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RUSH: Here’s Russ Feingold. He had a question. It was a Senate debate in Wausau. Question was: ‘I would like to ask you: Why didn’t you vote? You’re only one of I think 25 senators that refused to vote for the resolution condemning your support group, MoveOn.org, when they placed that very shameful ad in the New York Times that talked about ‘General Betray Us.’ Why didn’t you vote to condemn that ad?’

FEINGOLD: I’ll tell you why, because I believe in freedom of speech and I don’t think senators should be sitting around spending time condemning people’s comments. I don’t think our troops want us sitting around all day (snickers) passing resolutions going, ‘Hey, he said that,’ and, you know, the next day we gotta pass a resolution about what Rush Limbaugh said. That’s all we’d ever do, Ron. This is serious work we (snickering) do in the Senate. Standing around monitoring these people on the extremes is not what we should be doing.

RUSH: A-ha. I would be honored to be the target of a Senate resolution condemning what I say depending on who, because I say the truth. I’m documented to be almost always right 99.6% of the time.

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