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RUSH: John in Norfolk, Virginia, great to have you on the EIB Network, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Yeah, Rush, how you doing?

RUSH: Very well, sir.

CALLER: I just want to know, will we ever get back to the point where we just lay commonly across the board? I mean the Founding Fathers — I mean the thing that separated us from so many different nations is our ability to govern in a civil manner and I think we seem to have lost that, we seem to be governing to specific groups of people and specific interests, and I just want to know, will it ever get back to — I mean will we just basically govern for the people or will we always just be a nation divided which it seems that we are right now?

RUSH: You are singing my song. I so hope that this country would reach that day. I have hoped for it all my life. I would love the day to come where legislation, or anything, political discourse, had nothing to do with the way people look, sexual orientation or gender, what have you, but the problem is we have a Democrat Party that is made up of constituencies, and they are groups, and they’re special interests, and they all have grievances, John. The Democrat Party is the politics of grievance. A lot of people who now know they made a mistake voting for Barack Obama, a lot of people were white, laden with guilt, thinking this would bring about the rosy scenario you just described, America could finally demonstrate to itself and to the world that it had shed its racist, racialist slave past. How? By electing the first black man to be president. Many white Americans thought this would wipe the slate clean. This would end all the discussion of them being racists.

And what’s happened? What’s happened is, ahem, precisely what I predicted would happen: more allegations of racism, more racial tension, more racial discord. The reason it happens, John, is that people make a pretty good living off of it. There is an industry, and the people that work in this industry make a big living and have a lot of fame and a lot of notoriety by promulgating the notion that racism exists and in fact is getting worse. You know the names. They are the Reverend Jackson, Al Sharpton, the NAALCP, the Congressional Black Caucus. In fact, I would say it’s the Democrat Party. I was just discussing the upper crust the Hollywood, the upper crust of education, academia, the ruling class, Hollywood, the people of wealth are the dividers on the left. These are the people that keep the country roiled and divided. I predicted it. Any criticism of Obama, legitimate criticism on the basis of policy will be dismissed as racist. And that’s what’s happening. And now you have these very people saying an entire television network is racist: Fox. An entire radio network, the EIB Network, is racist. So, yeah, we’d love to get away from this. Love to get back to where people are people. It’s the Democrat Party and the American left that will never, ever be able to join us.


RUSH: Yesterday in Las Vegas at an event to launch a program that will teach English to Spanish-speaking immigrants — and, by the way, Dingy Harry has doubled down on this. He has confirmed that he meant this.

REID: I don’t know how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican, okay? Do I need to say more?

RUSH: Ever heard of Marco Rubio? Anyway, that’s Harry Reid, the Democrat Senate majority leader. ‘I don’t know how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican.’ I tell you the real difference, the difference between the real world and government.


RUSH: Now, the Democrat Party and race baiters can never change. We can sit here and dream about it. But they can never acknowledge that this is a wonderful country where racism is the exception, not the rule. The left, the Democrat Party, folks, this president will never acknowledge that this is a great country, will never acknowledge the whole concept of American exceptionalism. To do otherwise would be to destroy themselves because it would destroy their very purpose for existing. Their purpose for existing is to tear down this country, and you can’t tear something down if you’re going to praise it, if you’re going to believe in its greatness. Think about that. If you believe in something’s greatness, you will not tear it down; you won’t want to try to change it.

They do not like this country. This is the hardest thing people have to come to accept. It’s the hardest thing for people to believe. But over time, more and more people are going to not be able to run away from this. Ask yourself a question. A guy called me, said, ‘Mr. Limbaugh, when will it all be over, when will people stop looking at each other, racial divide?’ Ask yourself a question. What could we do to satisfy Jesse Jackson? What could we do to satisfy Al Sharpton? What could we do to satisfy Benjamin Jealous who runs the NAALCP? What could we do to satisfy Maxine Waters? What could we do to satisfy Calypso Louie? Come on, somebody tell me. What can we do to satisfy the race-baiters? What could we do? Even if we fully and totally laid down and agreed with them, they’d not stop, they wouldn’t accept it. They would accuse us of lying. They have to keep racial flames burning so they can keep making money. It’s their way of life, so they can continue to keep people divided. It’s their route to wealth.

