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RUSH: Mike in… is it Homer or Houma?

CALLER: Houma.

RUSH: Houma, okay, whatever you say.

CALLER: Yeah, Rush, I was wondering, Obama said he needs $80 billion more for infrastructure for roads and bridges. Wasn’t the original stimulus of $870 billion for roads and bridges and instant jobs?

RUSH: Who told you that?

CALLER: Well, I thought he did.

RUSH: Obama told you that?

CALLER: Well, wasn’t the original stimulus for infrastructure?

RUSH: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah, you’re right, you’re right, the original —

CALLER: Why does he need another $80 billion to do the job we already paid for?

RUSH: Well, because the work didn’t get done, the money didn’t go to infrastructure. He said our infrastructure is outdated a year after he supposedly started fixing it. So he’s once again indicted his own regime for malfeasance and inactivity. It’s just another slush fund. It’s an election year and we’re coming up on the election cycle for his reelection. This is just $80 billion more to fund get-out-the-vote efforts or to pay off people who have already worked on those efforts. It’s all this is, under the guise of rebuilding our schools for the children; investing in education for the children. It’s all lies. And you are shrewd enough to pick up on it. You need to go ask Joe Biden. Joe Biden is the guy who Obama said, ‘Nobody’s gonna mess with Joe.’ Biden’s in charge of overseeing stimulus spending, and they put Biden in charge of overseeing it ’cause nobody messes with Joe. Joe Biden is in charge of the Middle Class Task Force as well. Nobody messes with Joe. The only infrastructure that’s being rebuilt and, quote, unquote, invested in, is the Democrat National Committee.


RUSH: Rick in Chillicothe, Ohio, you’re next on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. Mega dittos.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: Yeah, I was calling about the unemployment rate is actually 11%. If you remember back in February of 2009, the Obama regime altered the calculation. They ordered the number of available jobs used in the calculation from 136 million down to 129 million.

RUSH: Yeah, I do remember that. They lowered the threshold in which they are comparing against jobs lost. You’re absolutely right.

CALLER: Yeah. I got that off one of your archives back in February. I remember you saying that at the time.

RUSH: Yeah, that’s great. I’m glad for people like you, because I can’t possibly remember everything I point out. I literally can’t.

CALLER: (chuckles) I understand that.

RUSH: And so I appreciate that. He’s absolutely right. In order to ‘jimber’ this number down, they have reduced the pool, the overall pool of people for which there are jobs. The number of jobs available in the country, they’ve actually artificially reduced. But that’s how you get to the real U3 which is, they say, 9.6%. The real U3 would be 11% unemployment. The U6… Again, the designation U6 stands for the people who have given up looking for work who are still unemployed, and that number is at 17%. And of course those of us in the know actually think the number is higher than 17%, and there isn’t any significant improvement. We had a party last week over, what, 50,000 jobs being created in the private sector while some 150,000 or more was lost in the public sector? And they’re out there trying to throw parties about that.

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