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RUSH: Lynn in Troy, Ohio, welcome to the Rush Limbaugh program. Great to have you here.

CALLER: Great to talk to you, Rush. The one major blunder I think Obama has made other than all the failed policies and so forth is I think he underestimated the American people and the spirit of America. I think, you know, he just thought there wouldn’t be any repercussions or people just go along and he shoulda remembered as a result of 9/11 how the people in our country, you know, got together and became stronger —

RUSH: Do you think Obama’s sitting there thinking that America still looks at him as The Messiah?

CALLER: Well, I don’t know, probably, but I don’t think he thought the people would react and be as strong as the Tea Party and realizing that we need to get our country back. I think he underestimated us. I think he thought we wouldn’t really pay that much attention or that he was for us and all these good things.

RUSH: You may be right. I believe Obama thinks that everybody hates America as much he does. When you have a characteristic, a personality as narcissistic as Obama, believe me, if you’re not a narcissist, you have to study the concept to understand narcissists, and they are living in a dream world, they live and construct their own reality that’s devoid of common sense and true reality. One of the reasons Obama behaves as he does is because he thinks that everybody feels the same way as he does about things. This country is guilty, that it has been racist and sexist and bigoted and homophobic and it’s been colonial, imperialistic, that it’s immoral and unjust, and the thing is, he’s correct in the sense that 30% of the country does agree with him within the Democrat Party. The hard left do look at America that way, maybe even more. The enemies of America have successfully infiltrated many of our institutions. I mean we don’t breed communists and Marxists here. They’re taught. They’re educated, or they are imported.

This country throughout its history did not teach communism. It did not teach Marxism in the sense that they try to convert people to it. I mean people were educated about Marx, communism and so forth, but it was bad. It was a rotten thing. Communism was horrible. It used to be if you were a communist, you had to live in the shadows. There used to be a House Un-American Activities Committee. The House un-American activities now takes place on Fox News, according to Obama. But we’ve never taught Marxism or communism. That was imported. People were instructed in that ’cause it doesn’t make sense, it doesn’t logically compute. So Obama is of the belief there are a lot of people that look at the country the way he does, and he’s right.


RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, let me try to say it this way, responding to our last caller about Obama. We all have to strive to comprehend it. Obama is pleased with himself. He has succeeded. He loves what he’s accomplished here. Read the Rolling Stone interview. That interview was a chance for him to go through his victories. He sees the last 20 months as a triumph. He does not see this as a debacle. He is doing exactly what he intended to do.


RUSH: No, Snerdley, I meant every word of it. And even more. I’ve read the excerpts of the Rolling Stone article, that big piece comes out tomorrow. And I’m telling you, Obama is pleased with himself. This is what’s hideous about this. I don’t know how else to say it. I have been warning of this. This is why I wanted the guy to fail. This guy is on a mission to fundamentally reform or transform this country. He doesn’t like it the way it was founded. He’s got the same view of this country that Reverend Wright has, that his father had, that communists have of it. Now he’s got his leadership position over it. This stuff is not accidental. The job loss? The economic destruction? Drilling moratoriums in the Gulf of Mexico for no reason whatsoever? Nationalizing businesses?

We think this is altruistic? We think Obama is just misguided but he’s actually trying to help things? This is crazy. My whole point is? Nobody with a modicum of intelligence who really is trying to improve employment and economics in this country would do anything that Obama’s done. And if they were serious, they would realize their mistake and do the opposite now. Rather than compound this with more bailouts and more deficits, more stimulus plan. I know it’s fun to sit around and speculate how they’re all gonna feel the day after the election, some of the rank-and-file Democrats. But when it comes to Obama — as much as you might not want to do it, as much as it might be very uncomfortable to think this way — you have to try to comprehend this.

He is pleased with himself. You would be, too. If you believed what Obama believed about this nation, if you thought this country needed a comeuppance, if you thought this country needed to be shown what-for — if you thought this country was guilty, unjust, immoral and it needed to be put in its place — and after a year and a half I had been able to accomplish all this destruction, you’d be damn happy and pleased with yourself, too. This interview with Rolling Stone magazine was a chance for him to go through all of his victories. He sees the last 20 months as a triumph. He’s accomplished 70% of his goals, and he hasn’t even had to go to Cloward-Piven yet. He’s got six years to get the remaining 30% of his agenda done.

This guy is walking on air, folks! People think his ego is all out of whack because people don’t love him and he’s got this big narcissistic ego and people are rejecting him and so forth. He thinks they’re stupid. Who do you think that Obama thinks needs to be taught a lesson? The very people who are unhappy! This is exactly what he wants. The fact that you don’t like him, that’s exactly right. He doesn’t think you ought to like him. He’s happy. He has a small cadre of people he wants to think he’s doing a good job, and I guarantee you they do. Well, the people he surrounds himself with, his cadre of friends, they’re giving him attaboys. They know what’s going on here. Obama keeps a list of his goals in his pocket. The trouble for him is that the voters are starting to keep a list, too.

