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RUSH: You know, Bob Schieffer really did blow their cover. I mentioned this already two times. You gotta have sound bite 11 standing by. I mean, folks, this is bigger than even you know. There is no question that the media needs a new storyline; they need a new narrative. I mean, the narrative is the Democrats get shellacked. The narrative is the Republicans win the House and maybe the Senate. The narrative is that a lot of safe Democrat seats are gone. The narrative is that the American public rejects Obamaism and the regime. And they are desperate at the Drive-By Media for a new storyline. They had Obama was the messiah! Obama was post-partisan, was post-racist, post-racial, post-achievement, post-American. Obama was it. All that turned out to be a hoax. Just as big a hoax as is global warming.

Oh, I gotta find something real quick. Somebody sent me a quote from a scientist, a former Nobel winner (retired or something) who talks about how big and great one of the most fantastic pseudoscientific hoaxes he has ever seen in his life is global warming. I’ll find it somewhere here in my Stack of Stuff. I don’t want to lose my train of thought right now. But the bottom line here is that this is the whole thing about Obama was a hoax, and they need a new storyline now. They don’t like the last one, and they need to get readership, they need to get viewership. And Obama got them that to an extent, but now it’s all vanishing. But in addition all that they need to save their own rear ends. They are the ones that bought the Obama fable. They are the ones who promulgated the Obama fable. They are the ones who essentially sold it to us.

Now, the next storyline is Hillary in 2012. Have you picked up on that? That’s the next storyline. Don’t doubt me on this. I have made a career out of studying the left. I know how they do things. I, El Rushbo, can read the stitches on the fastball. Hillary in 2012. First woman president. Brings the Clintons back to the White House. The good old days of Camelot 2. The Hillary toughness; the Bill trembling lip. Don’t doubt me. So Schieffer, Axelrod shows up with this ad. They’re all excited. Foreign money, Chamber of Commerce, a foreign agent — and I love this sound bite. You gotta understand that Schieffer’s talking to a buddy. Schieffer was so confident they had something, they probably didn’t have a meeting before the show, and Schieffer can’t believe he’s just given Axelrod 30 minutes on Face the Nation and says this.

SCHIEFFER: Do you…? (groans) I guess I would put it this way: If the only (chuckles) charge three weeks into the election that the Democrats have make is that somehow this may or may not be foreign money coming into the campaign, is that the best you can do?

RUSH: (laughing) ‘[I]s that the best you can do?’ Is that the best you got for me? Is that the best you got for me today? He blew the cover, folks. I mean, this is wonderful.

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