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Rush’s Morning Update: Embarrassing
October 22, 2010

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Well, it’s fitting that the setting of this story is Washington, DC — with the White House and the Capitol within walking distance.

DC’s Fox 5 reports that a new course has been added to the failing public school system :Dinner. Anthony Tata, Chief Operating Officer of DC public schools,boasts that the dinner service is reaching 10,000kids– a quarter of the students who attend 120 schools. The addition of dinner means many students now receive three meals a day at school, courtesy of the government. According to the report, “the best news of all” is that the dinner program is federally funded.

School officials say that government dinners fight hunger and obesity, while giving students access to after-school academic programs. In their view, it’s all good. And DC isn’t alone; 13 states are now providing three-squares-a-day to thekids.

Now,nobodywill say it,so I will:This is shameful. Instead of bragging, school administrators ought to be appalled that American parents have grown incapable of feed their own kids with even one meal a day.

Before you knee-jerk liberals lose your subsidized lunch, I’m not suggesting kids ought tostarve.I’m saying quite clearly that the parents of these kidsought tobe embarrassed they can’t (or won’t)make aminimal effort to feed their own kids –even that responsibility has to be handed off to taxpayers!

And by the way,a question:Why are we spending so much on food stamps if the government is going to feed the kids anyway? Hmmm?

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