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RUSH: This is not a crazy document at all. I mean, the Republican Pledge, nothing crazy about it at all, basic, common sense positions. I’d like somebody to ask Mike Castle, ‘Do you agree with this?’ ‘Olympia Snowe, do you agree with this?’ ‘Susan Collins, do you agree?’ ‘Senator McCain, do you agree with this Pledge?’ I want to know what these RINOs have to say about it. And the Democrats, guess what they’re saying? The Democrats are saying, ‘Well, this could threaten Social Security.’ Honest to God. The Democrats, right out of Page 1 of the playbook are saying that the Republican Pledge could potentially kill Social Security in a couple of years. That’s the extent of it. I mean, they have no plan of their own obviously. Clinton tells them they need a plan of their own. But we know what their plan is.

Folks, I tell you, it is pretty fitting. The Bamster goes up to the UN today and I swear, I don’t know if we’re talking about mental illness, delusional or just calculated lies. He told the audience at the UN that we have made groundbreaking strides in renewable and green energy programs and now we want to share that technology with the rest of the world. What is he talking about? There isn’t any. Is he talking about the spaghetti light bulb or the Chevrolet Volt? I mean, he just goes up there and because he says it he thinks it’s either true or is going to happen. But it was pretty fitting that Obama’s up there, the United Nations, promising them that he’s going to shift even more income from the US to the world while at the same time the Republicans were in Virginia in front of a hardware store trying to save our economy.

Here’s Obama promising to give more of it away as the wrecking ball destruction continues, and the Republicans with their Pledge promising to save it, trying to save it. Now, the Democrats are in trouble and they know it. I mean, the race in New York, the governor’s race, Andrew the Cuomo is now below 50%. I mean, that wasn’t supposed to happen and, of course, now some of the Republican intelligencia are springing into action: ‘Okay, Paladino, time for you to get serious now.’ The moderates are trying to tell Paladino how to alter his campaign style, ‘because this might have won you a primary, but you are not going to win the general doing this kind of wacko stuff.’

We got word that the Democrats are losing in the Midwest. Some of their strongest Midwestern districts are on the verge of being lost or a toss-up status. Ohio may be gone for the Democrats and for Obama. And then we have the notion that the whole West Wing is about to leave before the end of the year. Axelrod’s going to go back to Chicago next year. Gibbs is going to replace him. Gibbs, by the way, never did want to be the press secretary. Gibbs always wanted to be the number one policy adviser, and they parked him over there in the press secretary office just to keep him around until Axelrod decided to leave. Larry Summers is leaving. Rahm Emanuel is heading back now to run for mayor. A lot of these people are leaving prematurely. You don’t generally have this kind of burnout fatigue this soon, in the first term of an administration, particularly if it is a successful one. Everybody wants to hang in, have their name attached to it for as long as they can so that they can then parlay that into something very rich in the private sector. But these people know they better get to the private sector fast because Obama’s destroying it. And if there’s anything they want to capitalize on in the private sector, they better get there. They also don’t want their names attached to this at all, none of these people. Larry Summers is going back to Harvard. None of these people want their names attached to this. They know full well what it is and they can’t talk Obama out of the continued policy destruction. They can’t talk him out of it.

The Woodward book, you know, finally the Drive-Bys are using the correct word to describe this regime, dysfunctional. Obama couldn’t care less about winning in Afghanistan. All he wants is out of there. And the generals will not tell him what he wants to hear about getting out. So he says screw you, generals, here’s my six-page plan. This is what we’re going to do to get out of there. I can’t lose the Democrat Party, we’re going to get out of there starting in 2011, it doesn’t matter what’s going on. I didn’t want this in the first place. I just had to go over there because I made a campaign promise and I said we had to get Bin Laden, but I don’t want any part of this.

He is not saying it in so many words, but that is what’s happening. Now, the Obama voter, I’m going to talk about this Pledge for just a second. I have some bullet points here. The Democrats are trying to portray this as more extremism, but it isn’t. It’s not a crazy document. It’s basic common sense positions. Now, the Obama voter, as we are seeing, the Obama voter has all the staying power of a booze-fueled hookup at a bar frequented by Braylon Edwards. Tea partiers, on the other hand, are married to a cause.

Now, folks, this is a fundamental difference. The Obama voter was basically given some ecstasy, the equivalent of getting some ecstasy in a bar one night. Got drunk, got all wrapped up. Here comes the smooth talking guy, and they fell for the guy. But the Obama voter is not devoted to a cause. I mean, some of the fringe Obama voters are devoted obviously to a cause, but the people we’re talking about, the independent women’s voice, a poll out, the number one issue to independents, 48% repeal and replace healthcare. Independents. These are the precious voters that our moderate Republicans say they’re interested in. Repel healthcare. Mike Castle had no desire to repeal healthcare. We don’t know that Snowe or Collins or even McCain had any desire to repeal healthcare. We know the house Republicans want to.

I was at Philadelphia last night. By the way, the Kimmel Center, that was a fabulous night. All of you in attendance last night, I had a great time, a great audience, 95 minutes and a lot of Tea Party people there, I could tell, not so identified, but they were there. The number of women in that crowd last night, it was emblematic, I think, of the fact that in the Republican Party today the power, the energy is with female candidates. They are the ones that are moving the ball. They are the ones displaying courage. They are the ones not concerned with what people think of them or what’s being said about them. They’re the ones moving the ball forward, and there were tons of them last night in the crowd. It was just a great time and whenever I talked about the Tea Party in any reference whatsoever, the place erupted.

