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Hey, here’s a news story that brings back memories from the Clinton era of fraud and deceit, the Raw Deal. For Democrats, those were the heady years: their pals in the State-Controlled Media praised the virtues of lying,insisting that lies served the greater good. Democrat politicians were in awe, praising Bill Clinton for being “an exceptionally good liar.”

Well, this week AP ran a story about other liars in politics. Nevada Congresswoman Dina Titus, for instance, is described as a “loyal soldier” who voted for the total Democrat agenda, including Obamacare and higher energy taxes. But she is campaigning as an “independent” Democrat who bucked her party every step of the way.

She’s got plenty of company. Scores of other liberal Democrats, in every region of the country, are now running as so-called rebranders. Their campaigns are designed to convince gullible voters back home that for the last two years, they’ve been trying to fend off the Reid-Pelosi-Obama agenda in Washington –when, in fact, they’ve been carrying Obama’s water without spilling a drop.

Whatever trendy name the liberals give it, like “rebranding”, the facts are these:Democrats are exceptionally good professional liars, but lying is not virtuous now– and it never was– and Americans want truth. And they want jobs. And they want prosperity.

So don’t bother trying to pick and choose among Democrats. If there is a “D” next to their name, fire ’em!You can have Obama and the Democrats, or you can have America — but you cannot have both!

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