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RUSH: This guy Obama is so out of touch — he is so devoid of reality, living in such a self created fantasy world, so full of himself and his own lies — that he’s starting to believe all of his own BS. To go out and campaign at a Ford plant and take credit for their jobs? They didn’t get any bailout money.

Ford is surviving in spite of Obama, as is everybody else in this country who is succeeding. Whoever is enjoying success, whoever is making a go of it is doing so in spite of Obama. He’s jetting all over the place, his wife is jetting all over the place, ordering special food and special clothes, vacationing every other week. Four vacations in July alone! See, Obama and his wife don’t understand what everyone is complaining about. They have never had it so good. They don’t want for anything. They don’t even pay for anything. In fact, they look at it as though they are owed this. They are owed this. They have been shafted all of their lives because of racial discrimination, because of being a minority. This is the first time Michelle Obama is proud of her country, when her husband was running for office.

Now, ‘Okay, fine, it’s our turn.’ Like Marion Barry said; ‘Tonight we are on the inside.’ They are on the inside now, flying all over the country while everyone else is tightening their belts, because they deserve it. This is owed to them — and they want to be thanked for all of their efforts on our behalf? They want our appreciation and adulation? They want to be thanked far taking your paycheck and giving it to the politicians and bureaucrats who then spread it around like confetti to their friends and special interests? Another $26 billion for the NEA, another $26 billion dollars to bail out teachers and pensions? And they want thanks? They want praise? They are able to take your money, give it to the SEIU, the NEA, community activists, federal bureaucrats, state bureaucrats, and you dare complain about it?

‘How dare you complain, Limbaugh? Obama is doing great for people. Yeah! Bush never did this great. Run against Bush. That’s right. Run against Bush and everybody will vote for Obama and vote for the Democrats because they hate Bush.’ Right. The ruling class is out having a party. The wealthiest three counties in the country right now right are outside Washington DC. The ruling class is having a big party, partying like never before. The Obamas are living it up. Concerts at the White House, top chefs cooking for them, flying in from all over the country. Meanwhile, they preach a hatred of capitalism. They preach a hatred against profit.

They insist that you ‘sacrifice,’ that you rebalance and reset your lives, that you adjust, that you realize the salad days are over, that the days of America leading the world economically are over. The days of you getting all kinds of credit card loans and so forth and living a nice life, those days are over. You have to pay the piper. Michelle has a beach close down in Spain after taking 40 of her best friends and leasing 60 rooms in a five-star hotel, paid for by you, because they deserve it. But you have to pay. You have to pay up. They preach against capitalism while living off of it. The Obamas have not done a day’s worth of work in their lives to generate this kind of lifestyle for themselves.

They are living off of you and every one of us. ‘What do you mean, Rush? He wrote a bunch of books.’ Okay, he wrote a couple of books. Even that, a couple of autobiographies by age 40? ‘Yeah, Rush, yeah. They really sold well.’ Okay, fine. So he had an iron butt for a couple of years to write a couple of books. I’m not even going to the place where he didn’t write them. The point is they are living a lifestyle they have not earned, and they are living it off the taxpayers while criticizing the very system that enables them to live this way: $100 Kobe beef as appetizers at White House parties? The American people do not like this kind of arrogance. The American people do not like this kind of craziness.

The American people will deal with this in November. So, Mr. Obama and Ms. Borger and the rest of you in the partisan political operative media, if you want to go run around saying that running against George W Bush is a ticket, ‘That’s the ticket,’ you go right ahead. You have already demonstrated how out of touch you are with the real people of this country who make it work. Stocks are tumbling today. They’re down, last I looked at it, to 136. That is another reason to party. Happy days are here again! The stock market is down. Think of all those pension plans and college plans losing value. Thank you, Mr. President! Yes, we’re just as excited as we can be because of all this great economic news keeps happening. Happy days are here again!


