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RUSH: To Denton, Texas. This is Bill, and it’s great to have you on the EIB Network, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. Mega dittos, longtime listener, second-time caller. I have knowledge of the District 4 race because my son is the challenger.

RUSH: B.J. Lawson is your son?

CALLER: Yes, B.J. Lawson.

RUSH: B.J. Lawson is running against this idiot, David Price, North Carolina 4. Charlie Cook just moved that race into tossup or at least it’s in play from solid Democrat. This district has been gerrymandered to be Democrat in perpetuity ’til the end of time, ’til the sun blows up, Durham and North Carolina and includes Chapel Hill. And B.J. is your son?

CALLER: Yes, he is. And he is a Rush Baby. In fact, in one of his campaigns as Dr. B.J. Lawson, he said, ‘Yep, I grew up on the Rush Limbaugh Letter and then naturally Rush 24/7.’

RUSH: Well, this is a humbling honor. I mean you have made my day here, because I did not know this. You made my day. I knew that B.J. Lawson was the challenger, but I had no idea he was a Rush Baby. I could assume that every young conservative is, but I don’t go that far. My ego won’t allow me to. But you’ve made my day here.

CALLER: Well, thanks, we appreciate everything you do, Rush, and we appreciate the fact that you’re helping us fight the good fight.

RUSH: Well, I really appreciate that. But I have said throughout the course of this program, it’s people like your son who are doing the heavy lifting. B.J. Lawson, North Carolina 4, this is a district, when I tell you that it has been gerrymandered — some people say (j)errymandered, it’s named after a guy named Gerry. Don’t e-mail me on the nitpick pronunciation here. Jerry, Gerry, pronounce it both ways, the point is here this district has been drawn to make sure that nobody but a Democrat holds it forever, Chapel Hill and Durham and surrounding areas. And so here’s a guy, B.J. Lawson, this is like running for emperor of Rome back in the old days, you didn’t do it. Now, granted, it’s a unique year when the Obama agenda has driven the Democrat Party genuinely over the cliff and in the ditch, but still this is something to be very, very proud of. And there are a lot of B.J. Lawsons all over the country who are tackling these supposed safe seats. Like Barney Frank, Sean Bielat taking on Barney Frank. I mean you talk about a race that nobody would ever think would be competitive, and it is.

Now, North Carolina 4, B.J. Lawson’s being outspent two to one, and it’s neck and neck. Look, when the guru, Charlie Cook, moves this from ‘safe’ to ‘in play,’ that’s not insignificant. And Charlie Cook doesn’t do this with relish. When they move a district like North Carolina 4 to ‘in play’ it is panic time. So this is great to know. B.J. Lawson is a real live Rush Baby. Not expecting an inheritance, by the way, don’t get the wrong idea. There’s a lot of Rush Babies out there, but they are not heirs. It’s Sean Bielat in Massachusetts. And some of these other districts, like Peter DeFazio in Oregon, that’s a lock, too, supposedly. And Charlie Cook has just moved that race to ‘in play.’ There are eight of them, as of yesterday, and North Carolina 4 is one of them.


RUSH: I just wanted to point out B.J. Lawson, North Carolina 4, gave out more than 50,000 copies of the United States Constitution during the course of his campaign, and I’ll wager in many cases some people were seeing and reading it for the first time.

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