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RUSH: Yes, I have seen, I have read, and I will comment upon the open letter to Rush Limbaugh from the guys at HillBuzz. org. Now, HillBuzz.org, their open letter to me is essentially saying I’m only half right when discussing Reverse Operation Chaos. Now, essentially — and it’s a long, open letter to me. I can’t read the whole thing. I mean I could. I have the talent to do it and keep you interested. But I don’t have the time ’cause I have too many other things to squeeze in. But basically the open letter to Rush Limbaugh from the guys at HillBuzz.org is saying that they are doing everything they can to oppose Obama and burn the party to the ground for the good of the country. These guys claim to be leading the charge to burn the Democrat Party to the ground.

It started with them over the way Hillary was treated. They originally were Hillary supporters, Hillary Democrats. But now they’re part of the voting bloc out there that’s just fed up with the party at large and especially Obama. They’ve been upset with Obama and his campaign from the get-go because of what they did to Hillary but now it’s expanded. It’s gotten even larger. Now they’re just totally devoted to bringing down the Democrat Party at large. Now, I have to be honest. The HillBuzz confuses me a little bit because they claim to like Sarah Palin, and I don’t know how you like Sarah Palin and Hillary at the same time. I’ve gotta explore this a little deeper, and I shall. (interruption) Well, I don’t know it’s a gene thing or not. No, no, no. I am not by any stretch of the imagination saying that the guys at HillBuzz have a genetic defect whatsoever.

But clearly they are devoted to the destruction of the Democrat Party. Now, maybe they see the way Palin has been treated and they’re upset by it, but regardless — make no mistake about it — their open letter to me is for me to understand what they think the media is ignoring and what a lot of people know and ignore. There are basically two things going on: There are scandals brewing and have been brewing in the Obama administration that the Republicans are gonna zero in on after they win next Tuesday or sworn in in January, and that the Democrat Party at large needs to be brought down — and it is — because there are Democrats in droves leaving the party.

They’ll either vote Republican or won’t vote at all. Hence my instincts: Operation Reverse Chaos is right on the money. (interruption) Well, no, I’m not wrong about anything, Snerdley. They’re saying I’m not going all the way. I don’t fully realize how right I am. They’re not saying I’m wrong about anything. It’s that what I’m missing is the anger at the Democrat Party within the Democrat Party, within Democrat voters, within the Democrats who do not want the Democrat Party to be of the Chicago way in Washington. Now, again, all of this is up for grabs.

A lot of us sit around and wonder, what has happened to the Democrat Party? Are they all a bunch of SEI union thugs? Are they all a bunch of Marxists? Has the entire voting Democrat Party — the moms and pops in the Democrat Party, the small business owners of the Democrat Party — are they Marxists? Is this what they want? Do they want a president from their party happily presiding over an America in decline? Then the HillBuzz guys say that, no, they don’t want any part of it and that that’s what I’m missing. We’ll see. All will be revealed after the election on Tuesday. I mean, we remember Ronald Reagan was a proud Democrat once. He said the party left him. Bill Bennett was a proud Democrat once. They’re called ‘neocons’ now. A lot of them were Democrats at one point.

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