The Tea Party people are married to their cause, and what is their cause? It’s very simple. The Tea Party people want to stop the direction Obama’s taking the country in. It’s not complicated at all. They want to repeal as much of the Obama agenda as possible. They want to freeze spending. They want to eliminate as much of government in people’s lives as possible. Essentially they want to reestablish the United States of America as founded, plain and simple. This is being called extremist and dangerous and risky and tax cuts for the rich and billionaires and the end of Social Security by the Democrats. Now, the Obama voter has no staying power. The ones we’re talking about, they got taken in by a guy, by a personality. Tea parties are married to a cause and that’s the difference between adults who love their country and adolescents of all ages who have been seduced by a fraud. We’re really talking here about the difference between adolescents and adults running the country, pure and simple. What’s it going to be? We all vote for the adults. Adolescents can be any age, and we know that most of Obama’s voters are adolescents. They’re children. They’re concerned about all of these nebulous things.

Victor Davis Hanson has a piece today. It’s kind of a nice companion piece with the story I had yesterday, Thomas Friedman in the New York Times fretting about where’s all this can-do spirit in our country, how have we lost that, it’s so horrible. And, of course, he voted for the guy that’s the number one cause of it. I mean, we’re being led by somebody who doesn’t believe in any of that can-do spirit. He believes this country guilty. This country has to pay a price. Victor Davis Hanson has a piece out saying way too many people now have the peasant mentality, a peasant mentality meaning, you know, life is just what you get. What you’re born with, that’s it, you don’t have a chance for any more, and we’ve got to take from those who are luckier. Gephardt: ‘those who win life’s lottery,’ the peasant mentality.

And there’s a companion story I have in the Stack: Half of the country no longer think the American dream’s possible. Well, that won’t do. That simply won’t do. And the half that don’t believe the American dream’s possible, a large number of them, are on the Obama side. They are some on our side who are depressed and defeated over what’s happened, but the majority of the 50% who do not think the American dream, the concept of that is dead, are us, people on our side of the aisle, serious adults who are not going away regardless of the results in November. You Democrats had better learn this and better understand it. You’re all focused on what’s going to happen to you in November. It doesn’t matter what happens. It’s not over. November is the starting point for the people we are talking about, the people who want to take this country back.

And by the way, all these critics in the media, ‘What do you mean, take the country back from who?’ I’ll take it back from you; take it back from Obama; take it back from the Democrat Party; take it back from anybody that’s got a capital D next to their name. That’s who we’re taking it back from. That’s not complicated. It’s very simple. They have hijacked this country. They have hijacked the Constitution. They are doing their best to rewrite it outside the bounds of legality. We’ve got to stop that, pure and simple. That’s who we’re going to take the country back from. None of this is complicated. It’s so simple, that’s why it’s so threatening to these people. It’s America for better or worse, in sickness and in health. We make a commitment. We make and made a commitment to our country. Obama’s voters, they hit the polls all hot and bothered and now feel like fools, as evidenced by the questions at his CNBC event. They’re starting to question themselves. The Obama voter is waking up ripe for the takeover, starting to question themselves, as well as Obama and the Democrats. They can’t get their calls returned now. Before the election, yeah, the regime, Obama talked to them all night long. ‘Meet you at the bar. Here’s some ecstasy, have some fun, add a little toke. Let’s get drunk and let’s get lost in our support for The Messiah.’ But now The Messiah’s acting like a lot of gods. They don’t answer the phone. They don’t return calls and they don’t answer letters.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with this Pledge. There’s nothing wrong with this Pledge made by Republicans. What the Republicans need to understand is that the support for the Pledge does not automatically mean support for Republicans. We are not going to be seduced like Obama’s voters were seduced by him. What I mean by this, it’s one thing to put the Pledge out there, and it’s not a crazy document, but follow through is now going to be crucial because there are going to be a lot of victories. It’s going to be a stunning November for a lot of people. It’s going to be bigger than a lot of people think. So there’s going to be opportunity to implement some of this stuff. I know we’re not going to have the presidency, we can’t repeal a whole lot of stuff, but we can start setting the table. It’s time. Lip service ain’t gonna pull it off anymore is all I’m saying, because it’s the country that we love, not the party, not institutions in Washington. We’re not caught up in that. We love the country and anybody there representing us to defend the country’s first principles and the people will receive unbridled, unquestioned support.

Now, we’re not going anywhere. We’re not going to abandon the cause. We might abandon individual people who don’t follow through on their quote/unquote Pledge. We’re not going to abandon the cause. It’s too important. Everybody knows we’re in the midst of a disaster. We’re in the midst of losing this country as founded and there are enough people who love it enough, consider it worth fighting for that one election is not going to make the difference in their attitude about it. Now, the elites have hijacked our country, and I don’t mean people that are better than us. These are people that are not better than anybody else. They think they are. They have told themselves and told us they’re smarter, they’re brighter, more educated, more sophisticated. They’re not. They’re lost with a hammer and a nail and a piece of wood: ‘What do I do with this?’ They’re lost in the world of common sense.

So the Pledge is out. We’ll go through it bullet point by bullet point. We got Paul Ryan talking about it on Good Morning America today. Lots of stuff. I want to get to the two stories, Victor Davis Hanson, about a peasant mentality overtaking the — (interruption) that interests you, Snerdley? It’s pretty well written piece. And this whole notion that for half the country the concept of the American dream is dead, that’s just unacceptable. We’re not going to accept it and deal with it here on this program. That’s got to change.

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