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RUSH: Carl Paladino running for governor in New York is on fire. Now, remember just a couple days ago we were on this program talking about the differences in Tea Party candidates and ruling class candidates, Carl Paladino and others, these are people who have lived lives. The way has not been paved for them. They have not inherited wealth. They’ve worked hard for it. Some of them don’t have it; they’re in debt; they’ve had problems with the IRS. They are country class people. They have not been groomed for anything political, and they’re fit to be tied. They see the ruling class destroying their country and they are really upset and offended by the arrogance that the ruling class exhibits while in the process of destroying the country. Carl Paladino has accused little Andrew the Cuomo of having an affair.’

Carl Paladino alleged Tuesday that Democrat Andrew Cuomo was unfaithful to his ex-wife years ago, a stunning accusation that validated his earlier prediction that the race would be getting nastier. Paladino offered no proof of his claim, despite requests for substantiation, and he made it minutes after angrily declaring his 10-year-old daughter — a child from his own affair 10 years ago — off limits to the press. The tea party-backed Republican had publicly revealed her existence when he declared his candidacy earlier this year. ‘Has anybody asked Andrew Cuomo about his paramours?’ Paladino told Politico, as campaign manager Michael Caputo chimed in, ‘when he was married.’ Paladino continued, ‘When he was married — or asked him why his wife left him or threw him out of the house? Has anybody ever done that?’ he demanded. ‘What are they doing intruding on my life?’ The blunt and unvarnished nature of Paladino’s allegations marked a jarring departure from statewide campaign norms.’

What are statewide campaign norms? Statewide campaign norms are where the media and the Democrats try to destroy the Republican and don’t question the Democrat at all. The Democrat gets questioned for nothing. The Democrat is never examined. The Democrat never gets a media anal exam, but the Republican candidate’s family is brought into it, his life is turned upside down, any little irregularity is chalked up to some sort of big crime or corruption, the apparatus and the Democrats in the media line up and do their best to destroy the Republicans. Paladino said, to hell with it. His whole campaign is outside the norms. A breath of fresh air, as the cliche goes.

‘The blunt and unvarnished nature of Paladino’s allegations marked a jarring departure from statewide campaign norms, where charges of a highly sensitive or personal nature are rarely leveled by candidates themselves and are instead typically disseminated behind-the-scenes by operatives,’ which include the media. ”No buffer, no aides, no filter, nothing. This never happens,’ said one Republican strategist of Paladino’s remarks.’ This is refreshing. You can look at this in a positive way. Paladino is not letting an aide circulate it anonymously behind the scenes. He’s launching it himself. Andrew the Cuomo says, ‘We will not descend into the gutter.’ We will not respond to this ‘gutteral’ campaign waged by Paladino.

‘Paladino, a developer, himself discussed his daughter with the Buffalo News when he declared his candidacy before the summer, and the campaign made his wife, Cathy, available for a string of interviews in the past week in which she was asked about the young girl. Asked about the coverage, Paladino grew visibly angry and said, ‘My daughter is off limits.” This led to a knock-down, drag-out confrontation with Fred Dicker of the New York Post. Here’s an audio sound bite. Last night in Lake George, New York, Carl Paladino, Fred Dicker, the New York Post state editor had this exchange about charges that Paladino made against Democrat Andrew the Cuomo that he had cheated on his wife.

DICKER: (cheap mike) Do you have any evidence for the charge you made? It’s a simple question.

PALADINO: Of course I do.

DICKER: Where is it?

PALADINO: You’ll get it at the appropriate time.

DICKER: Where is this evidence?

PALADINO: You’re not entitled to it. At the appropriate time you’ll get it.

DICKER: Good God, the attorney general is in New York.

PALADINO: And you’re his stalking horse, right there.

DICKER: You say that, but where’s your evidence?

PALADINO: You’re his stalking horse.

DICKER: Where’s the evidence?

PALADINO: You’re his bird dog.

DICKER: You’re making the charge.

PALADINO: (simultaneously with Dicker) You send another goon —

DICKER: What do you have to back it up?