RUSH: Now, I don’t know. You probably haven’t heard about this. In the latest Carville-Greenberg poll by James Carville, Stan Greenberg (Democracy Corps is the name of their company), they say that disapproval rates for Obama are now at ‘revolution levels.’ The only question is, are they talking about the American Revolution or the French Revolution. We have Michelle Antoinette Obama running around Spain. King Louie Obama the Second is here. It could be both. Revolution levels. Pat Caddell, Democrat pollster and Doug Schoen, Democrat pollster for Clinton, are going on Fox News saying the Democrats had better wake up. They do not understand what is happening. (I think a lot of them do.) There is dissatisfaction with the Democrat Party and it has nothing to do with George W. Bush. I remember how the State-Controlled Media turned up its nose at Bush’s record employment growth.

They called all those jobs ‘hamburger-flipping jobs.’ People forget that unemployment got down to 4.7%. This is after September 11. We came out of a recession and then had 9/11, another mini recession. The Bush tax cuts of 2001-2003 kick in and we have burgeoning economic growth. Nobody is complaining about the economy at all except the media trying to create in people’s minds that we’re headed for a recession. We hit 5% unemployment and they started to talking, ‘Oh, this is horrible, absolutely horrible! The bottom is falling out.’ We’re at 9.5% and we have ‘a weak recovery.’ (Gasp!) Isn’t that wonderful? It’s 9.5% and there’s a future out there. It’s 9.5% and happy days are here again. All during the 2000s, the first decade of this century, State-Controlled Media was turning up its nose at Bush’s record of employment growth. ‘Eh, they’re just hamburger-flipper jobs.’ I remember Pelosi specifically running down and making fun of ‘hamburger-flipper jobs.’ These people have a rude awakening coming in November and they know it.


RUSH: I got an e-mail: ‘Rush, do you remember when you went to the White House for your birthday a couple years ago and Bush hosted you? You ought to tell that story.’ It’s in contrast to Michelle (My Belle) Antoinette Obama flying over to Spain, 60 rooms in a five-star hotel paid for by all of us, along with 40 of her friends. Obama with all the parties in the White House, all the Kobe beef. While everybody else is tightening their belts, the Obamas are living large because they think it’s owed them. Like Marion Barry said once at the Democrat Convention in 1984 when he was mayor of Washington, in San Francisco making a speech: ‘Tonight we’re on the inside.’ So the Obamas, yeah. Michelle (My Belle) Obama, the first time she was ever proud of her country her whole life was when her husband was running for president. Now they are in there and taking what they can get. It’s owed them. The story is this. This was Tuesday January 12, my birthday. This is the week before Obama was to be immaculated.

The president had me up for one of these farewell lunches. It was in the dining room off the Oval Office. They had called the day before, a couple days before, asking for my menu selections. I said, ‘Well, what do I order? ‘Whatever you want, Mr. Limbaugh.’ So I listed off a couple things, three things. So we show up, have a little conversation in the Oval Office. It’s the president, Ed Gillespie and me. We move into the dining room. The stewards come out and start taking everybody’s orders. I said, ‘Well, I thought I did this three days ago.’ So they started bringing things that we had not ordered in addition to what I had ordered. It looked like I was King Henry VIII there. There was food upon food upon food in front of me. The president tells the steward, ‘I want a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and make it grape. I don’t want any of that red stuff.’ The hated and reviled and out-of-touch George W. Bush ordered a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, ‘and make sure it’s grape. I don’t want any of that red stuff.’ Meanwhile, here we have the Obamas doing their impersonations of King Louie ‘Fowteenth’ and Marie Antoinette. (interruption)

Well, I took a tour of Versailles once, the Palace of Versailles, and the tour guide spoke broken English, and I found out that in French can’t say ‘four.’ So Louie the Fourteenth was Louie the Fowteetnth. Louie the XIV. Anyway, the Obamas are up doing this French Revolution business, living large, and Bush was eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. ‘Grape. Don’t bring me any of the red stuff.’ And then when it was all over they brought a birthday cake out. Actually, it wasn’t a cake. It was a chocolate microphone, an EIB microphone in the shape, chocolate in the shape of a microphone — and he and Gillespie are singing happy birthday to me and the White House stewards are singing happy birthday. It was a microphone. It was a chocolate microphone, Snerdley. It was a model of the Golden EIB Microphone. It was not a cake. It was chocolate — and, yes, it was a microphone. It had the microphone boom and everything. And they brought the guy out who had made it, the chef, the pastry chef. They brought him out and he said hello. The guy remembered this because it is a good contrast over the way the supposed man of the people Democrats, Obama, and so forth. These guys have an aristocracy going on. The Obamas are doing an aristocracy. (interruption)

