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Rush’s Morning Update: Mosque
August 16, 2010

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For those of you concerned about the plans to erect a mosque at Ground Zero,I have even more news. You probably already heard that our state department is funding a “goodwill” trip for the Ground Zero mosque imamto promote a “greater understanding” of usin the Middle East. But apparently, the outreach program extends much further than that;a recent Washington Times editorial exposed other initiatives.

In April, our ambassador to Tanzania participated in a ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the refurbishment of a 12th-century mosque. Fitting, because the United States taxpayer provided funds to help the project along. It wasn’t a one-off –our government (well, Obama’s state department)also provided financial assistance to save another mosque in Cairo. This mosque was named after a Muslim conqueror who defeated Christians in Egypt.

So let’sreview. The American left has spent the last 50 years in an unrelenting campaign to ban God from the public square. No prayers in schools or graduations, no silent moments, no Christmas displays, lawsuits to remove crosses from federal lands, and even throwing the Boy Scouts under the bus. God is forbidden. God is outlawed. God is an embarrassment. God is unwanted.

However… Islam’s Allah is a different story. Critics of the Ground Zero mosque are accused of bigotry,and now our state department is funding mosque overseas while our own economy is in the tank. Obama the Most Merciful, praise his name, peace be upon him,is one of a kind.

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