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RUSH: We have our second of nine iPads given away on our Facebook page. Janice W. of Billings, Montana, ‘Big Sky Country,’ is the winner of the second engraved iPad that’s got my signature and the EIB logo engraved large on the back of the iPad. It’s 64-gig, 3G capable. Wi-Fi iPad. There are seven of them left, and we’ll be announcing another winner tomorrow. We make the drawings late in the day — at midnight, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays — so we’ll have another winner today, announced tomorrow, and Thursday, and then again next Monday. If you’re… (interruption) It’s a random computer selection. We’re just gonna spin the bottle. You know, a computer version spin the bottle. How we pick the winner. Don’t ask. It doesn’t matter. It’s legit and fair. You think if it was rigged we’d pick somebody from Montana? Come on. Janice W. … (laughs)

We’re not rigging anything. Dawn, I can’t believe you asked me the question. Anyway… (interruption) No, I love Montana. It’s not the point. It’s obscure. Snerdley, you’re distracting me here. We got important stuff to talk about here. The Facebook page, we’re up to 376,000 people who clicked ‘like’ on that thing. It’ll be 400,000 by the end of this broadcast. It’s

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