PALADINO: — to my daughter’s house and I’ll take you out, buddy.

DICKER: You’re gonna take me out?”


DICKER: How you gonna do that?


RUSH: You send another goon to my daughter’s house and I will take you out, buddy. That’s what Paladino said to Fred Dicker. Dicker said, ‘You gonna take me out?’ Paladino said, ‘Yeah.’ Dicker said, ‘How you gonna do that?’ Paladino said, ‘Watch.’ Could you understand that? Yeah, it’s a typical Internet audio sound bite. But it started out when Fred Dicker said: ‘Do you have any evidence of this charge you made that Andrew the Cuomo stepped out on his wife? It’s a simple question.’ Paladino said: ‘Of course I do.’ And Dicker said: ‘Well, where is it?’ Paladino said: ‘You’ll get it at the appropriate time.’ Dicker: ‘Where’s the evidence?’ Paladino: ‘You’re not entitled to it. At the appropriate time you’ll get it.’ Dicker: ‘Good God, the attorney general’s in New York.’ Paladino: ‘And you’re a stalking horse, right there.’ Dicker: ‘You say that, but where’s your evidence?’ Paladino: ‘You’re his stalking horse.’ Dicker: ‘Where’s the evidence?’ ‘You’re his bird dog,’ Paladino said. Dicker: ‘You’re making the charge.’ Paladino: ‘You send another goon to my daughter’s house and I’ll take you out, buddy.’

Now, Republicans are getting involved here saying, ‘You need to back off there, Carl. You need to dial it back here just a little. This is not how these things take place.’ I think it is outside the norm, and it’s interesting to look at this, ’cause it does have a lot of people, ‘Oh, no, come on, Carl, don’t blow it.’ What I think people don’t understand here is we live in a period of time where a lot of people, a growing number of people are simply fed up with everybody in the so-called establishment, in the so-called ruling class. And the people on our side, on the Tea Party, we’re fed up with having our lives be targeted and theirs not. We’re fed up. Paladino, he brought the subject up, he tried to neuter it, he tried to say, ‘Look, I have this problem, yes, I have this daughter out there, please leave her alone.’ They’re not leaving her alone, and Paladino, self-made man, is simply reacting as a candidate the way average Americans react every day watching the news! He’s simply reacting as a normal American, as a normal guy. The difference is he happens to be a candidate, and so it’s said, as a candidate, he’s acting outside the norms of behavior. We’ll see. The latest polling data showed that Andrew the Cuomo is flittering around there, 50%. If Andrew the Cuomo is below 50%, this is not good. And this was a slam dunk. This was supposed to be a cakewalk.

This was Nebraska versus the Cape Girardeau Central High JV team. This was supposed to be a slaughter, what they call in college football a cupcake game. And now Andrew the Cuomo doesn’t know what to do, they’re at 50%, hovering there, back and forth, and Paladino’s not backing off. And he’s taking on the media. Now, I don’t know Fred Dicker well. I’ve talked to him a couple times. He’s always struck me as an okay guy. This is the dichotomy here. Dicker is not your average, ordinary Drive-By Media guy. I mean he’s not like somebody at CNN or MSNBC or what have you. Clearly Paladino is loaded for bear, and he’s of the belief that campaign norms are such that he is going to be targeted for destruction, and they’ll stop at nothing to do it: his daughter, his family.

And, meanwhile, he sees Cuomo get away with all kinds of stuff that nobody ever questions or judges. I mean, not to compare Cuomo to Kennedy, don’t misunderstand, but the whole country at some point, outside of Massachusetts, the guy, Ted Kennedy drove a car off a bridge and killed a woman. It was considered outside the norms of propriety to bring that up in a campaign. You just didn’t do it. But it’s okay to talk about Clarence Thomas and a pubic hair on a Coke can. It’s okay to come along and use any innuendo or lie as Ted Kennedy did with Robert Bork to destroy and deny Republicans and conservatives. But that’s been the campaign norm, and Paladino is simply a guy who’s not going to fall in line with the campaign norms. We’ll see.


