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“Mitt Romney and all the rest of you seeking the Republican presidential nomination: The voters don’t want to hear how you want to go to Washington ‘to work with the Democrats.’ The voters don’t want to work with Democrats. They want to beat them.”

“Who created this notion, angry white men? The liberals did. And for what purpose? To discredit all of conservatism.”

“Obama’s a classic illustration, folks, of a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, and he is therefore the most dangerous man in every room he walks into, in addition to being the least qualified.”

“This whole Solyndra story fits very nicely with Obama housing policies and the entire lack of integrity that’s put us in this current financial mess.”

“Obama and the Democrats, aren’t these the same people who want us to squander billions of taxpayer dollars on combating manmade global warming? If this bunch of clowns from Solyndra could dupe them, who the hell else has been duping them?”

“The American people are tired of the amateur hour that this regime is. They’re tired of the deficit and the never ending stimulus and spending and debt.”

“Obama does not know the first thing about turning a profit. He doesn’t know the first thing about a balance and loss sheet.”

“There is a trend, conservatism is in the ascendancy and it is being aided immensely by Obama, and the Democrats all know this.”

“Bob Turner stood every campaign axiom on its head, every bit of conventional wisdom on its head. That’s why the Democrats are in a state of shocked paranoia today.”

“I know the left like nobody does. I know liberals like every square inch of my glorious naked body, and even I fall prey to the tendency to shut up based on the fact that I think people are going to think of me what the media has told them, and it’s not always the case.”

“We’re not supposed to lose jobs like this and never get them back. We’re not supposed to have a president who presides, happily it seems at times, over the decline of this country.”

“We all fall prey now and then to the caricatures that the left makes of all of us as conservatives.”

“Even on the far left, on the Democrat side of things, there are deep pockets of resistance to this regime.”

“A Democrat budget is nothing more than which contributors are being paid off and how.”

“The Democrats are destroying what people hold dear in this country.”

“Nobody that’s gonna vote in the Republican primaries and nobody that’s gonna vote in the general election wants Republicans to go to Washington to work with the Democrats.”

“People are not stupid. Their lives are affected by what this administration has done, and every chance the people of this country have had to show it at the ballot box, they have done so without doubt.”

“The Washington Post: ‘The New York Special Election: Will Democrats Panic?’ is the headline. There are better questions to ask than, will the Democrats panic. How about, will the Democrats finally listen to the American people?”

“Talk radio is not made up of angry white hosts. But that’s what’s been created out there, and of course all the other caricatures that have been made.”

“No Democrat is safe, because you see, folks, the American people are sick and tired of Democrats lying and smearing and failing.”

“While the president has succeeded in his policy objectives, he is failing in his effort to get support for it, which means he is governing entirely against the will of a vast majority of people in this country.”

“The numbers of people that want Republicans to work together with Obama is such a small number you would lose elections if you got every one of them.”

“MSNBC couldn’t even hang in for Obama’s town hall meeting campaign stop, or whatever you want to call it.”

“I think Republicans ought not assume that just ’cause they’ve got an (R) beside their names means that they’re safe.”

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