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RUSH: You know, I’ve often remarked how similar, when you listen to the Iranian lunatic president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speak, he sounds just like any Democrat. America’s rotten, America lies, all this, sounds just like any Democrat running for office. I’ve often remarked that, if I were a Democrat, I’d be embarrassed to have somebody like Ahmadinejad mouthing everything I believe. So last night on C-SPAN’s After Words — have you never heard of this program? I have not. After Words. It’s two words, not ‘afterword’ or ‘afterwards’ but After Words. So C-SPAN what is there after After Words? Nothing but a shot of the House chamber. The guest was author Hooman Majd. His book, The Ayatollah Begs to Differ. This week’s interviewer was Columbia University Iranian Studies Professor Hamid Dabashi, and Hamid Dabashi asks author Hooman Majd: ‘How about Ahmadinejad, what is your assessment of Ahmadinejad?’ Listen to this.

MAJD: He plays to the audience, whoever the audience is. If he is talking to Iranian Americans, he’ll sound like John Kerry. If he is talking to a hard-line audience of Basijis he’ll sound like Rush Limbaugh, the Iranian Rush Limbaugh. He tries to come across as a nationalistic Persian hero who is fighting for the rights of Iran.

RUSH: This is a first, this is a first. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who is a parrot of the Democrat National Committee, is now said to sound like me, or maybe vice versa, that I am said to sound like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. And of course they still haven’t gotten over the ‘he’s a jackass’ comment. Last Friday night, CNN’s Situation Room, Brian Todd, the correspondent, had a report on me calling Imam Obama a jackass. This is how it sounded.

TODD: Right-wing commentator Rush Limbaugh levels this broadside on President Obama during his radio show.

RUSH ARCHIVE : He is a jackass. He’s an economic illiterate. He’s an economic ignoramus.

TODD: Does it reflect a certain mentality on the campaign trail and on the political discourse overall this year?

WEST: It reflects a mentality of mean-spiritedness that people are not focusing on the issues. They’re insulting the opposition.

RUSH: Don’t you love the way the elites sound. (imitating West) ‘Well, it reflects a mentality of mean-spiritedness.’ This from the group of people — like, here’s Obama out there now trashing the Chamber of Commerce as a foreign interest. Trashing the Chamber of Commerce! People are not focusing on the issues. That whole jackass comment came after a brilliant erudition of the issues and how Obama is an economic illiterate. Anyway, just to show you, my friends, your host is everywhere, from Iran, C-SPAN to CNN, and of course here the EIB Network

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