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RUSH: Story in the news: ‘Scientists Find ‘Liberal Gene’ — Study conducted by researchers at UCSD, Harvard — According to these scientists ‘is affected not just by social factors, but also by a dopamine receptor gene called DRD4.’ That and how many friends you had during high school’ determine whether you are a liberal. ‘The study was led by UCSD’s James Fowler and focused on 2,000 subjects from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health. Scientists matched the subjects’ genetic information with ‘maps’ of their social networks. According to researchers, they determined that people ‘with a specific variant of the DRD4 gene were more likely to be liberal as adults.’ However, the subjects were only more likely to have leanings to the left if they were also socially active during adolescence. ‘It is the crucial interaction of two factors — the genetic predisposition and the environmental condition of having many friends in adolescence — that is associated with being more liberal,’ according to the study.’ So it is a defect. It is a genetic defect. A genetic defect combined with an overactive social network as an adolescent. I remember, January 11th, 1995, on Rush Limbaugh the TV show, talking about a liberal, I said…

RUSH ARCHIVE: He’s a liberal. He just can’t help himself. It’s programmed into the brain cells. It’s genetic.

RUSH: It is. It’s always been. Everybody tries to figure out, ‘How can a liberal be that way? You know, why do people do stupid things?’ It’s in the brain, and now we’ve got science to actually back it up. And let’s go to the audio sound bites to prove it. What better subject to prove that liberalism is a genetic defect than Chris Matthews at PMSNBC? Last night on his show Hardball, during a discussion about the Lauren Valle incident — this is the MoveOn.org babe that tried to interrupt a rally for Rand Paul and ended up on the ground with a boot on her shoulder; like Obama had said a boot on BP’s neck; like the SEIU, who beat up a black conservative at a Carnahan rally in St. Louis in the spring. They’re terribly upset that I found justification for the way this MoveOn.org babe was treated. Hear how it sounded.

MATTHEWS: Rush Limbaugh is not to be to believed here. First of all the person’s head is pinned down by this foot, and everybody can see it.

JOAN WALSH: Absolutely!

MATTHEWS: This is the kind of stuff — I said the other night, I’ll say it again, the kind of stuff — we saw from hoodlums in the ’30s in another country I will not mention. This kind of behavior by people who are supposedly political fans or are — are — they go operational like this, operating as local police is something we saw up in Alaska when they arrested a reporter. What is this behavior by American political activists where they now arrest people, stomp them? These are supposed to be people who are just good old American Tea Partiers.

RUSH: Now, here’s Chris Matthews wondering why in the hell people at a Rand Paul rally would act this way. He fails, utterly fails to see that her… The foot, by the way, is on her shoulder, not her head. He utterly fails to see that all of this happens in defense, in defense of liberal action that has taken place previously. Here Joan Walsh was Matthews’ guest as they continued the discussion.

WALSH: This woman was wearing a wig! It was part of street theater! She was not carrying a gun — uhhh, I’d like Rush Limbaugh to acknowledge — like Tea Partiers have carried guns to President Obama’s rallies. She was not carrying a sign here saying, ‘The tree of liberty needs to be watered by the blood of tyrants regularly.’ It was street theater. She was dinging Paul, uh, on corporate connections, that’s perfectly legitimate, and she was stomped! This guy who claims he put his foot on her shoulder you see in the video he takes it from her shoulder and puts it on her head!

RUSH: All right. All right. So these people live in their own genetic defect world. Joan Walsh is the editor at Salon.com. I’ve described this situation accurately. She wears a blonde wig, she shows up, she’s at every protest rally in the country and around the world. She has a fake gift that she wants to present to Rand Paul. Now, I’m telling you if the Secret Service were there and she was trying to get to President Obama in this manner, something similar would happen. It does! It looks like she’s trying to jam this fake award through this group of people anyway. Lauren Valle worked for Greenpeace. They don’t do violence? She’s worked for the Rainforest Action Network. They don’t do violence? They do! Remember the MoveOn.org demonstrator who bit off the Tea Party member’s finger? Lynette Squeaky Fromme, another left-wing radical, took a potshot at President Ford. Nobody tackled her first. She was able to get in, get it, and get out. So here’s Matthews comparing the Tea Party people to Nazis, is what he’s doing here, following in the footsteps of Nancy Pelosi.

WALSH: I think —

MATTHEWS (shouting): I gotta wonder when people are gonna start wearing uniforms.

WALSH: Well —

MATTHEWS: I mean, they’ve —

WALSH: Yeah —

MATTHEWS: — got an army up there in Alaska, militia people. You’ve got these guys running around acting like street thugs!

WALSH: Yeah, I —

MATTHEWS: I mean, it’s not —

WALSH: I — I —

MATTHEWS: — far from what we saw in the ’30s where all of a sudden, political parties started showing up in uniform.