Yes, Dawn. I know who he is trying to sucker me into doing and I’m not going there. I’m not. I’m not. It was a microphone. It was a six- or seven-inch chocolate microphone. Eight or nine. Whatever this microphone is. I have pictures of it too. We have pictures. They sent a picture. I have it. Is it here or do I have it somewhere at home? I think it’s at home. I have it framed at home in my, in my library. It’s really… I was floored. I was flabbergasted. I didn’t even know that they knew it was my birthday. I mean, when they invited me up there, I didn’t say, ‘Oh, yeah, I’d love to come. By the way, do you know, Ed, it’s my birthday? Hint, hint?’ I don’t do that. I guess at the White House they know everything. Patriot Act. Remember, Bush was spying on everybody, intercepting our phone calls. Remember that? (interruption) Now Obama is spying on e-mails. I know. It’s fascinating to watch.


RUSH: To Orlando, this is Joe. I’m glad you waited, sir. You are up on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. Thank you for everything you do.

RUSH: I appreciate it, sir. Thank you.

CALLER: I just wanted to make a comment that there are a lot of people — my estimate would be that I probably know ten people — on unemployment, and I’d say six or seven out of ten are doing side jobs. They’re painting people’s houses. They’re helping people with their docks. They’re doing work everywhere. They’re working two or three days a week and getting unemployment. They don’t want to get off unemployment.

RUSH: Yeah, we have see — actually anecdotally — a lot of stories about that. People don’t… They are double dipping and enjoying it. They’re not having to work as hard. The government keeps extending unemployment benefits. All of this, by the way, is fine with Obama.

CALLER: Well, it’s happening. They are taking jobs away from people that if they weren’t getting unemployment they would put them back to work, but the people that are running construction companies or something, people are doing so many side jobs that they are not getting the work.

RUSH: Well, part of the reason for this is that employers do not want to take on full-time workers anyway.

CALLER: That’s true.

RUSH: They want to take on part-timers and that way not pay any health benefits. They figure they will be off-loading health care anyway once Obamacare kicks in, so why not go the temporary worker route? All of this, though, is exactly what Obama wants. He wants it. He wants this chaos. He wants people not earning a lot of money. He wants people working two and three jobs. He wants the whole wealth creation mechanism in this country to be arrested, which he has done a good job of getting a start on. Anyway, I appreciate the call, Joe. Thanks much. Sal in Wallingford, Connecticut, you’re next. Great to have you here.

CALLER: Yeah, hi. Please do me a favor. If you have to hold me over, I have something extremely important to tell you. If you remember right, back in the ’80s when Ronald Reagan was president, Mrs. Reagan changed the china in the White House, and the liberal establishment went wild. They said that she was a spendthrift and she was this and she was that. Yet Barack Obama’s wife goes to Spain with an entourage of about 40 or 50 people, I don’t know what it is.

RUSH: Sixty.

CALLER: Sixty?

RUSH: Yup.

CALLER: Okay, I’m sorry. I made a mistake.

RUSH: It’s 40 rooms.

CALLER: Being that you are as intelligent as you are, you would know better than I do.

RUSH: Exactly.

CALLER: I didn’t realize she went with 60.

RUSH: Sixty people.

CALLER: And guess what she did?

RUSH: Forty rooms.

CALLER: She goes to a hotel and it costs $6,000 a night.

RUSH: No, no. Maybe her room does. The average price is $2,500 a night.

CALLER: Oh, well, I’m sorry. I made a mistake.

RUSH: That is why I’m here.

CALLER: So $2,500 a night. And you know, I mean, when Mrs. Reagan changed the china, the liberal establishment went wild. Now, the other thing I wanted to talk to you — and if you please could hold me over — it’s about you.

RUSH: Get started.

CALLER: I have people who say to me, ‘You know, rush makes in the millions of dollars,’ and I say to them, ‘God bless that he makes millions of dollars. He is an entrepreneur. He is a man who hires people. He is a person who goes ahead and is an individual who has worked for every penny he has got.’ You know?

RUSH: That is true. That’s very true.

