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RUSH: How in the hell can they still write ‘unexpected’? Up to 500,000 jobless claims, and now they’re starting to say it’s going to be even higher than that. I mean even the State-Controlled Media. It’s going to be even higher than that because they are now tabulating the number of people who have given up looking for work. Meanwhile, we’re told here the economy is showing more signs that the recovery is slowing. That’s al-Reuters.


RUSH: So what do we get? Unemployment is way up, 500,000 jobless claims, and there he is on television beating up Congress for not passing another stimulus bill that supposedly contains all kinds of tax breaks for small business investment. They just sent out $26 billion, but that was for teachers — and, of course, we learned yesterday that the school districts are not hiring teachers with the money. We know what’s happening to the money. The money is going to shore up teacher pension funds. Now, this is a guy who is just doubling down on failure. He’s there ripping into Congress, the Senate specifically for not passing another stimulus. I don’t even know what stimulus bill he’s talking about. The small business jobs bill. At some point, folks…

Well, we know, he’s the one that’s in denial. Jobs bills don’t create jobs! Businesses create jobs. Government regulation, toying around with regulation is not the answer here. This is just frustrating as hell to watch this. At this point I don’t care whether he’s a neophyte, idiot, naive, ignorant, doesn’t know what he’s doing or knows exactly what he’s doing and is destroying the economy. I don’t care. At this point, we’re beyond that. This is just utterly ridiculous. It’s Amateur Hour at the White House, no matter how you slice this. There are 500,000 jobless claims and we get another whine and moan today. The only thing he didn’t complain about was Bush, but it’s another whine and moan about another piece of legislation. We have demonstrated…

In fact I have stories in the stack coming up here. People are starting to admit: Keynesian economics has failed. There are more and more people admitting the big stimulus did not work — and yet there he is, Barack Obama, doubling down on it; wanting more legislation, more government control; with silly, nonexistent so-called incentives to small business. He says he’s been talking to a lot of entrepreneurs? He wouldn’t know an entrepreneur if he saw one. He says he been talking to a lot of entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurs have been telling him that this bill in the Senate is exactly what they need, that they need to be able to go out and get loans, and the banks are not loaning to small business, and this legislation is gonna change that.

Well, why aren’t they loaning or borrowing money? Why aren’t corporations spending the money they’ve got? It’s ’cause-a him! It’s because of his health care plan, his tax increases that are coming. No small business owner in his right mind is gonna borrow money right now to grow the business in this economy. You can blame the banks for not lending, you can blame Congress for not passing legislation, but the bottom line is: Responsible small business owners are not going to borrow money to grow the business in most cases because there isn’t growth. There’s no economic growth taking place whatsoever, and there is more punishment coming when these tax increases hit starting in January.


RUSH: Here’s Judy in Winslow, Arizona. Winslow, Arizona. Great to have you on the program.

CALLER: Ditto, Rush. Glad to be on your program.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: I’ve been calling, trying to get through for a week. I wanted to talk to you about Obama and his jobs programs. If he would just let — I don’t know about the other states, but the state of Arizona, they have what they call a retire, rehire program. You can retire tonight, don’t even clean out your desk, and come back in in the morning, and then you’re not only getting your salary but you’re also getting your pension. So you’re getting paid twice for the same job.

RUSH: We have heard this, we have heard that this was something similar that was happening during the Census hires, and it was being done to pad the employment-unemployment numbers, the double dipping of federal and state employees. Yes, we are well aware of that. Thanks very much for that update, Judy.

This is Eric in Sutton, Nebraska, you’re next on the Rush Limbaugh program. Hi.



CALLER: I wanted to comment about what the governor said, our state has to cough up between $520 and 760 million for Medicaid funding for the health care plan.

RUSH: Wait. Start at the beginning here. You’re mad at your governor?

CALLER: No, our governor is mad at the president.

RUSH: Well, who isn’t? What’s your governor mad at the president about?

CALLER: See, this is Medicaid funding we have to cough up with for next year’s budget.

RUSH: Oh. Well, everybody knew that was coming. That’s how Obama gets to this fiction that his health care bill is reducing costs. He’s ramping up states-required spending on Medicare and Medicaid. Did your governor just now figure that out?

CALLER: Yeah. Well, I think he knew of it coming, but —

RUSH: Yes. I think he knew it was coming. I think all these governors knew it was coming.

CALLER: But he was mad, he said last time he checked this was still the United States and he didn’t want to be dictated by the president, you know.

RUSH: Well — (laughing) — what a day! What a day. The governor of Nebraska says it’s still the United States. (laughing) It’s still the United States and we’re not going to be dictated to by the president. You know, in Colorado, they are-fast tracking an illegal immigration bill that’s almost a dead ringer for Arizona’s? I mean there’s some states where this issue is devastating the state and they’re looking at Washington and saying (raspberry) you. Sue us, too. People are throwing down the gauntlet. Wait ’til these other governors figure out they’re already broke. Their deficits are already unmanageable. And wait ’til they learn what the federal government, the regime has in store for them with the increased Medicare spending.

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