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RUSH: Here’s Jim in Ft. Lauderdale, great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Rush, it’s truly a privilege. I started with you almost 22 years ago today driving down the New York state thruway. I heard you and said, ‘Wow, great.’ Here’s my point, here’s what I think is going to happen. Hillary’s going to walk into the White House, and the Democrats and all the media are going to follow, and say, ‘You gotta go. This man is a disaster.’ And Bill is going to be right there —

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Hillary is gonna walk into the White House and tell Obama he’s gotta go?

CALLER: Sure. Oh, yeah. Gotta happen, gotta happen.

RUSH: And the media’s going to go in there with Hillary and say, ‘Obama, you gotta go’?

CALLER: They have to. They can’t go out — they’re fronting for this man all along and, you know, he’s a disaster. They’re making the excuses after excuses after excuses. Everybody wants Hillary there, ‘Oh, Hillary, happy days,’ and then you can’t forget Bill —

RUSH: I’m hearing all of this talk that they’re trying to move Hillary into the vice presidential office —

CALLER: No way. No.

RUSH: — to get rid of Bite Me. But everybody forgets that she’s as big a fan of Saul Alinsky as Obama is. You know, what bonus do we get with Hillary? What’s the big change?

CALLER: Because they think that she did a great job. He did everything — he was walking on —

RUSH: So you think that Hillary and the Democrats are gonna actually ask Obama to leave or force him out because they can’t fundraise?

CALLER: The Democrats are gonna ask him to leave, the Democrats. They don’t like him as well. I don’t think the media likes what’s happening here. They can’t throw any more camouflage. They’re seeing it’s a disaster what we have going on. And I want to —

RUSH: That would only make sense if the media were concerned about their reputation.

CALLER: See, you got Carville out there that’s doing polls now, Rush, okay heads starting to surface, you got Terry McAuliffe, you got these people, they just had a wedding, I believe these people are putting it together to walk in and say, ‘Hey, you know what? This guy has to go. He’s a disaster for the party.’ And these people, they’re going to say to the media, the Clintons will, ‘heel,’ like a trained dog and the media will get right in line. I believe that. I truly believe that.

RUSH: This is an illustration here. I love you out there, Jim, and I appreciate the fact that you’ve been with me for 22 years, and I hope you’re here for the next 22, because I will be. But it just goes to show, callers are allowed to fantasize and hosts are not. (laughing) Jim, I would love it, I mean you’ve painted a picture I would love to see. Hillary Clinton barreling into the Oval Office, trailing is Brian Williams, Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw, Andrea Mitchell, Chris Matthews saying, ‘Obama, you gotta go. We can’t fundraise, get the hell out. We’re losing, we’re gonna keep losing.’ I would love to see that.

CALLER: Polls, Rush, Carville taking polls, you don’t think that they’re on the side saying, ‘What would you think of Hillary, what would you think of — ‘

RUSH: Jim, let me ask you this.


RUSH: You’ve painted the picture.


RUSH: Obama is in the Oval Office.


RUSH: In comes Hillary.

CALLER: Yeah, with a suit, don’t forget, she has to have a suit on.

RUSH: With a suit on, yeah. Suit on. And the media, they say, ‘Obama, you gotta go.’ What does he do? What does he say?

CALLER: No way. He’s not gonna go because Michelle is going to be right behind him screaming, ‘Get outta my office! Get outta my office!’ (laughing) I have a sense of humor, too.

RUSH: Oh, okay. So you don’t expect him to go. You just expect them to go and try to get him to go?

CALLER: I think the party is going to stand behind Hillary. I think the Clintons still have their people —

RUSH: Oh, now wait a minute, if you’d have said that, if you woulda said that you think there are people from Carville on down angling to have Hillary perhaps seek the Democrat nomination and run against Obama as Ted Kennedy ran against Jimmy Carter in 1980, then maybe you’re a little bit more on terra firma. But I don’t see them actually walking in: ‘You gotta quit, pave the way for me.’ I took you literally. I don’t doubt that there are people on the Democrat side fantasizing about this. There’s no doubt that they would love to see this. The Clintons, folks, would love to get back into the White House more than anybody you could imagine. Carville was just praising Obama over the weekend, by the way. These people go back and forth on this. It’s still two years off before anything like this happens, and I think a lot of people who have this notion about Hillary and the Clintons still have this great fear that these people are omnipotent, that they’re unbeatable, that whatever they want they’re gonna get, and of course the evidence is just the contrary. Obama beat them. It’s one thing. I mean if somebody said to me, ‘Rush, can you say anything positive about Obama?’ I’d say, ‘Yeah, he destroyed the Clinton machine, for a while.’ No doubt they’re gonna try to put it back together. It will be fun to watch.

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