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“Sarah Palin is the one we have been waiting for, and that’s real.”

“I don’t care who wrote the speech –the speech was about her life! A speechwriter cannot make that up! Besides, if we’re going to talk about speechwriters, let’s talk about Obama’s speechwriters — as in Karl Marx, Jeremiah Wright, and Bill Ayers.”

“Sarah Palin’s family, sitting there watching — the little seven-year-old Piper moistening her fingers and patting down the hair of the baby? Heart was going crazy. Mind was going nuts.”

“How many of you in your town, if you wanted to become a community organizer, would know where to go to apply? To whom would you give your resume? What the hell is it?”

“Did you see the military veteran from Lancaster, Ohio, to whom Sarah Palin blew a kiss? Totally natural. This woman can be soft, cuddly — and then before you know it you have a fist buried in your gut.”

“I’m thinking for the first time in my life sending some loot in to the RNC. I’ve never done that, but what the hell, folks. I mean, it’s not like nobody knows what I stand for these days.”

“I hope for one night that the McCain campaign can broom from the speech the notion of how well he works across the aislewith Democrats. We will be happy to work with any of them who are left over after November, but for tonight, keep hammering on offense what this team is!”

“This lady has turned it all around. And I’m here to tell you today that John McCain, from now on, on this program, regarding this choice, will be known as John McBrilliant.”

“This is not cult and it’s not celebrity worship with Sarah Palin. This is based on authentic, genuine ideas led by an authentic, genuine lady who inspires confidence and leadership by her very essence.”

“Sarah Palin is not only comfortable in her own skin, she is obviously comfortable underneath Obama’s skin.”

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