Just ask yourself, what could you do, any of us do to satisfy any liberal black leader? What could we do to satisfy any liberal white leader who’s calling us racist? What could we do? In fact, it is taking the bait to try to prove to them each and every day that we’re not. That’s accepting the premise. That’s going on defense. Oh, I gotta show ’em we’re not racist. No, we don’t. We don’t have to show them anything because there’s nothing we can show them. There’s no action we could take. There’s not a single thing we could do to satisfy Jesse Jackson. Nothing. I don’t care what. Leave the country? No way. There are going to be conservative blacks who remain, and they’re still going to crip. Ain’t going to happen. They live and breathe, their very existence requires division, animosity, and angst. It requires the perception, it requires just the allegation of racism. No substance is necessary. All they have to do is accuse somebody of it and it’s there, it’s existing, they can make money out of it, and they can wield power.

Meanwhile, people of all colors and varieties continue to rush to our borders seeking to come here legally and illegally because they know the truth, that this is a country that’s tolerant and loving, it’s a country of great opportunity. What could we do to satisfy liberals who call us racists, is like asking how high is up? How low is low? It doesn’t stop. Now, if you look at it that way, you might say, ‘Well, Rush, that’s pretty depressing. I mean nothing we can do to satisfy –‘ Yeah, time to face reality, folks. What could you do to satisfy Ted Kennedy ever? Was Ted Kennedy ever satisfied, was he ever happy? I’m talking policy. Happy hour, yeah, but I mean policy, was he ever happy, are any of them ever happy, are any of them ever satisfied? (interruption) I know, General Motors wanted to kill the Volt. Obama made ’em do it, so it is his signature on it. I’m telling you, folks, it won’t be allowed to fail. You watch. Whatever amount of chicanery, tax dollars, lying sales figures, giveaways, whatever it takes to make that car a success is what’s going to happen. Major, major difference from the way things happen in the private sector. Did you know that the Republican running against Harry Reid’s son for governor is Hispanic? And Harry Reid says, ‘I don’t know how any Hispanic can ever be a Republican.’ Well, I’ll tell you. Let me answer that. I don’t know how a real man could ever be a liberal.


RUSH: The answer is you can’t satisfy ’em. The objective is not to satisfy them. Folks, throughout my entire star-studded broadcast career, I have had people on my team, in my orb, ‘Rush, you’ve gotta do something to show those people they’re wrong.’ No. There’s nothing I could do. They don’t care whether they’re right or wrong. My purpose is not to satisfy these people. These people aren’t better than I am. These people are the problem. I’m not. I’m the solution. You can’t satisfy these people. They are to be defeated. Isn’t that what frustrates us about so many ruling class Republicans? Republicans refuse to look at Democrats as people that need to be defeated! They look at them as people with whom we need to make accommodations, like McCain. (imitating McCain) ‘That’s right, that’s right Limbaugh, I go across the aisle, I’m the one that can work with people.’ We don’t want that. If anybody ought to know they can’t be satisfied, it would be John McCain. If anybody ought to know they can’t be satisfied it should be Lindsey Grahamnesty, but yet they still seek the validation of their enemies. Well, I don’t.

I’m never gonna seek the validation my enemies, and I’m never going to assign superior status to people who are in fact inferior to me and us. It was Brian Sandoval who is Reid’s son’s opponent for governor out there. He’s the Republican, and he was the first Hispanic US district judge, Brian Sandoval. And here’s Harry Reid, ‘I don’t know how any Hispanic could be a Republican.’ And the odd thing is he’s not the one embarrassed about his last name. Rory Reid is the guy running in Nevada who has to hide his last name. Rory Reid is the guy that doesn’t want anybody to know what his last name is. Brian Sandoval is happy, an Hispanic Republican, for all the voters to know who he is.

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