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You know, few things define political cowardice as well as the latest announcement from Dingy Harry Reid. It turns out thatafter all the huffing and puffing, theDemocrats aren’t going to vote on extending the Bush tax cuts for some,while raising taxes on the rest –at least, not now. “We will come back in November and stay in session as long as it takes to get this done,” said Reid’s spokesman. Yeah, only after the elections,when Democrats can count the number of seats they’ve lost,will they take revenge on voters and raise their taxes.

Since the moment the Bush tax cuts were enacted, Democrats –from the lowest dogcatcher in the hills and hollers, to the highest limousine liberal in DC –have railed against them. Obama, Dingy Harry, Nancy Pelosi,and the rest of the Democrat class-envy warriorsall blamed “tax cuts for the rich” for just about every problem. But now, with elections looming, this bunch is too feckless to vote on extending Bush’s tax cuts for the middle classwhile raising taxes on small business owners and families making over $250,000a year. Why? Because they know it would further damage the economy that their policies are already destroying.

If the Bush tax cuts were as awful as Democrats claimed, they’d vote right nowand be rewarded by the electorate,but, like the quislings they are, they’re going to punttill after the elections.

Yet one more reasonto boot everyone with a “D” next to their name– even if it’s a rat running against ’em! They got a “D” next to their name, they’re gone!

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