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RUSH: Last night I was watching Hannity, and I don’t normally watch the nighttime TV shows anymore. I don’t know. You evolve. (interruption) Well, yeah, I am married, and there’s the lot better stuff to do than watch television. (interruption) No, The Bachelor is not on. (interruption) No, I’m not watching Dancing With the Stars! I live in mortal fear they’re gonna ask me to be on that show. (interruption) No, I… (interruption) I’ve never watched the Cooking Channel. I don’t watch the Food Channel. I have never watched it. I have nothing against it. See, if when I start saying I don’t watch this stuff, people think I have an animus against these things. I don’t. At any rate, we were sitting there, we’re channel surfing around. Hannity is on, and he has a segment with Nicolle Wallace, formerly Nicolle Devenish.

I always admired her work. She was at the Bush shop during the campaign and in the White House for a while, I think during the first term maybe even a little bit of the second. She was in the communications shop, communications director. She’s written a book called Eighteen Acres. It’s a novel. You know, I went to buy it today. I have three e-book readers on my iPad. I got Nook from Barnes & Noble, I’ve got iBooks from Apple, and of course Kindle from Amazon – and only Kindle of Amazon has it. Barnes & Noble is not making the e-version of Nicolle Wallace’s book available, and nor is iBooks. Now, iBooks did make my brother’s book available, until they found out he was my brother, and then they withdrew it. I kid you not. They did withdraw it. They did. So anyway, her novel is about a female president who’s husband’s having an affair. I think that’s right. I haven’t read the book yet. I just heard her describing it. (interruption)

Well, I could be wrong. It could be a male president whose wife is having an affair. It all went by fast. I’ve got an iPad right behind me and I could look real quick, but I’m busy. (interruption) I know I can multitask. I’ll try to find it during the break. At any rate, somebody on the research staff, which is me, could (laughing) probably tell me about it before the segment is over. Hint, hint. Anyway, Nicolle Wallace last night was talking with Hannity about the political environment and about Politico with a story saying that today it’s too late. All the economic data that’s gonna come out before the election too late to save the Democrats. Like the unemployment news today is ostensibly not bad. They’re surprised at how the job applications fell, unemployment applications fell. They’ve cooked the books again. The question basically was: Is there anything that can happen here on out economically that could save the day for the Democrats? and Hannity said, ‘The American people get it. The Democrats have destroyed the economy.’

WALLACE: Here’s what I thought about when I saw Biden’s comment. The first three days of the Obama presidency, Rush Limbaugh gave a speech at CPAC, and the mainstream media focused on his statement, ‘I hope he fails.’ He meant his policies fail. Both of you also made the point that Republicans would be best served by making this a philosophical and ideological discussion about the role of the federal government in American life. We have done just that. The Obama administration has helped us every day of every month —


WALLACE: — since he’s been president because he fundamentally misread the American people and their disdain.

RUSH: Now, that’s Nicolle Wallace. She’s also talking about Biden running around saying that every great American invention happened because of government involvement, which is of course what the old Soviet Union used to always say. Yeah, I was right. Nicolle Wallace’s book is Eighteen Acres. It’s the first female president of the United States, Charlotte Kramer, and the husband is accused of infidelity. I bought the book today and I tried to buy it on all three just to see where it’s available, and only Amazon Kindle has it as an e-book. Anyway, I played the sound bite here because it’s not often that CPAC speech is referenced. It’s not often but she referenced, and she got it right, meaning I hope his policies fail. And she also… I remember making the point way back when that the way to oppose Obama was on ideology, liberal versus conservative.

Not policy by policy by policy. Not meeting him halfway. Not thinking this is just the standard, everyday American politics in Washington where one day the Democrats run the show then they trade power four years later and the Republicans are running the show. This is different, and the way to oppose Obama is on philosophical and ideological grounds. I was the only one who said this. Even before he was immaculated I said, ‘I hope he fails.’ Before he was immaculated, I knew who he was and I suggesting the way to stop this guy, the way to oppose him is because he’s liberal and the country doesn’t want liberals, and he has done a good job of making people think he’s above and beyond any philosophical identity or ideological identity. So I wanted to play her sound bite because it’s so few people that get it. (interruption) Well, you may be right, Snerdley. So few people acknowledge that they got it, but she did.


RUSH: Yeah, I was right, Eighteen Acres by Nicolle Wallace is about the first female president, the 45th US president, Charlotte Kramer, whose husband is alleged to have an affair. Now, who could believe such a thing? I mean could you imagine anybody married to Hillary Clinton having an affair? But Nicolle Wallace has conceived of this and has written about it in novel form. Eighteen acres, by the way, is the size of the White House complex. If I wanted to be really racy, we could say we have 18 acres and a jackass. (laughing) It could be the Media Tweak of the Day.

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