And they’re gonna start settling up in November. But even that… Obama is looking at this as an opportunity. I mean let’s try to look at this rationally, which is a problem, but let’s do. The rational person will say of Obama, ‘My God, this guy is destroying his own party. His party doesn’t have a chance at holding power.’ That’s right. Do you see a president who cares about that? Do you see anybody in the administration trying to do anything to change that? No. They must be content, then. It’s more than they’re resigned to it. They’re content. Now, why? Well, my friends, it is as I have said. Obama needs his next four years. He’s gonna need his next four years to get this done. Now, to get those next six years, he’s gotta get elected in 2012.

That’s what he’s thinking about, and he knows damn well he’s going to have a much tougher time getting elected running against his own party than running against Republicans. He knows damn well the country is going to be up in arms. He knows damn well people are going to be fed up that there aren’t any jobs, that there’s no opportunity for prosperity. Wait ’til these tax increases he’s got planned hit. Whew! Folks, we’re looking at a bloodbath, an economic national bloodbath if all this stuff happens. Now, he knows damn well that if the Democrats are the only party in power for the first four years of his term, why, who’s going to be blamed totally? Democrats, of which he is one. Okay, so comes the midterm elections and the Republicans win big, and they now have control of the House.

All Obama’s gotta do is go back to the typical Democrat narrative and playbook: ‘Republicans are standing in the way of progress! Republicans created the problems! I’m faced with these problems they created, so are you, and now these people are back in charge and they’re obstructing every decent thing I want to do.’ He’s relishing the chance to blame Republicans the next two years, for the excrement that we’re all facing. He can’t wait to blame them. He’s not going to get anywhere blaming Nancy Pelosi. He’s not gonna get anywhere blaming Harry Reid. But Boehner? Mitch McConnell? The thing is McConnell and the boys don’t even see this coming. They’re more concerned about keeping people like Christine O’Donnell out of their ranks. I mean, they’re lining up against Jim DeMint!

Jim DeMint has vocally criticized the Republicans for keeping Lisa Murkowski in her committee chairmanship, or her seniority seat, even though she was defeated. And the Republican leadership’s piling on DeMint for his behavior. DeMint is simply saying, ‘Look, she lost.’ DeMint is one of us, he’s conservative, he’s trying to get like-minded people in there. The Republican leadership is down on DeMint. I guarantee you, Obama’s relishing running against Mitch McConnell and whoever else is in the Senate leadership and he’s relishing running against Boehner — and me. The Democrats’ experience — what they believe — is start blaming Republicans and the media will join ’em and the public will believe it. Look what they were able to do to Bush. They almost single-handedly brought about defeat in Iraq.

Their experience is they’ll have profound success blaming all of the future problems about to come down the pike on Republicans once they’re in power, because that’s the narrative, that’s the template. Obama is not distressed at anything that’s happened. He’s not distressed that his party is gonna get shellacked in November. He’s not distressed. He is pleased with himself. Put yourself in his shoes and imagine yourself a conservative. And in a year and a half, you have closed the Department of Education, you’ve shut down the National Endowment for the Arts, you have instituted a flat tax (or FairTax), you have successfully wiped out as many Al-Qaeda installations as possible, every enemy is still in prison, and we’re nowhere talking about a mosque.

You’d be happy as hell, too!

If, as a conservative president, you had accomplished all that, and the media hates you and the Democrats hate you and you think you’re going to be unhappy? Okay, so why should Obama be unhappy? Don’t assign to Obama the normal human characteristics that you and I have, the normal human characteristic of wanting to be loved. We think presidents want high approval numbers in the polls. We think presidents want to be universally loved. We think presidents want to be approved and appreciated for what they do. Obama is smart enough to know (chuckles) that the vast majority of the American people are not approving of what he’s done. That makes him even happier! He’s not looking to be loved. Not by us.

He’s looking to be respected by the people like Castro, Hugo Chavez, Hollywood actors and producers, the Oprah Winfreys of the world, and he’s got that. People in Martha’s Vineyard, people on Cape Cod, people in Hollywood, he’s happy to have that. So if you put yourself in his position, give yourself a conservative agenda, take whatever five or six things are most important to you — whatever you would do as a conservative president with a totally supportive Congress, nobody could stop you — and in a year and a half you had accomplished as much for your side as he’s done for his, you’d be ecstatic! Why, you wouldn’t be able to contain your joy, despite how angry the left would be at you, despite how angry the media would be at you. Obama wants to be admired by his peers, not peons. He doesn’t care about peons, and we are the peons. He’s ecstatic, folks, and he’s got six more years.

