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RUSH: The dirty little secret is, it’s the Democrats who are panicked over this. Last night on Hannity’s television show, it was revealed that Rahm Emanuel is calling Democrats all over the country begging them not to do a Harry Reid, begging them not to go public with opposition to Obama’s disastrous statements Friday night about the mosque. So it’s the Democrats who got their feet in the fire, it’s Democrats who are all ginned up about it, it’s Democrats who are panicked about this. What they have to do is transfer that panic to us and make it look like we’re the ones that are about to go over the cliff on this, and the sad thing is that we’ve got people on our side of the aisle who fall for it hook line and sinkers. Some media comes out, ‘Republicans gotta be very, very careful about this’ and they start echoing it.

The Democrats have imploded! Pelosi is so drunk on her own power, she doesn’t realize what a suicide mission she’s on for herself and her party. To investigate the people who are funding opposition to the mosque? Let’s investigate people using their First Amendment free speech rights? And they want to try to make you believe it’s the Republicans who are in trouble over this? Meanwhile, there’s panic in the White House because Obama screwed up Friday night and said what he really thinks about this. He’s the one trying to walk back what he said. He has to excuse Harry Reid, special dispensation. It’s okay for Harry Reid to be intolerant ’cause he’s in an election, he’s gotta win? It’s okay for Robert Byrd to join the Klan and become a recruiter ’cause he had to win an election. He had to get elected in West Virginia.

And here is the Politico: ‘Mosque Debate Strains Tea Party and GOP.’ It is doing no such thing. The mosque debate is tearing apart the Democrat Party. We’re not strained. I’m not stressed. The GOP, certain members of the GOP don’t get it, as they always don’t, and they’re running around, ‘Okay, you want us to act like we’re in a panic? Fine. We’ll oblige you. You want us to tell our side to be careful?’ When the Democrats tell you, ‘You better not talk about it,’ what they’re telling you is what they are afraid of. They’re scared to death. They know that Obama has put ’em on the wrong side of this and they know that Pelosi’s put ’em on the wrong side of this, so of course they want us to shut up. ‘Mosque Debate Strains Tea Party and GOP.’ This is Politico. Kenneth Vogel. It’s five pages when you print it out, and when you get to the fourth page, listen to this:

‘But, in interviews, a number of leading activists told POLITICO there hasn’t been much discussion on tea party listervs and conference calls about the mosque.’ Well, then, what are the other three pages about here? And what’s the headline about, Politico? ‘Mosque Debate Strains Tea Party … But, in interviews, a number of leading activists told POLITICO there hasn’t been much discussion on tea party listervs and conference calls about the mosque. Most said flatly they don’t consider the mosque a tea party issue…’ Yet the Politico headline is: ‘Mosque Debate Strains Tea Party and GOP.’ But the tea party says, this is not a issue for us.

‘[S]everal said they recognized the right of the mosque planners to build it, yet personally disagreed with New York City’s decision to permit it. And while activists often have political interests outside the tea party’s core mission, there is a movementwide understanding that if activists want to take on such issues, they should try not to drag the tea party brand into it, according to Andrew Ian Dodge, who serves as the Maine state coordinator for the influential Tea Party Patriots umbrella group.’ In other words: We got it under control, we’re not panicked here, we’re not under any strain. We’re focused here on constitutional government, limited government, and fixing the economy. That’s what we the tea party care about. We’re not strained over the mosque business.

”We don’t tell people what they should say and shouldn’t say, but if it’s not a tea party issue, we prefer — I think would be a polite way to put it — that they don’t do it under a tea party banner,’ said Dodge. ‘So I don’t think you’re going to be seeing tea party rallies against the mosque.” Right. They’re focused on Obama destroying the economy at the tea party, like we are, and yet ‘Mosque Debate Strains Tea Party…’ (Gasp!) From the DC Examiner, Byron York: ‘Mosque Supporters Beg George W. Bush to Come to Obama’s Rescue.’ They want to tell us we’re the ones in the vise grips here? We’re the ones that are trapped? We’re the ones in trouble? The Republican Party better be careful? They hate Bush! They despise refurbish! If they get Bush to do this it would be like illegal immigration: Create confusion about who stands for what and why.

