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Rush’s Morning Update: Inheritance
October 25, 2010

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For almost 100 years, liberal elites have held up the social programs of Europe as the standard we should emulate…as France endures massive strikes and violent protests again –this time, over a proposal to raise the national retirement age from 60 to 62.

AP has published an article that deserves attention. It features an interview with a typical French family, the Gillys. We’re told that “battling for benefits is a tradition” in this family,passed on from one generation to the next. For them, “social benefits such as long vacations, state-subsidized health care, and early retirement are more than just luxuries; they’re seen as a birthright, an essential part of the identity of today’s France.” (“Battling for benefits”?)

This, my friends, is the welfare state defined. Benefits granted by the state are the national birthright, handed down generation to generation, worth rioting over and perhaps dying for. State benefits are what families inherit.

Now, as Americans, our birthright is freedom — not just freedom from government intrusion, but freedom from relying on government. Our birthright as Americans is for each individual to make of our lives what we choose, depending on our efforts, ambitions, and desires.

What we Americans want to pass on to each emerging generation is freedom and prosperity,not government benefits. We don’t want the dreams and aspirations of our children to be strangled by government programs that rob the nation of its wealthand its dreams…and that’s what’s at stake on Election Day. (“Battling for benefits”? It’s like a game show, except it’s real life in France!)

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