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RUSH: I just signed off on it all, so tomorrow our Facebook page will debut with some select photos from the wedding of the year. Mine. That took place on June the 5th of this year. (interruption) What’s that? Well, I don’t know if it’s possible to crash Facebook. But we might. People have said, ‘Why are you putting it on Facebook?’ We haven’t been on Facebook, folks, for a number of reasons, chief among them we had to wait until Facebook had progressed sufficiently to the point that it was worth our while, and we think they’ve gotten there now. They’re going to be giving away some prizes as we debut the Facebook page tomorrow and I’ll have more details tomorrow when the program starts, but I just signed off on all of the various aspects. So look for that tomorrow. And I told you last week it would be Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, and it’s going to be tomorrow, so it’s Wednesday of this week.

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