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Well, if you read between the lines (and I can),you can see the teardrops. The State-Controlled Media’s flagship paper, the New York Times, published another article detailing Democrats’ troubled fundraising.

Billionaires George Soros and Peter Lewis, who each gave Democrat front groups more than $20 million in 2004, are among the biggest names that “appear to be holding back so far.” Since the front groups can take unlimited cash, they have a huge impact on congressional races.

According to the Times, there are multiple reasons the rich are not stepping up to the plate this year. One isthat they are pessimistic about Democrat chances in November, and theydon’t want to waste their money. Two: Obama. He has denounced corporate donations and has demonized the usually-dependable Wall Street donors whom Democrats quietly count on(not to mention ravaging their bank accounts with his policies).

Labor unions, which still promise to spend tens of millions for Democrats are, for once, being outmatched by Republican donors. That’s in large part due to the Supreme Court ruling that opened the door for corporate donations in the Citizens United case; if you wondered why Democrats were so enraged by that decision, now you know why.

And it’s not over by a long shot. Democrats are scrambling now to set up new front groups to beg for money in key races –so the pressure is still on. But for a change, it’s Democrats feeling the pressure and the heat as they await the boot.

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