicolle Wallace is out there on TV talking about her latest book Eighteen Acres and every time she is on TV she is talking about what I said at CPAC. She reminded me what I said at CPAC, so we’ve come up with four, maybe five, working on a fifth now excerpt from that CPAC speech, plus all kinds of fun and juicy things such as The Hill: ‘White House Knows What’s Coming, Gets Ready for Losses.’ By the way, a lot of people are asking me today about turnout. ‘Rush, everybody is talking about high turnout. In the past hasn’t a high turnout helped Democrats?’ Folks, forget all that. This is a new era, and all this conventional wisdom, whose writing it? The media. What do they do? They lie. Just sit back and wait. Go vote, of course, but sit back and wait. Don’t get caught up in all these anecdotal stories. You’re gonna talk to people who say the vote turnout where they live is light and you’re gonna get scared. Then ask them, ‘Was there any major candidate on the ballot, was there something controversial going on in your district?’ Pay no attention to the anecdotal stories today. Just sit back and wait.

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