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RUSH: Bill in Phoenix, Open Line Friday, you’re next. Great to have you on the program, sir.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. I wanted to talk about the upcoming lame duck session of Congress and the very real threat that the Democrats will pass an amnesty bill for illegal immigrants.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: As you know, Rush, the Democrats have 59 votes in the Senate and they need only one Republican senator to pass an amnesty bill, and we know that there are a number of Republicans like John McCain and Lindsey Graham who will support amnesty, and they’re likely gonna vote for amnesty during this lame duck session in November or December.

RUSH: Well, yeah, I know the thinking that McCain might, but McCain’s running against all this now to get reelected. If McCain does a 180 on this and votes for amnesty in a lame duck, he better never go back to Arizona.

CALLER: Well, he’s 74 right now, Rush. If he gets reelected, he’ll be in for six years, he’ll be 80, it will be like having Arlen Specter in there, he’s got nothing to lose, and after he gets past this Republican primary that he’s in right now, what leverage does anyone have? I mean he tried two times in the past, we know that, he wants to put — I don’t know who he’s a going to cosponsor this amnesty bill with, be it McCain, Harry Reid or McCain whatever, but they’re going to get this thing done.

RUSH: Harry Reid is — well, it will be his swan’s song if he does this. The thing about this, though, Bill, when you’re talking amnesty, it’s not so much what Congress does. Obama’s already looking at it by executive fiat. We had the story a couple weeks ago. There’s a memo circulating at the highest levels of government about how they can create the equivalent to amnesty with simply a bunch of executive orders or other federal decrees, presidential decrees. They’re looking into it. They were caught. Who was it? It was what’s-his-face from Iowa, Chuck Grassley heard about it and sent ’em a letter, said, ‘What the hell are you doing?’ ‘Oh, we’re just thinking here. You know, we’re just sitting around theorizing, we’re not really going to do this, we’re just theorizing, not really going to do it.’ They’re planning it. I wouldn’t wait for a lame duck session for this to happen. Obama’s gonna need those people, he’s gonna need these illegal alien votes come 2012. He’s not going to wait for Congress to make that happen. He doesn’t care. Mark my words.

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