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RUSH: Do you remember Undeniable Truth of Life Number 24? Do you remember how that goes, Brian? Can you recite from memory Rush’s Undeniable Truth of Life Number 24? It is. Most people… This was the one. Of the 35 Undeniable Truths of Life, this was the one which established me great thinker. It is the one that put me on the map as a great thinker and the elites had to consider me now as a great thinker. ‘Feminism was established so as to allow unattractive women easier access to the mainstream of society.’ It’s one of these things that’s so damn true, you dare not say it. I’ve taken grief for this my whole career. There was a famous Greek poet, Roman poet, something about truth? I quoted it for you the other day and it’s slipping my mind. But it’s truth is the enemy… The worst thing you can do is tell people to tell you the truth about something.

‘Truth is the mother of hatred,’ is what it is. ‘Truth is the mother of hatred.’ So keeping that in mind, I hold in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers (shuffling paper) a story here from Ray Rahman at Mediaite. The story goes this way: ‘This morning, Tom Junod over at Esquire’s political blog offered his take on why Republican voters have been more energized than Democratic ones: sex appeal. In an article titled ‘How D.C. Became Hollywood for Semi-Attractive People,’ he argues that conservative women like Christine O’Donnell, Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter and Michele Bachmann are both ‘crazy’ and the new ‘standard of beauty,’ while lib ladies are ‘either old or unattractive.’ … [It] Is ‘a party led by a man who clearly thinks too much before he speaks’ doomed to lose to ‘a party led by a semi-sexy woman who will say anything’?

‘Perhaps, but less so when you consider that the actual leaders of the GOP — RNC Chairman Michael Steele, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, and House Minority Leader John Boehner — are either too goofy, too geriatric, or too neon to qualify as traditionally sexy. … Tea Party fervor began independently of O’Donnell and won’t disappear if she loses in November, especially if Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh (both of whom are more influential than O’Donnell) continue to keep conservatives…hot, so to speak.’ So here we have a writer in Esquire positing that Democrat women are ‘too old and unattractive’ to defeat ‘semi-attractive’ Republican women. Esquire! Not me, folks. Esquire. Now, again, Undeniable Truth of Life Number 24 was written back in the mid-eighties. Remember the fit over my Hillary question? Dare I repeat that? This is another one of these, ‘You know it’s true so you’d better not say it. You just better not say it.’ Who wantssssssss…?


RUSH: Now, speaking of feminism, Jerry Brown or somebody on his campaign called Meg Whitman a whore, and the NAGs have come out and endorsed Jerry Brown. The National Association of Gals, National Association of Gals, the NOW gang, has endorsed Jerry Brown over Meg Whitman. Not only did the Brown camp, if not Brown himself, call Ms. Whitman a W-word, Politico noted that back in the day Jerry Brown was even against mammograms. Jerry Brown, mammograms not effective. I mean mammograms are the covenant, the sacred covenant of feminazi-ism. July 1995 on Buckley’s Firing Line, Jerry Brown said, ‘No evidence that mammograms help anybody.’ And yet the NAGs endorsed Jerry Brown over Meg Whitman. Meg Whitman is everything the NAGs would want. But let’s take it a little further. Remember Macaca? Nobody even knew what the word meant. George Allen calls some pervert Macaca, the Washington Post takes it upon themselves to destroy George Allen over the word Macaca, some sort of racial insult.

Well, we’ve learned that Jerry Brown’s campaign think that Meg Whitman is a whore, w-h-o-r-e. But the truth of the matter is that we know that Meg Whitman has earned a fortune, but not renting out her body for money. She is not one. She’s not, political or in any other stretch or way. She’s not. And yet nobody’s denounced this. So what is this whore thing all about? Is it just another liberal way to demean women? Stop and think here for a moment. If Meg Whitman is a whore, is Carly Fiorina? She’s a woman, too, and she’s a Republican woman running against a Democrat. Is she a higher priced whore or lower priced whore than Meg Whitman? I mean if Meg Whitman’s a whore when she’s not, what’s Carly Fiorina, what’s any other Republican woman? Wait ’til the NAGs go after — oh, damn it, I just remembered, the NAGs haven’t, the NAGs will not. The NAGs are excusing a liberal Democrat for calling Meg Whitman a whore.

The whore label does not enrage the feminazis. It doesn’t even enrage the All-American Amazon Battalion. But if Barbara Boxer were called one, can you imagine what would happen? Imagine if somebody called Hillary Clinton the W-word? Imagine what the NAGs would do then.

Now, keep a sharp eye on this. I mean this could end up being a trend. Nevada, Sharron Angle, is she a whore? Linda McMahon, Connecticut? I mean if Meg Whitman is, is there enough time to label Sharron Angle one in Nevada, Christine O’Donnell in Delaware, Linda McMahon, Carly Fiorina? And yet it’s Democrats. Remember, it was the liberal dirty trick of old, ‘Vote for Cuomo, not the homo.’ And that was Andrew Cuomo who came up with the slogan for his dad Mario The Pious Cuomo against Ed Koch.

They said it, not me. I’m just quoting people here. I haven’t called anybody anything. Now, I’ll give the Whitman campaign a payback slogan. Put it on bumper stickers and on a billboard. ‘Vote…’ Well, I gotta think about this. I’ll think about it.


RUSH: Center, Texas, this is Laurie, glad you waited, welcome to the EIB Network.


RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: How are you?

RUSH: Fine. Thank you.

CALLER: Well, that’s great, good. God bless the Republican women. They are standing up for us and —

RUSH: Do you agree with the Esquire guy that Republican women are more attractive than Democrat women?

CALLER: Damn straight we are.

RUSH: Okay.

CALLER: More importantly, we apparently have the cojones in the party right now, so I am hopeful that they will stay strong —

RUSH: Undeniably true, undeniably true as well.

CALLER: — once they get elected. It’s not what I called about. I was just terribly upset when I spoke to your screener because I just read something off of Reuters and talking of all this foreign investment. It always amazes me that somehow under the Democrat administrations we tend to go soft on the Chinese and want to send ’em all our technology, and I just read in southern Texas, it says: ‘China’s top offshore oil producer CNOOC Ltd agreed to pay US$1.1 billion for a stake in a U.S. shale oil and gas field, testing the market for the first time since its 2005 failed bid for Unocal.’

RUSH: You know this is an excellent point. The ChiComs are drilling oil wells all around us here. They’re in deals with the Vietnamese, with the Cubans. We’re funding the Brazilians drilling for oil. And speaking of the ChiComs, how much of our debt do they hold? You talk about foreign donations. (laughing) When we put a Treasury auction up, guess who — (laughing) Imagine if they ever call the loan. We’d be passing out pictures of Mao Tse-tung to all of our school kids if we’re not already.

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