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RUSH: Here’s this ad. We have the audio, 9/11 families speak out against the Hamasque.

MAN: This mosque, it’s wrong. It’s so wrong.

MAN: Our first task at Ground Zero is to simply preserve the sanctity of the site.

WOMAN: I can’t let the actions of the passengers and crew of Flight 93 go in vain. As long as they need us to speak for them and to continue the fight that they began, I’ll be here to do it.

MAN: We promised never forget. Is that just meaningless words on a bumper sticker faded by the sun? Give me a break.

MAN: We understand they can build where they want to build. All we ask them to do is to use some good sense and think about what they’re doing.

RUSH: That’s the ad, 9/11 families speaking out against the mosque. Pelosi will want them investigated. She said in a San Francisco radio interview she wants to investigate people, the funding of people like this who oppose the building of the mosque at Ground Zero. You heard Kay in Bethel Park. I mean all of the emotion in the voices of people who have called here today. You can hear the fury. And of course we have people on our side, Republicans, ‘Be very, very, very careful. Don’t overstep this. Don’t go too far, this could really, really, really, really, really, really harm Republican electoral efforts in November.’ And the Democrats are warning at this, too, ‘The Republicans better go very, very, very quietly, very slowly here, it’s not gonna help you.’

Of course everybody knows the Democrats really want us to win the elections in November, and they’re really, really concerned that we’re blowing it here by talking about the mosque. Yeah. I mean that makes sense, doesn’t it. Democrats want us to win, so they’re warning us for our own good, ‘Be careful here.’ And, of course, the wizards of smart on our side who like to impress everybody with their pseudo-intellectualism, show they can be nuanced, dabble around the edges of this. Meanwhile, there is a fury and an outrage.

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