RUSH: Yeah, one thing about Carl Paladino. Look, he knows going into this that he’s the big-time underdog and he’s simply not gonna run plunge play after plunge play up the middle. Let me give you a little football analogy. He’s not going to go off-tackle left and off-tackle right, three-and-out and punt. He’s throwing the bomb every day. He’s got trips right and he is throwing go-patterns every day. He’s just going for it. And it’s refreshing. Now, he may have his facts turned around because I remember at the time of the divorce of Andrew the Como… By the way, I remember when they announced they were getting married. When Andrew the Como announced he was marrying Kerry Kennedy, folks, were you around then? I mean, for the New York media, it was the Second Coming. It was Joseph and Mary heading off to the inn, within an Amex reservation this time.

There was going to be room there, no manger for them. You would not believe it at the time. This was one of the greatest marriages! You talk immaculations? They were just beside themselves. ‘Why, a new generation of power Democrats starting with the Coomos and the Kennedys,’ and then, after a couple years, or three years, however many years it was, the word came out that she was having the affair. The word came out that Kerry Kennedy was having an affair with another man, after 13 years of marriage. And Coomo’s lawyer released a statement saying that he was betrayed and saddened by his wife’s conduct. I forget who this guy was, but he was a dashing New York-wealthy guy flitting around all over the place. And it was really a devastating thing to Andrew Coomo because everybody thought Andrew Coomo was this young, dashing, Lancelot, Prince Charming guy. And here he was being dumped overboard for some New York guy who is said to have even more.

‘Quoting unnamed sources, the tabloids reported over the next few days that Kennedy was having an affair; that her lover and his wife were friends of the Cuomos’; that Cuomo discovered the affair when he walked in on the lovers; that the other man is a wealthy, polo-playing, 50-year-old restaurateur and bon vivant named Bruce Colley.’ So the story was that it was Andrew who was cuckolded out there. It was Andrew that was walked out on. Now Carl Paladino is running around saying he was having an affair, and that’s why Fred Dicker is saying, ‘Where’s your evidence for this?’ They called the marriage… I kid you not. When Kerry Kennedy and Andrew the Como got married they called it ‘Cuomolot,’ as in Camelot. Oh, folks, you shoulda been there! I remember it. It was… (sighs) I mean it fit every cliche you can imagine. So Paladino has now leveled a charge that Andrew was having the affair. Andrew says he’s not going to respond to the gutter. Fred Dicker wants to know what the evidence is, and Paladino says, ‘I’ll have it coming up for you. Sit tight. When it’s appropriate.’ (laughing) If he knows something nobody else knows, this could be cool.


RUSH: You know, folks, this really is a bizarre political year. Stop and think of this. It really is a bizarre political year if a Democrat running for office in New York state thinks having an affair would hurt him in the polls. That would be Andrew the Cuomo. Normally this is a resume enhancement, Democrats having an affair, especially in New York. And now Andrew the Cuomo is acting like it would hurt him? This is bizarre. My favorite line from the Paladino-Fred Dicker dustup was this. When his aide pushed Dicker, Caputo, the aide, said to Dicker, ‘You’re off the Christmas list!’ Paladino is famous. He’s running around telling him, ‘You’re off the Christmas list.’ It’s real stuff.

You know, people in Manhattan and the Democrat Party at large just don’t grasp this. They don’t understand how normal people are reacting to this Paladino stuff with Andrew Cuomo. The people outside Manhattan have no understanding just how fed up with the normal ascension of politicians they are. Okay, royalty? Democrat Party. This wedding, Andrew Cuomo and Kerry Kennedy was the closest thing to an arranged, royal family-type wedding that this country’s seen. This is the way people reacted to it. On the left, ‘Oh, this is wonderful! Oh, this is the greatest thing that ever happened. Cuomolot!’ Everybody else is saying, ‘Is there nothing real?’ Paladino comes across as a real guy. One thing the Republicans don’t understand — I’m talking the elected Republicans, the Republican establishment in Washington.

