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RUSH: Harry Reid, as you know, said he doesn’t understand how any Hispanic could vote Republican. And Roger Simon of Politico essentially said that Harry Reid’s right. This is last night, F. Chuck Todd filling in for Chris Matthews says, ‘Harry Reid’s quote got a lot of Republicans upset. Marco Rubio got very critical of what Reid said, but Democrats think they’ve got actually a real opportunity here, don’t they?’

SIMON: They do. They might be right. It’s simply hard to look at the Republican Party and say they are pro-Hispanic. Uh, uh, you’re, you’re not just talking about shipping people back, you’re telling voters who are citizens that we’re gonna take your mother or grandmother or grandfather or father, and we’re gonna send them back to Mexico or Guatemala or China because we’re going to change the laws. Um, that’s not a welcoming party.

RUSH: So Roger Simon essentially agreeing with Harry Reid, there’s no reason Hispanics would vote for Republicans. Marco Rubio last night with Greta Van Susteren said this.

RUBIO: Let me explain to Harry Reid why Americans of Hispanic descent would want to be Republicans. The number one issue in the Hispanic community in America is economic empowerment. It’s to desire people to leave their children better off than themselves. It’s the reason why my parents worked two jobs and sacrificed throughout their lives so that I would have the opportunity to do things that they never could do. It was possible because of God, it was possible because of their sacrifices, and it was possible because of the American free enterprise system. And the agenda that Harry Reid supports is trying to destroy and dismantle the American free enterprise system. The agenda that Harry Reid supports kills Hispanics’ dreams for their children.

RUSH: So there you have it, the media agreeing with Reid. And this is all about the 14th Amendment, with people saying, ‘You know, we need to get rid of this notion that all you have to do to be a citizen here is be born, and if your child, illegal immigrants, maybe you shouldn’t be a citizen.’ And so they’re harping on that. I’ll just tell you again what I said yesterday, and I sincerely mean this. I don’t know how a real man — I mean, a real man — could even be a liberal, much less vote for one.


RUSH: Now, ladies and gentlemen, this illegal immigration thing, 14th Amendment, whether or not children of illegals ought to be made citizens, look, I think that we have to change the way we look at this. By providing free educations, free health care to millions of Mexican, Hispanic, and other illegals and their children, Americans are just doing the job Mexico won’t do. This is the rational we are given by the open borders crowd.

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