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RUSH: I am inundated with e-mail from people, and please do not take this personally if you are one of the inundators: ‘Rush, you gotta tell people, they don’t understand, you gotta make ’em understand, you gotta tell ’em X, Y, and Z.’ And I start pulling my hair out. I’ve been on 23 years, they understand. The American people don’t need to be taught. The people see it all. Now, people that just only watch the mainstream media, fine, I don’t care about them. You’re not going to get to them anyway just like you’re not going to convert a bunch of libs en masse with education by telling them what they misunderstand. The bottom line is in any poll you look at, Obama, Rasmussen approval, 41%. He doesn’t have anywhere near 50% approval anywhere in this country. The people get it. They know what’s going on and in November the people of this country hope to start to remedy things. The problem remains in Washington, and that includes the leadership of any party and those who suckle on it. The American people know far more what needs to change here than even our inside-the-Beltway, smartest-in-the-room guys.

Obama misread his election victory. Just like the Republicans did in 1994, by the way. Obama thought he had a mandate to destroy the private sector, to uproot homeowners, to shutter businesses, massively expand the federal government. And even if he didn’t think he had that mandate he’s going to do it anyway. Washington Republicans are risking misreading an electoral victory as a mandate to manage the massive welfare state that Obama’s expanded. If there are any in the Republican leadership — and, by the way, there are some, I don’t know who, I can’t name names, but some do not want to repeal health care. Why would they not want to repeal it? Why would any Republican not want to repeal this? Tell me, Snerdley, why would any Republican, pick a name, I don’t know, not want to repeal it? (interruption) No, it’s not politics. Snerdley is saying they don’t want to repeal because Obama’s going to veto it. The people I’m talking about don’t want to repeal it because they want to be able to use the power. It’s the ruling class, Snerdley, I don’t care of what party you’re a member.

We’ve got Republicans, not a majority of them, but we’ve got Republicans who are eager to use all of this new federal power as chairmen of committees and so forth. It’s not a majority of them. But they risk misunderstanding what this energy that’s gonna lead to this massive blowout in November is all about and what’s propelling it. You know, there’s nothing wrong with the country. What needs to be shaken up is Washington. What needs to be shaken up is the federal government. Power there needs to be diminished, dispersed, and returned to the people. A lot of people there are fat and happy, media people, elected people, the whole ruling class, they’re happy. They love being senators; they love being congressmen; they love being lobbyists; they love going to the parties thrown by these people. They love running things; they love being in the big clique; they love being thought of as smarter than the average schlub in the country. That’s what needs to be dispersed.


RUSH: How about this? ‘Gov’t: Spending to Rise Under Health Care Overhaul.’ This is from a gobsmacked Associated Press that just can’t figure this out. Everything you instinctively knew during the whole health care debate, everything that all of us instinctively knew now is just being discovered by the supposed really smart people, by the ruling class. This is Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar writing in the AP: ‘The nation’s health care tab will go up — not down — as a result of President Barack Obama’s sweeping overhaul. That’s the conclusion of a government forecast Thursday, which also predicts the increase will be modest.’ Ah, well, thank you for little favors. This is probably only news to the AP. Everybody else understood from the get-go what was going to happen to health care expenses with Obamacare.

‘The average annual growth in health care spending will be just two-tenths of 1 percentage point higher through 2019 with Obama’s remake, said the analysis from Medicare’s Office of the Actuary. And that’s with more than 32 million uninsured gaining coverage because of the new law.’ Now, remember, this time last year we were being told by the media and the rest of the Democrats health care reform would save billions. In fact, it was the only way to get the deficit down. We had to pass health care reform. Health care expenses were blowing up our budget. They were leading to the deficit. We had to get this under control and now, (psst!) ‘Oh, by the way, health care expenses, going up, government agencies are gonna go up.’ We’re shocked! Now we’re being told it will actually cost just a tiny bit more, but we’re insuring millions more. So by next year the news will be that Obamacare is gonna cost billions more than ever anticipated. This is the way the government cost estimates always go. It will be mitigated by the fact, ‘But we are going to insure 32 million more people.’

And, by the way, toward the end of this piece, the AP actually says it’s time to move the health care debate offstage. Yep. Towards the end of this story AP complains the health care debate won’t move offstage, we gotta get it off. I thought it was the crowning achievement. I thought it was the greatest thing that ever happened. Presidents since FDR, whoever the hell else have been trying to get this done and finally the anointed one, The Messiah, the Most Merciful Imam Obama finally got it done, and now his number one supporters wish it would just move offstage? I wonder why they want health care moved offstage.

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