Now, you’ll understand it when I say because many of you have called this program clamoring for it. You know, when Bush was under assault, they didn’t respond. It was some of the most vicious personal attacks on the president we could ever remember in our lifetimes, and Bush didn’t respond to it at all. He didn’t want to ‘sully the office.’ Rove admits it was maybe a mistake that we didn’t respond. Well, Republican voters were sitting out there fed up because the attacks on Bush were attacks on them, too, because they had voted for Bush. They were not just attacks on Bush; they were attacks on the honest and the integrity of half of the American population, if not more.

But nobody was speaking up for half the American population. The American population, the working class of this country has wanted to tell the political class where to go for I don’t know how long. They do every day. They shout at the television sets at home when they’re talking to each other. They talk this way about the ruling class. So here comes a candidate, Paladino, who is voicing the same kind of frustration, anger at the ruling class the people of the country feel, and the Democrats and people inside Manhattan just simply don’t grasp how normal people are reacting to Paladino. If Paladino were hurting himself, Cuomo would be up there at the 60, 70% in the polls or whatever he thought he would be but he’s hovering around 50.

And what nobody is talking about here, is that Paladino, he seems like a decent, normal, sincere guy. I don’t know him. I don’t want anybody to misunderstand. I’ve never met Carl Paladino. But I do know that Andrew Cuomo is hip-deep in the subprime mortgage crisis. I do know that a lot of people are fully aware that the subprime mortgage fiasco is why, the primary reason why we’re in this economic mess that we’re in now. The subprime mortgage mess, when explained to people, is easy to understand. You gonna loan money to people that can’t afford it? You gonna loan money to people who never pay it back, call it ‘affordable housing’ and then you gonna bail them out, we’re gonna be paying for all this?

We’re struggling to get mortgages, we’re struggling to pay ’em back on time, and now you’re loaning money to a bunch of people where all you’re really doing is buying votes? In the process you’re screwing up property values, you’re messing up the market big time. Andrew Cuomo is at the forefront of this program. And this is what more and more people are starting to learn. So you can talk about whatever personality quirks Paladino has. But Andrew Cuomo has been involved in policies that have genuinely hurt people, that have genuinely negatively impacted the country. You know, so Caputo says to Dicker, ‘You’re off the Christmas list,’ but Obama says, ‘When they bring a knife, you bring a gun.’

The Democrats are allowed to fight this way all the time. Democrats are allowed to be outside the norms and trash Robert Bork and destroy him or say whatever they want. They can make up things I never said about race and so forth, and considered the norm. When people like me fight back, Paladino fights back, ‘Oh, you’re not supposed to fight back. This is outside the political norm. You’re supposed to be above all this.’ This subprime stuff… You know, Paladino is going to stay on that issue-wise. It’s going to be hard for Andrew the Como to understand this because Andrew the Como is no longer seen as invulnerable now.


RUSH: Back to Paladino for just a second and this dustup with Fred Dicker. On the one hand you could say nobody cares. ‘Who cares? It’s a little odd.’ On the other on the other hand you could say it’s Trumanesque. Yes, Trumanesque! Carl Paladino: ‘You send another goon to my daughter’s house and I’ll take you out, buddy.’ Harry Truman’s daughter, Margaret Truman, liked to sing, play musical instruments. And she performed in concert at Constitution Hall. And she thought her performance was one of her better ones. ”Paul Hume, the music critic of The Washington Post [at the time], while praising her personality, said that ‘she cannot sing very well,’ added that ‘she is flat a good deal of the time’ and concluded that she had no ‘professional finish,” the New York Times recalled at the time of Margaret’s death last January.’

This was his daughter being attacked by an arts reviewer at the Washington Post. ”Incensed, President Truman dispatched a combative note to Mr. Hume, who released it to the press…’ Here’s the note: ‘I just read your lousy review. Someday I hope to meet you. When that happens you’ll need a new nose, a lot of beefsteak for black eyes and perhaps a supporter below.’ Harry Truman said this to a reporter at the Washington Post. Harry Truman, an American president: You’re gonna need a cup, you’re gonna need a new nose, you’re going to need beefsteak for black eye. I am going to rip you upside the wall and down the other. ‘In the ensuing uproar’ (there was an uproar then just like there is now) ‘reporters asked Harry Truman’s daughter [Margaret Daniel] for her reaction to her father’s letter.

