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Rush’s Morning Update: Defiance
October 29, 2010

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Well, the house organ for the Democrat Party –the flagship newspaper of the State-Controlled media, The New York Times –went to Defiance, Ohio to try to understand why a traditional Democrat stronghold is not a sure bet for the Democrats this time around.

Now, this town of Defiance,17,000, is a big United Auto Workers district. Surrounded by Republican districts, it maintains a Democrat majority. Although Obama’s takeover of GM kept a local foundry in operation, unemployment is over 13 percent, and thepeople there are unhappy.

One of those unhappy Democrats is a 31-year-old woman who runs her own insurance agency. She didn’t like the bank bailouts, but the primary reason she now regrets her vote for Obama? “He rammed health care down our throats.” This woman understands that Obamacare will foul up her business.

The New York Times reports: “Bonds to the Democratic Party seem to be loosening here in northwest Ohio, after two years of economic hardship and a growing sense that many children will be financially worse-off than their parents. Skepticism about big government has hardened,” especially among small business owners. (That was in the New York Times!)

My friends, put aside the ruling class Democrats, those in the political class. Put aside the hard-core Democrats who would vote for Lucifer if he had a “D” after his name. Average rank-and-file Democrats, in places like Defiance, Ohio, are suffering under this regime(like the rest of America), and they are defiantbecause they don’t like it — and they know who to blame now…and it ain’t us.

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