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We have another iPad winner to announce. John G. of Suwannee, Georgia, is the latest winner on Facebook. It’s Facebook.com/RushLimbaugh. We’re up to 471,000 friends at Facebook. I mean double-digit millions the hits out there. Some people don’t want to sign up, 471,000 have. John G. of Suwannee, Georgia, gets a personally engraved with my signature and the EIB logo on the back, iPad. We got nine of them, four to go after this one through August 30th, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. If you’re already registered, you don’t need to register again for the iPad. These are the top-draw iPads, 64 gigabytes with 3G capability if you want to sign up. It’s a monthly rollover sign-up with AT&T. It’s not a contract that you have to sign. It’s totally optional, up to you. You don’t have to use 3G if you don’t want to. It’s just an option with this particular iPad.


RUSH: Facebook took down North Korea’s Facebook page. They put it back up, though. The Norks have a Facebook page, they have 3,173 friends. We’re up to 762,000. We’ve got another iPad winner today. We got four more to go. The fifth winner is John G. of Suwannee, Georgia. Now, to be registered you have to become a friend of ours at Facebook. It’s Facebook.com. We started the page actually to make public about 20 pictures from our wedding. We originally weren’t going to do it. We don’t live our lives in public, we try not to, but these things came back and we showed ’em to some friends and they said, ‘You’ve gotta let people see these, they’re wonderful.’ And they are. So my arm was twisted, we started the Facebook page, the wedding photos are up there. And we update it with some stuff. My brother’s book is plugged up there now. Zev Chafets’ book is plugged up there. We link a couple stories from each day that are hot and heavy. You can also go there and register for the free iPad giveaway, nine iPads in total, 64-gigabyte, 3G capable, each engraved on the back with my signature and the EIB logo. We have drawings every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, another drawing late tonight, we’ll announce the winner tomorrow and so forth and so on until August 30th when all of them have been given away. And, by the way, we’re toying with the idea of adding some stuff to the winners like some merchandise from the EIB Store. We have 471,900-plus friends. The North Koreans, 3,173. What does that tell you? (interruption) What? Oh, the Norks, what kind of prizes? Ha. (laughing) A grass sandwich. Cockroach cocktail. Who knows what they give away on the North Korean page.

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