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RUSH: I must confess, some of you will think that I have been derelict in my responsibilities, but last night was the first night I actually watched a significant portion of the Bamster on with Jon Leibowitz — uh, Stewart. (interruption) Well, because people, Snerdley, would expect that I would be watching it from the get-go. I must tell you, I watched enough of it last night to realize that audience was laughing at the president of the United States.

The host of that show was laughing at. If Obama was attempting to revitalize and reenergize the so-called young audience that voted for him in ’08, he bombed. He didn’t have a teleprompter but I think he had notes in the palm of his hand. He was laughed at. There was audience laughter at the president. Maybe you might say it was with Stewart, but Stewart did articulate the base of the Democrat Party and their anger and why they’re mad at Obama, and Obama didn’t have any answer for it. He said, ‘Just stick around. I never said it was gonna happen overnight.’ It goes beyond just being called ‘dude,’ which is disrespectful enough.

But I thought the host of this show looked bigger, more competent, more confident and obviously funnier than the president of the United States. I think Obama went on that show as an egoistic narcissist would, thinking that he’s gonna turn the tables on this guy. I know that he knows that Stewart’s on his side, but he also knows that Stewart’s a smart aleck. He also knows that Stewart is a comedian, is gonna go for laughs. I thought it looked like Obama thought he was going to turn the tables, and it was not good, folks. It was embarrassingly bad. Now I understand why all the libs yesterday from the Washington Post to the Huffington Puffington Post or wherever else were very upset over this appearance. They were distressed over this appearance.

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