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RUSH: Now, Snerdley asked me a moment ago — (interruption) yeah, he had crossover votes, yeah, he had Democrat votes, that’s what I mean, he had crossover votes. He had Democrats willing to vote with him. It was bipartisan. It was everything everybody claims to have wanted, everything everybody thought Obama was going to bring. And Democrats say, no mas, no mas, we’re outta here, gotta go home, campaign, prepare for defeat. Snerdley, asked me, ‘Rush, we are 30-some-odd days away from this election, the polling data does not look good for the Democrats. Why is he out in Albuquerque talking about all this?’

I think one of the reasons is so that we would talk about it instead of the terror threat, instead of the vote, instead of Obama’s economic policies. I think diversion. And, see, we can do it all here. We never get diverted. We never get sidetracked. I got three hours here. If Obama wants his religion discussed we’ll be happy to oblige. When we finish that we’ll go back to shellacking his economic policies. We don’t get diverted here. By the way, I have to tell you something. Folks, as you know, I really am alarmed and resent the kind of crisis, emergency, we’re-all-gonna-die tomorrow mentality that has been established by the Democrats and the media in this country. Do you remember last week I told you how frustrated I was, I was hearing from all these people that said, ‘Rush, there’s a hurricane, it’s a dead hit, Miami, Palm Beach. It’s the GFS model.’ And I said, ‘I’m looking at all the models and I don’t see one model showing anything hitting south Florida.’ ‘Well, it’s there, it’s there.’

So nothing happened, and then over the weekend I start hearing rumblings about a massive, massive rain event for south Florida that could destroy the south Florida state, six, eight, 12 inches of rain, mass flooding, vermin patrolling the streets, rising up from inside the weeds, worms in your house, snakes in your basement, alligators coming out of the lagoons and into your backyard. You know that the hurricane center and the media, they’re so ticked off there hasn’t been a hurricane. All those forecasts, Bill Gray and all these guys, it was going to be a horrible hurricane season this year, remember that? I mean even poor old Joe Bastardi at AccuWeather, who I love, said it’s south Florida, you might even want to move, all these conditions, it’s bad out there. Now, Bastardi is not one of these guys that’s hoping for disaster, but I mean we live in this culture where everything’s a crisis, everything. A hangnail could mean that a plague has returned. So we in south Florida have been living under a threat, warnings of a devastating rain event. The local media from Miami all the way up here has broomed everything to talk about the dangers, warnings, you know, go get the batteries, go get the bread, get the milk, be prepared to evacuate.

You think a hurricane is coming and it was just a bunch of clouds with rain in them. So the warnings went up and everybody was hunkering down. And it did rain somewhat hard yesterday. I thought it was kind of cool. You know, I like stormy weather. It’s kinda cozy, the rain beating against the windows. It was nothing. It was an average, ordinary thunder boomer. There was some lightning out there. And all this had been predicted to be disastrous. And we’re all looking at the hurricane forecast every three hours, the updates, the cone, five-day cone, the three-day cone, where’s the center of circulation? You look at the satellite and you can’t find the center of circulation. What is a tropical storm, number 16, they name it Nicole. Where the hell’s the center of circulation? Can’t find it. All you can find is a bunch of squalls; all you can find is a bunch of rain. There’s no center of circulation, there’s no tropical storm, there’s no winds, nothing. And finally at 11 o’clock they say no mas, never mind. All the warnings have been dropped in south Florida. We basically had a bunch of sprinkles.

And now they’re warning the Bahamas. You know, it’s gonna get to the point when something big does come along people are not going to evacuate because they’ve been told all these false alarms and it never happens. This constant crying wolf is what helped cause the problems with Katrina. We’ve been hearing about all these disasters, and Katrina comes along, and even School Bus Nagin says, (paraphrasing) ‘Head to the Superdome, everything will be fine. I’m not gonna get the buses out there, what the hell.’ And in fact it wasn’t the hurricane that did ’em in down there. It was the levees that failed after the hurricane had pulled out, we all know the story of that. But I always have resented the crisis mentality, I don’t care if it is global warming or the polar bears or what have you. It’s absurd we’re all gonna die tomorrow if nature takes place. So the tie in here, Snerdley says, ‘Why is Obama talking about all this religion stuff, he’s a Christian, and getting it wrong?’ Well, it looks bad for Obama in the election coming up, looks bad for the Democrats.

Yesterday, Public Policy Polling, Democrat firm, North Carolina, they put out this little thing called ‘Summing it All Up.’ Tom Jensen wrote: ‘Last week someone asked me what poll data I would use to sum up what’s happening in this election in the simplest terms possible. Here it is: On our last national poll 49% of respondents said the economy had gotten worse since Barack Obama became President.’ This is a Democrat poll, now. Forty-nine percent of respondents said the economy had gotten worse since Obama was immaculated. ‘The folks who thought the economy had gotten worse who had already decided how to vote in November are going Republican by a 92-8 margin.’ A margin of 92-8. ‘If voters think the economy’s gotten worse under a Democratic President they’re going to vote Republican. Add in the Democrats’ enthusiasm issues and you have the formula for the big GOP victory that’s likely on the way.’

