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Well, with the elections looming, House Democrats tried this week to punish American companies who export jobs overseas with yet another layer of taxation;the measure failed in the Senate.

But Democrats aren’t serious about creating jobs, let alone keeping jobs from leaving our shores. The truth is, their entire agenda is anti-business, and every business sector is under Democrat assault. In the health care industry, pharmaceutical, insurance, device manufacturers, and doctors are all held up as “greedy profiteers.” In communications and technology, Democrats hounded and sued Microsoft and AT&T. Democrats treat Walmart– the most successful retailer in the world; America’s No. 1 job-producer — as public enemy No. 1. Any company that shows growth gets a target on its back.

Small businesses are also under attack. Democrats’ frenzy to raise taxes on the so-called rich is nothing more than an attack on the bank accounts of small business owners, from coast to coast…as is Obamacare, which is already adding layers of costs to small businesses, and killing job creation.

To Democrats, Big Oil is evil. So is Big Food, Big Tobacco, Big Finance, Big Real Estate, Big Chemical, and Big Lumber –so was Big Auto, until Obama took them over. You name for me one private-sector success that Democrats approve of. It’s impossible,because there isn’t one.

The only thing that’s not “too big” for Democrats is government — with them in charge. Jobs leave America because Democrats force them out. Now it’s time to return the favor,force the Democrats out, and cut all their jobs.

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