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RUSH: All right. I can guarantee you… Well, ‘guarantee’ is a pretty hard word. But I can say with relative confidence Sharron Angle beats Dingy Harry and John Raese beats Joe Manchin in West Virginia. And I can say this: There’s a reason I can say this, because John McCain’s gone in to help both of them. But that’s not… Don’t misunderstand me on this. It’s not because of McCain. He just wants everybody to think it’s because of him.

You sit tight, folks, Rush Limbaugh, the EIB Network and the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies.

I’ve had so many people e-mail me today, ‘What is Drudge doing? Oh, no! Why talk about the Bush book now?’ The Bush book, George W. Bush 43, his memoirs are due on November 9th, but somebody has beat that embargo, and there’s a summary or soon will be on the Drudge Report. Ladies and gentlemen, I can reveal it. I’ve seen some of this. It ain’t bad. In fact, it will remind you, as it did me, of when we had a president who loves America. He doesn’t even talk about Obama in the book. There’s no ammo for anybody, the left or anybody in this book. It’ll just remind you of the days when we had presidents who loved the country.

Great to have you here. Telephone number again, 800-282-2882. The e-mail address, ElRushbo@eibnet.com. So much to do today.

Now, on this Sharron Angle business: She’s gonna win in Nevada; and John Raese, I think, is gonna win in West Virginia. Now, there’s a little blurb here from Rich Lowry, National Review Online: ‘John McCain is coming in for a rally for Sharron Angle on Friday. This is a key moment for the campaign,’ it says here. ‘Angle obviously doesn’t have a problem with the conservative base in Nevada. It nominated her against all the odds. It’ll crawl across broken glass to vote for her next Tuesday. The threat to Angle now comes from moderate Republicans staying home, voting for Reid or voting for ‘none of the above. ‘ Reid is working this constituency for all it’s worth, with Republicans for Reid and with advertising directed at that group. To win,’ writes Rich Lowry, ‘Angle needs to blunt this challenge, and McCain is exactly the right guy to try to help her do that.

‘Needless to say, McCain has been giving conservatives heartburn for years but he’s attempting to help bring Angle to the Senate where she will firmly anchor the right flank of the GOP caucus. Good for him for doing this. Good for Angle for having the tactical shrewdness to make this move.’ The last time we saw McCain, he was conservative. Now, this tells me that this race is in the bag. That’s why McCain’s going in there. Let me tell you how this works. McCain goes in like went in to see John Raese the other day, too. That means McCain thinks these two are gonna win. That means he hopes these two think that they will owe him once they get to the Senate. He’s positioning. National Review is helping to make it look like he’s putting them over the top when they’ve already won this race on their own. So this is the kind of stuff…

You know, I see this, and I start doing a little bit of a slow burn, and I finally catch myself and keep the slow burn from becoming full flamed flame-out. (interruption) What do you mean I’m such a cold shower? I’m not a cold shower. Sharron Angle did this on her own! John Raese did this on his own in West Virginia. Let me tell you something: Scott Brown did this on his own in Massachusetts. But you listen to Brown, he thinks McCain did it because McCain was the first guy in the Senate to publicly support him. I mean, good for McCain. It’s better than McCain coming out and opposing them, which he’s done. He’s opposed Ken Buck in Colorado over Bennett. He’s opposed some conservatives. Anyway, I’m… Well, I was going to say, ‘I’m sorry, folks,’ but actually I am not sorry. I mean we have to look at it this way: Nixon goes to China, McCain goes to Nevada.

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