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Rush’s Morning Update: All 50
October 13, 2010

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In the closing weeks before the election,liberal Democrat governor and Obama buddy Deval Patrick is in a tight three-way race in Massachusetts. Republican challengers are also competitive in New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut. New York is still in play, andthat’s just the northeast. In Michigan, the Republican gubernatorial candidate is up 20 points. Republicans are ahead in Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Ohio, and Pennsylvania,and competitive for governors’ seats in Nevada, Maryland, and California.

Also within reach? Thestates. Democrats currently control 60 of the 98 state legislative bodies — but not for long. This is a huge reason Democrats are panicking, because the party that controls the state legislature will also control how congressional districts will be drawn up for the next ten years.

Conservatives are now running strong for once-safe Democrat congressional, gubernatorial, and statewide seats, but given the widespread fury at the Obama regime’s far-left agenda, there’s no reason conservatives cannot compete –and win –in red states, purple states, and even the blue states.

In less than two years of Obama, the American people have seenup close and personalthe sorry results of liberalism. We see the uncontrolled spending, tax increases, the rampant unemployment, and the crippled economy. We see capitalism, freedom, and our way of life assaulted by elitist leftist jackasses on a daily basis. We don’t like it, and wedon’t want it, andthat’s why conservatives are surging in all 50 states.

America is readyfor real and honest change. It’s time to get rid of all these jackassian policies.

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