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Rush’s Morning Update: Down the Drain
Original Airdate: July 15, 2010

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It was just a couple ofweeks ago –the esteemed Democrat Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, demonstrated her grasp of economics when she told reporters that extending unemployment benefits creates jobs: “It injects demand into the economy,” and “creates jobs faster than almost any other initiative you can name,” she said.

Now we have details on another alleged “job creator” pushed by Democrats,thanks to the Government Accountability Office –which tracked Porkulus funds that were supposed to “create or save” jobs in the education sector.

The Winston-Salem/Forsyth County school district in North Carolina spent almost 40 grand of stimulus money for a supposed “summer enrichment program” for students. But the money did not help pay teachers’ salaries as intended. Instead, it went to “field trip expenses”– movie tickets, water parks, fast food junkets, and other entertainment. The GAO also found the district did not follow the rules when spending other Porkulus funds:no documentation, no competitive bidding, etc.

North Carolina is not a special case, either. Ever since Democrats passed their Porkulus slush fund, we have seen story after story after storyabout how money has been misused –spent on sheer nonsense or used to line the pockets of their friends –while unemployment runs rampant. Now they’re making the case for yet another round of spending,which will go directly down the same drain.

Are we clear yet, folks? Democrats don’t know how to stimulate the economyor create an economic environment to create jobs,butthey do know how to waste money…faster and better than any political partyin the history of earth — includingthe Chi-Coms and the Soviets!

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