She said, ‘I’m glad to see that chivalry is not dead.” So, one could argue this is Trumanesque. Carl Paladino: ‘You send another goon to my daughter’s house I’m going to take you out, buddy.’ Harry Truman: ‘I just read your lousy review. Someday I hope to meet you when that happens you’ll need a new nose a lot of beefsteak for black eyes and perhaps a supporter below,’ meaning a protective cup. So Paladino, bothered that the press had been pursuing his ten-year-old daughter — the daughter he’d had with his mistress, which he’s admitted. So he has a shout-out with Fred Dicker, who is a nice guy. He really is. Harry Trumanesque. You could look at it in that way.

Let me grab a quick call. We’ll go to Aurora, Colorado. This is Jack. Great to have you on the program, sir. Welcome.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, how’s it going?

RUSH: Good. Thank you very much.

CALLER: Hey, I thought the New York Post was the conservative or whatever publication in New York where all the reporters or, slash, writers there are the same birds of the same feather in the dirty apple?

RUSH: Well, that is the impression. I can personally tell you it’s not universal at the New York Post that everybody is a conservative writer, from the editorial department on down to the entertainment, to the sportswriters. But, yeah, for the most part it is a conservative paper. What is your point?

CALLER: Well, I was just shocked and amazed. I watched the YouTube video and said New York Post reporter goes after that guy, and I’m thinking, ‘Well, why would a conservative reporter, as such, do that?’

RUSH: Well, what happened was Paladino was leveling a charge here that Andrew Cuomo had an affair, and Fred Dicker is a journalist. He asks, ‘Where’s your evidence for this?’ Is a conservative reporter simply supposed to look the other way? It’s liberal reporters that do that. Liberal reporters will accept whatever charge a Democrat makes about a Republican without questioning it. Fred Dicker is a reporter. Okay, so Paladino comes along and says, ‘Andrew Cuomo had an affair. You ever ask him about that?’ and Dicker says, ‘I never heard this. What’s your evidence?’ He’s doing what a reporter should do, whether they’re conservative or not. What you’re really indicating here is that liberal reporters do not. They protect their own while disguised as objective reporters, and you think conservatives should do the same.


RUSH: Chris in Fairfax, Virginia, great to have you on the Rush Limbaugh program. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. How are you?

RUSH: Very good. Thank you very much.

CALLER: Hey, I wanted to talk about your characterization of when he said, ‘Well, you know, if you send a goon over to my ten-year-old daughter, I’d take you out.’ And I look at it as a natural reaction from any father of a ten-year-old. If somebody sent somebody that had ill intentions toward my daughter, I’d take him out.

RUSH: See? This is my point. This is what people in the normal sphere of politics don’t understand. They expect a certain amount of decorum. They expect that, well, hey, it’s politics, you have to expect what’s gonna come. But how many times have we heard the Clintons: ‘Please leave Chelsea out of it’? The Obamas: ‘Please leave our kids out of it. Our kids are not running for office.’ Paladino asked the same thing. Look it, yes I have a ten-year-old daughter. I had her with a mistress, leave her alone. They’re not leaving her alone. So he says you keep harassing my daughter and I’m going to take you out. This guy from Fairfax, Virginia is saying this is the reaction any normal father would have to some powerful bunch of people bugging his ten-year-old daughter, after they’ve been asked to leave her alone. The Drive-Bys had a camera in the ten-year-old girl’s bedroom window, and that’s what Paladino was upset about, as any father would be. So here’s Chris in Fairfax, Virginia, simply reacting as normal real people do.