This is false praise. You got it from Maureen Dowd: ‘Time for W. to weigh in.’ Eugene Robinson, Washington Post: ‘He held Ramadan iftar dinners in the White House as part of a much broader effort to show that our fight against the al-Qaeda murderers who attacked us on 9/11 was not a crusade against Islam. He was absolutely right on this point, and it would be helpful to hear his views.’ So Maureen Dowd and Eugene Robinson… Somebody needs to drug test Maureen Dowd! I’m sure Robert Gibbs would like to drug test Maureen Dowd. For crying out loud, she wants to turn the clock back to the days when George Bush was president. Now they’re calling for daddy to come home and make it better? They’re asking for the adult to come home and bail the man-child out of his little conniption problem here?

The same Maureen Dowd who said last Sunday that MSNBC is trying to make its reputation by tearing down Obama is begging W. to speak up? And Peter Beinart, former toward of the New Republic: ”Words I never thought I’d write: I pine for George W. Bush,’ Beinart wrote Tuesday in The Daily Beast. ‘Whatever his flaws, the man respected religion, all religion.’ Beinart longs for the days when Bush ‘used to say that the ‘war on terror’ was a struggle on behalf of Muslims, decent folks who wanted nothing more than to live free like you and me… ” That’s not in dispute anyway. They want to bring Bush back to bail out Obama, and yet we have to go slow? We have to be very careful about what we say?

They want to get Bush to do this and then praise him for it to get Obama and the rest of the other fools on the Democrat Party off the hook. These people never said a word when Bush was saying this stuff in office. They just dumped all over him. They said Bush was making Muslims hate us. ‘Gitmo. Going into Iraq,’ and now today, why, Bush was for religion for everybody? Bush was mature? These people spent four years telling the people of this country that the world hated America because of George W. Bush, that Bush was out creating terrorists. Today, they tell us this? They ask Bush to come out and lend some substance to this? They just have to smile. So the people that hate Bush, they’re not praising him in hopes it’ll save their guy and their party from this matter (although they certainly want that). For the Democrats, party is everything.

But this, this is not about party. This is about substance, this is about belief systems, this is about respect and decency. If Bush were to do this he’d run into a buzz saw from his own side. They’ll praise him for it to get Obama and the rest of the fools off the hook and then after that happens they’ll go back to ripping Bush a new one. Bush doesn’t need praise and redemption from the left. I don’t need praise and redemption from the left. Those people are in no position to confer such things anyway. These people — Pelosi, Reid, you name it. I don’t care who. Obama, Robert Gibbs, all of them owe us an apology for who they are and what they are doing to this country every day.

They are the ones that need to be investigated — and we need to shout that from the mountaintop. Peter Beinart actually wrote a book: ‘The Good Fight — Why Liberals and Only Liberals Can Win the War On Terror,’ and here’s Peter Beinart today asking for daddy, for Bush to come home, for Bush to bring the megaphone, for Bush to bail Obama out, for Bush to join the mosque issue and say he has no problem with the mosque being built in Ground Zero. Imagine that. That’s how low, that’s how far gone they are. They will always tell us who they are afraid of and they will tell us what they’ve done wrong by transferring it to us, and you know it’s bad when they are now begging George W. Bush to come out and join their side.

Why don’t they ask Jimmy Carter? Why don’t they ask Bill Clinton? I mean, why not go out and ask a couple of ex-Democrat presidents? Go ask Jimmy Carter! Have Jimmy Carter come. Why wouldn’t Jimmy Carter supporting the mosque help Obama? Why wouldn’t Clinton coming out…? By the way, where are the Clintons on this? Where is Hillary on this? Have you noticed the Clintons haven’t said a word? You know why? ‘Cause they’re waiting to pick up the pieces. They want to put that Churchill bust back in the Oval Office with Hillary sitting in there every day looking at it. That’s why they’re not saying anything about it. Isn’t it strange that the Democrats are not asking Bill Clinton?

Why, the most revered president the Democrat Party since FDR, the most revered Democrat president in the whole world. They’re not asking Clinton to come out and endorse the mosque at Ground Zero — the Hamasque at Ground Zero. They want Bush to do it. And they tell us that we better shut up, that we’re in danger of ruining our electoral chances in November. As though they’re really concerned about that. As though the Democrats want us to win in November? The Democrats do want us to take control of the House and the Senate? They’re so desirous of that they are now advising us to go slow here so as to not to screw that up and (not to be redundant) we have fools on our side who are buying into it! Offering just such advice. Rest assured, my friends: None of them wasted their time calling me. They knew calling me would be a waste of time.

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