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“I’m looking forward to November 3rd. We’ll see celebrations like down in Chile, when we get hauled up out of our hole. We’ve been shafted here for two years.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if Barack and Michelle have some marital problems, because after reading this New York Times profile, it’s obvious that they’re both in love with the same guy, and I don’t know if there’s room for that. We shall see.”

“Now they’re going to be all over me with this: ‘Rush, we can’t afford for your brain to shrink’ — but that’s where they’re wrong. I do this program every day with half my brain tied behind my back just to make it fair. I’ve got all kinds of room for brain shrinkage, folks.”

“Snerdley, are you going to screen calls on the program, or are you going to grant interviews? You know, it always happens: a TV camera comes along, and Snerdley turns into Chuck Schumer.”

“The Tea Party is not a party. The Tea Party is not even an ideology. The Tea Party is a force.”

“The Chilean president didn’t say that he was focused on the problem like a laser while out playing golf 52 times. He didn’t threaten to sue the mining company. He just had a problem and he solved it — without talking points, without spin, and without a bunch of media guiding him through it.”

“If Obama had been down in the shaft, the first thing he would have done is divide the miners up by race and economic class. Then he would have divided the miners up into study groups and told them to report back to him.”

“Chris Coons may have shaved the beard, but he hasn’t shaved the Marxism.”

“CNN hasn’t the slightest clue what the voters want as evidenced by the fact that the voters don’t watch CNN. For crying out loud, 500,000 people? We have that on one street corner in New York every half hour!”

“Oh, look at that. Ted Baxter is on The View.”

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