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RUSH: I want to take you back to July 23rd, 2009, I, El Rushbo on TV On the Record with Greta Van Susteren talking about Obama’s economic design.

RUSH ARCHIVE: This is not about health care. It’s about control. It’s about remaking the country, the economy. Proof of my point here that the joblessness is on purpose, if your number one signature issue is health care — and his is — and if, which is true, that health insurance is not portable when you lose your job, what’s the best thing you can do for yourself? Create unemployment. The more people unemployed, the more people losing their health insurance, the more people scared to death, the more people clamoring for it, ‘Please save my health insurance, please give me health insurance, I’m scared!’ because they’ve been drummed into the fact that there’s something in this country killing them every day from coffee to nicotine to whatever it is. So all of this destruction is taking place; redistribution of wealth. He wants to return the nation’s wealth to its rightful owners.

RUSH: That was I, your host, El Rushbo, mind over chatter, with Greta Van Susteren last July. We move forward to last night, ABC’s World News Tonight, fill-in anchor George Stephanopoulos who, by the way, George Stephanopoulos cannot understand why people are upset with Obama. With all the wonderful things Obama has done, George Stephanopoulos, ‘What more could the president have done? All these liberal achievements, what more could he have done?’ Stephanopoulos genuinely doesn’t understand why people don’t like Obama and his policies. Neither does F. Chuck Todd at NBC. F. Chuck Todd is baffled by Wall Street’s anti-Obama sentiment. The president’s not done much to business, why do they not like Obama? So Stephanopoulos and F. Chuck Todd, two pillars of the partisan political operative media, don’t understand why various people don’t like Obama and his policies. Hey, George and F. Chuck, leave town for a minute, you’ll find out his policies are killing the country! Barack Obama’s policies are destroying jobs. Just go to the Gulf and look at the drilling moratorium, for crying out loud. Idle rigs, rigs going elsewhere in the world, Obama shut down drilling for no reason.

People are out of work. Obama’s policies have caused other people to be fired. People on Wall Street did not bargain for the government taking over their businesses, George or F. Chuck. What more could the president have done, his liberal achievements? America is not a liberal country, George. The American people do not want liberal achievements, which is the point. They didn’t think they were voting liberal when they voted Obama. They thought they were voting postpartisan, postconservative, postliberal, post-Democrat, post-Republican, postracial. They thought they were getting utopia, George. Instead, they got the most radical left agenda in the history of the country and they now know it and they don’t want it and they don’t like it, George, they don’t like liberalism, and that’s why they don’t like what Obama is doing. It’s not hard to figure out if you just get outta Washington, same thing with F. Chuck. Let’s go World News Tonight last night, George Stephanopoulos filling in, talking to another ABC News correspondent, David Muir. Stephanopoulos said, ‘There are more signs today the US economy is slowing down, jobless claims up to 484,000,’ da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da. ‘Is this a pause in the recovery, are we slipping into another recession, David?’

MUIR: There is a real fear that that’s the chance, that we could be headed for a possible double-dip recession. And while many economists still argue that that’s not going to happen, what no one disputes is that this recovery has slowed to a near halt. And now many ask, is this the new normal?

RUSH: Is this the new normal, nine and a half percent unemployment with no hope for improvement, the new normal. Don’t tell me this hasn’t been on purpose, which was my point in the sound bite to Greta Van Susteren I just played. The new normal? Do you think it would be the new normal if we had a Republican in the White House that was the author of this? Do you think these schleps in the partisan political operative media would be running around saying it’s the new normal? ‘Don’t sweat it, folks, nine and a half percent, be lucky you live in America, nine and a half percent, why, imagine how bad it would be if we didn’t have Obama.’ The new normal. Might go into a double-dip recession, George, it could well be. George Stephanopoulos, gee, I don’t know why are people so unhappy with Obama? All these achievements, what more could he have done? It’s not a question of what more could he have done, George, it’s can we turn what he’s done around and save the country?

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