RUSH: It’s amazing. Two different worlds. You know what this election is gonna show? This election is gonna show a lot of stuff. I think there are many things brewing out there that the Drive-Bys are not talking about. I think Democrats, in blocs of people, are running away from the Democrat Party, running away from Obama. I mean, all this talk about Sharron Angle has a problem with moderate Republicans in Nevada? And needs McCain to come in there and help out? It’s the other way around. It’s the Democrats who are facing mass exodus. I mean, there are people in every group. I saw a story, and I don’t know if it’s true. There’s so much out there today, and it’s even hard to confirm some of this stuff. But we’ve all noticed that Obama and Joe Bite Me have been spending a lot of time in Delaware. Why, if that race is won?

The polling data shows her down double digits. But I’ve seen stories that the internal polling data says, no, that she’s actually up in that race and that something is happening in Nevada that is inexplicable, and that is that Democrats — in blocs, in waves — are planning to vote Republican. They are so upset and ticked off at what Obama has done to the Democrat Party. The real story here, and it’s a story that the media is papering over, and they know about. They know there’s scandal brewing throughout this administration. This New Black Panther business and the Justice Department, somebody openly say at the Civil Rights Division, ‘No, no, no. We’re not going to prosecute black defendants. We’re only going to prosecute white defendants. The Civil Rights Act, the Voting Rights Act is only to maintain quality and fairness and equality for black voters.’

I mean they’re openly saying this. There are scandals brewing throughout this administration. The Democrat Party — you know, the Reagan Democrats, the Scoop Jackson Democrats — they’re still there. But this is not what they’re about. They’re not about a president that hates the country. They’re not about a president that doesn’t like the country. They’re not about a president that wants to preside over an America in decline. Hillary Clinton out of the country is not an accident, it’s not a coincidence. Hillary Clinton wanting to be president sometime before it’s too late is not an accident. It’s the Democrat Party that’s falling apart. It’s the Democrat Party that’s losing its cohesiveness. Barack Obama has destroyed the Democrat Party. We don’t know it. It’s not being reported, for obvious reasons. Look, Obama is on television every day. Every day!

That means it’s not special, and every time he goes on television, he diminishes himself and the office of the presidency. I mean, even Drive-By Media people are very upset that he’s destroying the so-called Obama brand. He goes on Jon Stewart’s show and Stewart’s calling him ‘dude.’ The President of the United States. ‘Don’t use that phrase, dude,’ Stewart says as Obama is praising the work Larry Summers did. ‘I wouldn’t use that phrase, dude,’ meaning ‘did a heckuva good job.’ This is dispiriting to a lot of Democrats. We move back to the audio sound bites because we’re still demonstrating the genetic defect that is liberalism. Chris Cillizza is also on Matthews’ show here and he’s saying to himself, ‘I gotta get these guys back off the ledge. Calling the Tea Party people Nazis? That’s one of the reasons the Tea Party people are doing so well, because the American people do not think they’re Nazis. They’re not Nazis.’ So Chris Cillizza comes in, all this discussion about Lauren Valle, that incident at the Rand Paul rally.

CILLIZZA: No. I don’t think it is right-wing by its nature. I would say at the end of campaigns passions get very inflamed, and sometimes people act as this guy clearly did: Inappropriately and in a way in which no person who is a member of civil society would say is acceptable. I do not think that is an ideological thing. I do not think it is a right-wing thing; I do not think it is a left-wing thing.

RUSH: So here’s Cillizza trying to walk ’em back. ‘No, no, no. Whatever happened at the Rand Paul thing, that’s not conservative doing that. That’s just some single guy acting inappropriately.’ Matthews doesn’t like hearing that. He responds to Cillizza thus…

CILLIZZA: — contain their passion —

MATTHEWS: (interrupting) Name the last liberal candidate who hired a private army!

CILLIZZA: I’m not —

MATTHEWS: The last one that was stomping his political — her political —

CILLIZZA: I’m not —

MATTHEWS: — opponents in the street!

CILLIZZA: I am not defending —

MATTHEWS: Name a liberal who’s done it!

RUSH: Barack Obama! Barack Hussein Imam Obama, Chris. It’s called the SEIU. The Purple Army. It’s called the Chicago way. ‘Name the last liberal candidate who hired a private army’? They are hired every day. They are given marching orders every day. There’s Obama on Spanish radio telling these people, if you’re not gonna deal with your ‘enemies.’ It’s Barack Obama who says, ‘They bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun. They hit us once, we hit back twice as hard.’ Anyway, arguing with these people is a waste of time because they — it’s now been documented by science — are suffering from a genetic defect.


RUSH: Liberalism: A genetic defect. Why not? In fact, liberals are descended from pond scum. They say so. They claim it to be true. They insist, they teach that they are descended from pond scum. ‘What do you mean by that, Rush?’ Well, very simple, folks. They don’t believe in creation. They believe in evolution. And they were swimming around in some primordial soup as amoebas or some other fishy life form. They were swimming around in the algae, swimming around in the pond scum. The best argument against evolution is liberals. Liberalism and liberals themselves are the best argument against evolution. So why is it so hard to believe they have a genetic defect when they insist and they teach that they are descended from pond scum?

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