And then I said wait a minute, wait a second, because in the last couple of days there have been some polls that say Democrats are showing some strength here. Wait, stick with me on this. If you look at those samples, you find — and these are respectable polling units — all of a sudden Democrats are showing more enthusiasm, out of the blue, coinciding with Obama’s public appearances. All of a sudden now the polls are telling us, Obama, he’s getting out there and now all of a sudden the Democrats, the enthusiasm gap is narrowing. Who’s telling us this? When you look at the samples of those polls that show the Democrats rebounding, one of them, the sample was 55% Democrat, 35% Republican, and 15% uncommitted. Well, I’m sorry, that’s a flawed sample. But, my friends, I do have a note of caution. When I say who’s telling us, 92-8, Republican margin, what is it that makes us think this is going to be a massive Republican victory? Is it not State-Controlled Media polling? We all know they make things up whenever they wish. The assumption has been it’s so bad they can’t fudge this. I mean this is so bad for the Democrats they can’t fudge this. But maybe it’s not as bad for the Democrats as they have led everybody to believe. Maybe their Democrats, their own polling shows the Democrats are going to do better than anybody thinks and after that happens the news after the election will be what a comeback! Obama on the campaign trail rebounding people, the Democrats are back, everybody thought the Republicans are gonna sweep.

The reason I mention this is, even though that sounds like a long shot, remember who we’re talking about. We’re talking about State-Controlled Media and their polls for the most part. Now, Rasmussen and others confirm it looks bad for the Democrats. Don’t let this make you so confident that it curtails your enthusiasm. Don’t think you don’t have to show up because so many other people are. Particularly in states like Delaware and in Colorado, in Nevada, in New York, governorship, this is no time to think it’s over. Because, folks, no matter what happens with this election, even if this is this huge clean sweep, this is just the first of many of these that are going to be required to slow this ship and eventually turn it around. Obama’s out doing the backyard campaign, public appearances because the polls say he’s still personally likable, so they’re playing on that. They’re putting him in settings where his personal likability is supposed to manifest itself into something positive.

Richard Trumka, the communist who runs the, what is it, the AFL-CIO now, used to be the miners? You know, I saw a story reporting on what Trumka had said, and I read it, and said I do not understand, different planet, you know Mars, Venus. The guy is dead serious. He said the reason Americans are angry is because they’ve been lied to by Fox News and Sarah Palin. To me that’s insane. But I’m sure Trumka believes it. And if he doesn’t believe it, he’s trying to make everybody else believe it. And they talk about a tipping point. Well, we are the tipping. There is no tipping point if we don’t tip on Election Day. Now, most of these polls have been oversampling Democrats, between 12 and 15%, and they still show the Democrats getting shellacked. It could well be that what’s really happening here is a landslide of biblical propositions. It could well be that the Republicans are gonna get 70 seats in the House. They were shocked and stunned in ’94 and they’re saying that can’t happen again because they’re aware of it now, ’94 was a big surprise. I think this can be as big a shock. Look, they’re having to send Democrats in to campaign for Barney Frank. They’re having to spend money on sure bets like Barney Frank.

The Democrat governor running for Robert Byrd’s seat in West Virginia is losing. Russ Feingold is behind by eight points in Wisconsin. By the way, Feingold relented and did show up, he did show up at the Obama rally for Feingold. Remember we had yesterday Feingold wasn’t going to show up, and everybody said, ‘Well, that’s no big deal, it doesn’t mean that he’s in trouble, it doesn’t mean there’s a rift. It’s perfectly understandable that Obama would go in for Feingold and he wouldn’t show up at his own event.’ That’s what they told us. I’m convinced that Feingold showed up because we made such a big deal out of it on this program and shamed him. In Connecticut, Linda McMahon, world wrestling, she’s way, way down to that obvious weirdo, Blumenthal. I mean this guy doesn’t look like he eats. He looks like a cadaver. He looks like he was buried three years ago. He talks weird. He was supposed to be a slam-dunk, that’s now a toss-up state. West Virginia is close, the Byrd seat. The Democrat governor there is trailing the Republican. Angle is gonna beat Dingy Harry. That’s not as close as they’re saying, because they’re jimmying the polls out there. Paladino, don’t be shocked at the governor’s race in New York. Don’t be shocked at this. I mean it would be shocking, but at any rate, I think one of the reasons Obama’s out there doing all this Christian talk is to try to distract people from how bad it is.

Boxer’s in trouble. Patty Murray, the mom in tennis shoes, Patty Murray’s in trouble in state of the Washington. The San Francisco Chronicle wouldn’t endorse anybody. Can’t go for Carly Fiorina, but certainly can’t go for Barbara Boxer. It’s going to be fascinating to see here.

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