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RUSH: Hazel in Brooklyn, welcome to the EIB Network. Great to have you here.

CALLER: Hi, Rush.


CALLER: Okay, the reason that I’m calling is I think that it plays too much into Obama’s hands to equate Romneycare with Obamacare. I think it’s Obama’s way of depressing Republican turnout if Romney’s the nominee, that Republicans think it’s the same thing. But Romneycare was never about death panels or bureaucrats in Washington making decisions or saying, “Well, I’m not gonna give your mother any treatment, she’s just gonna get a pain pill.” To me, Obamacare is like a kinder, gentler Auschwitz. It selects people who are useless mouths and then just lets them die on the vine.

RUSH: What did you say, a kinder gentler what?

CALLER: Auschwitz. Yeah, we’re Auschwitz —

RUSH: Yeah, I wasn’t quite sure that’s what you actually said, that Obamacare is a kinder, gentler Auschwitz.


RUSH: That was a death camp.

CALLER: Right. Because I think Obamacare uses rationing —

RUSH: Yes.

CALLER: — and the people who are deemed, quote, useless mouths, as the Nazis deemed people who could not work for the German greater good, will be gently allowed to die rather than —

RUSH: Wait. There was nothing gentle about it.

CALLER: No, the people who Obama selects.

RUSH: Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh.

CALLER: — will be gently allowed to die through palliative care and hospice and pain meds. But we won’t expend the resources to treat them.

RUSH: Right. Here’s the problem that Romneycare presents Romney. And I’m convinced that this is one of the reasons why Obama wants to run against Romney.

CALLER: Hm-hm.

RUSH: Two of Romney’s advisers actually helped the Democrats write Obamacare and they are out there saying that Romneycare is the model and the primary element that is common to both is the individual mandate, the requirement that people buy health insurance.

CALLER: Well, I agree that that’s common, but I don’t think that there would be as much vehement lack of support against Obamacare were it not for what distinguishes Obamacare from Romneycare. If it weren’t for death panels and rationing and bureaucrats making decisions and taking doctors and patients out of the decision-making process, I don’t think Obamacare would be unpopular, and the advisers who are saying it’s the same thing are doing so probably to promote Obama. We don’t know what they’re motivation is or what their registration is.

RUSH: Wait, who? We don’t know who’s —

CALLER: The people who are saying, well, Romneycare is the model for Obamacare.

RUSH: Yeah, we do.

CALLER: We don’t know that they’re not pro-Obama.

RUSH: We know that they are pro-Obama.

CALLER: Right. So they could say anything. Anybody who’s pro-Obama could say whatever he wants, as long as it depresses Republican turnout and depresses Republican voters and promotes Obama.

RUSH: Yeah. But it’s not that they’re making it up. I mean, the mandate’s there.

CALLER: Well, the mandate is there —

RUSH: And in Massachusetts it’s not working. They’re in debt. It didn’t work as everybody thought it would work.

CALLER: Well, I think basically people are looking for solutions to health insurance issues, and the problem is that nobody wants to look at the real solution, which is the government is the problem.

RUSH: More people than you realize look at it that way.

CALLER: And hopefully one of them will be president and we can end this atrocity before too many of us are put to our kinder and gentler death.

RUSH: That of course is the bottom line.


RUSH: If it isn’t repealed, boy, life in this country is never gonna be the same.

CALLER: But, you know, you have a caller who’s in the insurance business from Atlanta.

RUSH: Oh, yes.

CALLER: And she talks about medical tourism, and I think that’s exactly what will happen.

RUSH: Yep.

CALLER: That anybody who can afford it will be going to Thailand or Costa Rica —

RUSH: That’s exactly right.

CALLER: — and doctors will be practicing there, and what is Obama going to do, say, “Well, I’m cutting off all diplomatic relations with Costa Rica because people are going there to be treated”?

RUSH: No, he’s gonna find a way to tax you to or deny you your exit visa or whatever. They’ll find ways to make sure you can’t.

CALLER: Well, maybe we’ll find a way to see a Republican in the White House.

RUSH: Do you have a Swiss bank account that you thought nobody would ever know about?

CALLER: Luckily not. I would really be up a creek.

RUSH: Let me tell you something, the regime has sued every Swiss banker, or a number of them, and the Swiss banks are caving, and I guarantee you health providers in Costa Rica, New Zealand, wherever, would also cave if big, bad Uncle Sam comes raining down on ’em. That’s why this has got to be repealed. All right, Hazel, I appreciate the call, very much so.

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