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Rush’s Morning Update: Bad Old Days
October 15, 2010

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Vice President Joe Bite Me told a paltry group of 200 supporters in Iowa that Republicans want to take America “back to the bad old days.” His reason is even more absurd than his premise. Joe Bite Me claims Republicans fared well in the “bad old days,” while most other Americans suffered.

Now, Bite Me is a walking gaffe machine, so it’s hard to take anything he says seriously,but the claim that Republicans prosper while everyone else suffers is beyond his usual idiocy — especially in light of the massive devastation the Bite Me/Obama regime has inflicted on the whole US economy.

Let’s see: John F. Kennedy, Ronaldus Magnus, and George W. Bush understood one economic principle that defined their tax policies: “A rising tide lifts all boats.” Everybody, in every economic group, benefits from lower taxation. In addition to creating an economic environment that allows individuals to generate and keep more of their own wealth, it also benefits the government treasury by increasing tax revenues.

Bite Me,like all class-warfare Democrats,promotes policies that divide the country along income lines. The result is always what’s playing out right now: higher unemployment, lower incomes,and worst of all –for too many –there’s a loss of confidence that they will prosper personally; a growing sense that America is in decline.

These are the “bad old days,” Mr. Bite Me — brought to America by you andImam Obama and your fellow Democrats. So now we’re ready for the good new days… with your bad policies and your bad power put in check.

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