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RUSH: There is an interesting thing here, and it tells a lot about us culturally. It’s from MSNBC: ‘Most of us Think We’re Hotter than Average, Survey Says.’ Sixty percent are satisfied with their appearance in a new survey from MSNBC.com and Elle magazine. Now, this is interesting because the way they start the story: ‘We’re fatter than we’ve ever been; at the same time, our idea of the ‘ideal’ body has gone from lean to impossibly leaner. Still, we’re pretty damn pleased with the way we look, a new survey suggests. About 60 percent of men and women alike said they were pretty satisfied with the way they look … even though many of them admit that they wouldn’t exactly call their bodies ‘ideal.’ (It’s worth noting that’s about the same percentage of Americans who are overweight.)’

Now, obviously, folks, some of you people are lying to yourselves about this. I mean we have to be honest. This is what happens when we teach self-esteem in the schools and so forth above all else. The self-esteem lobby, everybody thinks that they are better than average. Well, sixty percent do. But in order to have an average, somebody has to be below average, which means that some of you people, who everybody knows are below average on the looks scale are lying to yourselves and therefore skewing the survey. In order to have an average, Snerdley, you gotta have people below average, right? You gotta have people above average and below average. But 60% think they’re above average. And they’re making $75,000 a year or more. Of course we know from yesterday that once you hit 75 grand, that’s the peak of contentment and happiness, any dollar or any amount of dollars you earn above 75 grand is gonna make you unhappier. Seventy-five grand is where you ought to stop. Now, the reason for that poll yesterday — it was in the Wall Street Journal — is because they’re trying to condition us. The opportunity to make 75 grand is getting further and further and further away from us, so it’s the way the regime is trying to tell us via the Wall Street Journal that, ‘Yeah, don’t worry about earning a lot of money because the more you earn the unhappier you are.’

‘Most of us think we’re better-looking than average — between a 6 and a 7 on a 10-point scale. … The under-30s are an especially confident group: 28 percent of young women and 30 percent of young men rate themselves between an 8 and a 10.’ And why not? They’ve been told they are since the moment they were born. They have been told they’re special. They have been told they’re beautiful. They have been educated to believe their self-esteem is this and that. The real problem with this is what it’s going to do to Michelle Obama’s obesity plan. Because if sixty percent of the American people think that they’re hot, when 60% of the people are overweight, her program’s doomed to fail, is it not? That’s going to be hard for Michelle (My Belle). (interruption) Yes, that’s true, Dawn. Thanks for reminding me. We did learn yesterday that losing weight puts toxins in the blood. Toxins are stored in the fat. When you lose the fat, the toxins in the blood get in there, and it leads to diabetes and a bunch of other things. We were told gaining weight led to diabetes and poison. Now it’s losing weight.

So where are we? Sixty percent of you think you’re hot when you’re not. Seventy-five grand is a peak of what you ought to earn, any more than that and you’re going to be miserable. And losing wait can make you sick. Now, doesn’t all of this jibe very simply with the confusion we have leading the country?


RUSH: ‘Perhaps we’re finally starting to realize that so much of what we see on TV, in the movies and in magazines is actually fake. A few women’s blogs — particularly Jezebel — have become sort of watchdogs for Photoshop fakery in women’s magazines. Most recently, the blog attained an untouched photo of Jennifer Aniston, posting the untouched picture next to the airbrushed photo of the actress that appeared in an Australian magazine.’ And what? We saw what she really looks like when she’s untouched? And was it not a pretty picture? I don’t know. Jezebel, I’ve never been there. At any rate, ladies and gentlemen, there’s a lot of lying to people in our culture. ‘Can your body satisfaction ever be too good? Maybe, if, for example, someone needed to gain or lose weight for their overall health, a smug sense of self-esteem might hinder them from taking action.’

I remember back in the days when I did the brilliant commentary about banning the ugly from the streets in daytime, and people said, ‘How you going to do this?’ I said, ‘Easy, we make it voluntary. The ugly know who they are.’ Apparently that’s no longer the case, because people who are below average are now obviously lying to themselves about how above average they are.

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