All this stuff about Obama doesn’t like the job; Michelle doesn’t like the job; Michelle doesn’t like being first lady, it’s horrible. That’s all meant for our consumption because that’s what we would think. ‘How could they possibly be happy? The country is going to hell in a handbasket because of their ideas, American people are upset.’ Well, that’s the plan. This is why I said, ‘I hope he fails.’ I didn’t want any of this to happen. I didn’t want General Motors to be nationalized, the banks to be nationalized. I didn’t want tax increases down the pike. I didn’t want health care to be nationalized or student loan program to be nationalized. I didn’t want 14% unemployment, 17 to 18% real unemployment. I didn’t want any of that. I didn’t want generational theft and debt. I didn’t want massive tax increases.

I didn’t want any of that. That’s why I wanted him to fail. The only reason Obama would be unhappy is if he wasn’t serious about wanting to accomplish all this. Some of you say, ‘But, Rush! But, Rush! Look, all these people leaving. Rahm’s leaving.’ Yeah, Rahm’s leaving on Friday. Christina Romer got out of there. Larry Summers got out of there. A lot of people are leaving. We’re supposed to think this means an administration in disarray, people unhappy with Obama. We’re supposed to think people do not want their names tied to all this destruction. Maybe. Could it also mean mission accomplished? Could it also mean, ‘My God, we never thought we’d have this much success. We knew a crisis was a terrible thing to waste, but my gosh, we had no idea we’d be this successful.

‘Now I can go back and be mayor of Chicago. I don’t have to wait four years to be mayor; I can do it now! I don’t have to wait four years to go back to Berkeley; I can do it now. I don’t have to wait four years to go back to Harvard; I can do it now. I don’t have to wait four years to get married and leave; I can do it now.’ Orszag. The only little schlub who’s stuck is Geithner. And that’s ’cause he’s not through. (interruption) See? Snerdley says, ‘Some of them want their reputations.’ They wouldn’t have been in this administration in the first place. If they cared about their reputations, they wouldn’t have advanced these ideas in the first place. But, if they care about their reputations, again, with whom? Their peers, not the peons.

Do you think people at Berkeley are unhappy with Romer or are they happy? ‘Well done, Christina.’ Do you think the people at Harvard are unhappy with Summers? If they are it’s ’cause he botched up this president stuff with the women. Think they’re unhappy with Orszag? They might be unhappy with Orszag because he ripped ’em on a newspaper column, then he backtracked on that. My only point here is that we’ve not dealt with this kind of thing before. We cannot plug these people into our usual template. We cannot plug Obama and his administration in the usual template. They’re not Richard Nixon. They’re not obsessed with being loved by everybody. They’re not obsessed with being loved by their enemies. Nixon was.

Nixon gave ’em everything and it still didn’t matter. Nixon gave ’em OSHA, EPA, affirmative action, whatever. He begged them to love him. Obama doesn’t want to be loved by Fox. He doesn’t want… Clinton does. Clinton’s the guy who walks in a room, 99 people out of a hundred love him but one hates him, he’ll focus on the one that hates him and try to convert him. Obama doesn’t care. You can’t plug him into the normal template that we always have that presidents and everybody else want to be universally loved in politics and care about their approval numbers and so forth. Bill Ayers is happy, Jeremiah Wright’s happy, that’s enough. Calypso Louie is happy, Ground Zero mosque is on track, he’s happy. It’s okay. (interruption) Well, don’t laugh. Look at the stuff that he’s championing.


RUSH: Check this quote from Obama: ‘When I talk to Democrats around the country, I tell ’em, ‘Guys, wake up here, we’ve accomplished an incredible amount in the most adverse circumstances imaginable.” He’s trying to buck the Democrats up into thinking they’ve got a lot done. He’s pleased with himself. And he’s got enough self-love he doesn’t need much more from anybody else. Let me put it this way. We don’t need a birth certificate to know that Obama is a foreigner, in this sense: He’s born in the United States, but he doesn’t think like most of us think. He doesn’t look at this country and its people, its history, its accomplishments the way most of us do. He doesn’t look at our history with pride. There’s no American exceptionalism as far as Obama’s concerned. Obama looks at America the way Reverend Wright looks at it, the way Minister Farrakhan looks at it. Obama looks at America, sees the country the way the rest of the hardcore left sees it, and you know who the hardcore left are: Ayers and that crowd. He’s one of them. This has been the thing I’ve been trying to convince people of ever since just before the election.

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