RUSH: So they’re trying as hard as they can to make Carl Paladino out to be a nutcase wacko, when in fact really all Paladino said was, ‘When are you gonna start going after Cuomo’s private life? You got your cameras looking in my daughter’s bedroom window. When are you gonna start going after Cuomo?’ Which is exactly what a lot of us say about the media all the time. Now here they’re going after Meg Whitman on this illegal maid business. Let’s not forget here, the head of the IRS at the time, Little Timmy Geithner had an illegal alien working as a nanny for his family for years and he never paid any Social Security or FICA tax or any of the required taxes for her, and in fact we find out he hadn’t paid his own federal income taxes because of a TurboTax error. What were we told? Well, we have to look past this; everybody makes these kinds of mistakes; minor little miscalculation. There’s only one man in America who can shepherd our country through the bailouts and the TARP; only one man smart enough to translate all of this gobbledygook and make it so that the country will be safe, only one man capable.’ And that’s the little nerdy looking Timmy Geithner.

So we’ll look past the fact that he had a nanny untaxed, illegal, we’ll look past the fact that he cheated on his own tax because he was so important, he was so crucial. And now here comes Meg Whitman. I got no brief for Meg Whitman, I mean don’t misunderstand, but here comes a phony trumped up thing about a nanny or illegal nanny or what have you. Meanwhile, the people in California are about to be priced out of health insurance. The economy is south. There aren’t any jobs. Obama has destroyed us. And we’re supposed to think bad things about Carl Paladino and Meg Whitman. Well, no longer, folks. It’s not gonna work this way anymore. The American people, in increasing numbers, are simply not gonna play the game according to the old rules.

Didn’t Meg Whitman do everything she was supposed to do under our laws? If she had done more wouldn’t she be guilty of the hate crime of profiling? You know, when you’re a Republican, I don’t care if you’re a RINO, I don’t care if you’re a liberal Republican, when you’re running against a Democrat, they’re gonna destroy you no matter what. McCain, great example. They’ll find anything they can. In the meantime, the country is literally being destroyed, and this time the American people are saying, ‘Hey, a little sense of proportion here. We want to save this place for our kids and our grandkids.’ And if Carl Paladino wants to do that, we’re with him. Now, you want to try to take out Republicans on the basis of things you give Democrats a pass for, like nannies and not paying taxes by saying the country can’t afford to not have Timmy Geithner, fine. Not gonna play by your own rules anymore. And the ruling class is having trouble come to grips with this as is, I might say, the rest of the State-Controlled Media, who have been used to setting the agenda, writing the narratives and the templates with not only no objection, but actually compliance on the part of Republican opponents.


RUSH: This is Brian in Albany. Great to have you on the program, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Mega dittos, Rush.

RUSH: Thanks.

CALLER: I just wanted to… I’m here in Albany, New York. I wanted to give your national listeners a field report of what it’s like here on the ground in Albany and confirm: A lot of what you said about the Paladino-Fred Dicker confrontation yesterday is true. I think what’s going on is we’re so used to, you know, fake and lying politicians being asked questions by a corrupt and incompetent press corps that when we get a legitimate candidate asked a legitimate question from a legitimate reporter, we’re not quite sure how to take it.

RUSH: You’re talking about Paladino, not sure how to take Paladino?

CALLER: Paladino. He’s a legitimate… Well, the whole situation, the event that occurred. Paladino is a legitimate candidate.

RUSH: Yeah, but you said you’re not quite sure how to take it yet I thought you said you agreed with my analysis of it.

CALLER: No, no, no, I’m sorry. Not me personally. People, the press, the general population.

RUSH: Oh, oh, oh.

CALLER: Yeah, not myself. I think people, we’re not used to seeing this. We’re used to having either the reporter be incompetent or the politician to be a sleazebag, and that’s not the case here on either side. We got a legit candidate, we gotta legit reporter and he’s asking legitimate questions. It didn’t go smoothly, but it went (laughing) and I think some people… I mean you’re not confused, I’m not confused, but I hear a lot of people discuss this up here in Albany, and people aren’t too sure how to take that. I mean, there are a lot of people here that are fans of Paladino. For a Northeast, liberal state, we got a pretty strong Tea Party movement up here. I mean Paladino, he won his primary against Lazio 2-1.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: That’s another thing. The polls had him as a dead even race going into the primary, and he busted out 2-1. So the polls going into this governor’s race, I don’t know how to take those sometimes.

