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Rush’s Morning Update: Food Stamps
August 17, 2010

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Well, aside from extravagant taxpayer-funded vacations, a top priority of first lady Moochelle Obama is the “Let’s Move” initiative. It includes an $8 billion child nutrition component designed so that kids will eat the way Moochelle wants them to.

Before they left on recess, the Senate passed a version of the bill,paid for by cuts to thefood stamp program.When the House comes back from their recess, they’re expected to do the same thing — grabbing the moneyfrom the food stamp programagain.

Now, keep in mind that the food stamps budget has already been raided. The Democrats, led by Obama, The Most Merciful (peace be upon him),used $16 billion of food stampsmoney to provide another bailout for unions — in this case, government workers and teachers –and to help shore up state budgets.

A few scattered Democrats are objecting to this continued looting of food stamps. But the issue has been ignored by Democrat Party operatives posing as journalists in Obama’s state-controlled media. If Republicans even talked about resorting to such budget maneuvers, these same hacks would be screaming from the mountaintops (and minarets). But since it’s Democrats forcing the most vulnerable among us to choose between paying rent or eating dinner,the lapdogs in the press remain muzzled.

As for the poor, the hungry, and the oppressed: Let them eat cake. Ormaybe arugula,if Moochelle approves… if you can find it in Iowa.

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