RUSH: All right. Well, look, Brian, I appreciate the call. Thanks very much.


RUSH: Here’s Steve in Bakersfield, California. Great to have you on the EIB Network, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. Great to speak with you again. Regarding this uproar over Meg Whitman’s maid, now that she is a self-confessed illegal alien who used fraudulent documents, does not Jerry Brown, as the chief law enforcement officer of the State of California, have an obligation to prosecute her?

RUSH: Now, this is an interesting take. Here you have an illegal coming forth admitting she’s illegal and somehow blaming Meg Whitman for it, she goes against Gloria Allred, they have a press conference, ‘Guess what? I was fired. I was fired. I work for Meg Whitman for nine years as an illegal immigrant.’ Now, you would think that Jerry Brown, ‘Oh, it’s time to prosecute.’ Great, great point, Steve.

CALLER: Thank you very much.

RUSH: But it isn’t going to happen.

CALLER: I know.

RUSH: As you well know.

CALLER: I know.

RUSH: But it’s a brilliant point. I haven’t seen that anywhere. That is a brilliant, brilliant point.

CALLER: I was wondering why I hadn’t seen it.

RUSH: Well —

CALLER: It’s so obvious.

RUSH: Well, it is, but it isn’t. And a lot of people look at it that way.

Judy in Binghamton, New York, great to have you on the EIB Network.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. I want to tell you, you said that you had not met Carl Paladino. I have. I’ve met him a couple of different times. I’ve spoken to him and that man is so for real. He is New York’s Chris Christie, and if he gets elected governor, he is gonna turn this state around so fast.

RUSH: I was just watching during the break Andrea Mitchell, NBC News, Washington, and she had on one of the editors of The Politico, John Harris, and they were talking about this dustup that Paladino had with Fred Dicker. You would have loved it, Judy. It was classic. You coulda written the script. They were talking about how wacko a candidate he is, it’s a circus up there. (imitating Mitchell) ‘This is so unseemly. When are we going to get to the real issues of the campaign? When are people going to realize that this is just a circus? It’s embarrassing.’ It’s just typical, absolutely typical.


RUSH: Fayetteville, Tennessee, Vickie, I’m glad you waited. You’re next on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, oh, it’s such a pleasure to talk to you, I’ve been waiting so long to get through to you.

RUSH: Thank you very much. Appreciate that.

CALLER: And I just have to thank you for changing my life because I was one of those uninformed, uninvolved people in the United States that just thought that politics was a waste of time. And you showed me how much I really love my country.

RUSH: Well, I am happy and honored to have had a fundamental role in making your life worth something.

CALLER: It’s been hard watching what’s happened for the last two years.

RUSH: I agree with you.

CALLER: But you have made it bearable. Thank you.

RUSH: Appreciate that.

CALLER: I just want to say that I love this Carl Paladino, and the Republican establishment needs to understand that this is what we want. We want that kind of campaigning. We’re tired of them acting like girls, fighting like girls. They need to take the gloves off and fight to win.

RUSH: I know what you’re saying. I know exactly how you feel.

CALLER: It’s so discouraging to see them —

RUSH: I know.

CALLER: — just sit back.

RUSH: We’re like the guys that get sand kicked in our face on the beach —

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: — and we keep going back and say, ‘Please do it again, but like us after you do it,’ instead of, ‘Stop this.’ I think you’re right, and I think there are a tremendous number of Republican establishment types that still don’t get just how — I don’t even know what the word is, agitated, irritated, you know, just brewing for a fight out there. We’ve had it with the Democrats. We’ve had it with the media. We’ve had it with the American left, and we’re looking for anybody who will stand up to ’em politically.


RUSH: You know, even Eliot Spitzer the other day, Client No. 9, said that Andrew Cooomo was the dirtiest campaigner in New York. Not Carl Paladino, but Andrew Cooomo, and the media is trying to turn Cooomo into a victim against mean old Carl Paladino.

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