CALLER: I am so upset with this administration. Here people are dying so far as unemployment is concerned, and people go to Spain and spend $2,500 a night? What is going on with this country?

RUSH: Basically what you are asking is: Why isn’t there any outrage similar to the outrage in the media over Nancy Reagan changing the china? Why is there no outage over Michelle (My Belle) Obama with all these expenditures? She has 60 secret service people, by the way, on this trip to Spain. The answer is patently obvious. I guess you’re also asking: Why is there so much anger over the fact that I have earned what I have? It’s as simple as conservative versus liberal. It’s no more complicated than that, and as far as the media is concerned, Mrs. Obama deserves this. Look at the sorted past, look at our slave past, look at our discriminatory past. It’s only fair that people of color get their taste of the wealth of America too.

That is your answer.


RUSH: Now, we had a caller moments ago upset that the media is giving Michelle (My Belle) Obama a pass and they really ripped into Nancy Reagan. Not true. Last night on the CBS Evening News they covered it. Here is a montage of Sharyl Attkisson, the investigative reporter on Michelle Obama trip to Spain.

ATTKISSON: A posh hotel where rooms normally run from $300 to $6,000 a night. The First Lady’s group is said to occupy 60 rooms. Purely personal parts will be paid for by Mrs. Obama and friends. Official portions — the First Lady will visit the king and queen — will be on the taxpayer’s dime. That includes transport on the Air Force version of a 757: $146,000 for the round trip, not counting four to five days’ ground time. Expenses for Mrs. Obama’s support staff and the mandatory Secret Service detail which could number 70 agents, at the $273-a-day federal per diem, that’s $95,000 just for Secret Service room and board. One newspaper called Mrs. Obama ‘Marie Antoinette.’

RUSH: That was the New York Daily News. At least Sharyl Attkisson covered it. I don’t know for how long she will be at CBS, but she did do a report on Katie Couric’s CBS Evening News about the actual expenses. Now, since somebody brings up Nancy Reagan and the china, as is the case almost all the time this is unreported, misunderstood, misreported. State dinners had become so large by the time of the Reagan presidency that none of the china could accommodate the number of guests that they could put in the State Dining Room. So Nancy Reagan, she did, she ordered over 4,700 pieces of Lenox China which was enough place settings of 19 pieces for 220 people, which is what they can squeeze into the State Dining Room.

They just didn’t have the numbers to replace the old. So she went out and bought new china. She bought American. Michelle (My Belle) Obama is over in Spain. Michelle (My Belle) Obama is not stimulating American economy at all. So we can say here, Nancy Reagan turned to an American company and had them create and sell some White House China that probably cost less than one night of all of Michelle’s guests in that hotel in Spain. But because — and this should go without saying, but I realize that there is a new tune-in factor and people have these questions. Even though the answers after 22 years may bore me, they still need to be given. There’s a double standard — and people on the left (first ladies, presidents, what have you) can’t be racist, they can’t be bigots, they can’t be extravagant. They are not guilty of anything.

Everything they are doing is justified and understandable because they are at war with us and we are evil. They are a genuine aristocracy. They are no more representatives of the ‘working people’ of America than anybody else is. But the double standard exists and there’s nothing that is going to change it. There are just… Why do you think it’s so easy for me to tweak the media every day? I mean, I have more fun tweaking the media because I know how they are going to react to something. All I have to do… Look, the media has its templates. They have their narratives. One of the narratives is that they hate the birthers. They despise people who raise questions about the fact that Obama hasn’t been forthcoming about the place of his birth. They despise those people. So all have you to do, all anybody has to do to rev them up, is say, ‘Hey, it’s president Obama’s birthday today — to the extent that we know.’

That is all it took and they had a conniption. They had a conniption fit. See, I know how to tweak these people. They know I know how to tweak them and they still allow themselves to be tweaked, because the narrative and the template is what is important. We just had this Clinton wedding. Look how it was portrayed. It was portrayed as a Camelot kind of wedding. Was there any problem with the Clintons doing that during these economic times? No! There wasn’t one raised eyebrow, there wasn’t one frown, there wasn’t one expression of, ‘Gee, that seems a little out of touch.’ No! In fact, Tina Brown of the daily beast wrote a column of why we all ‘needed’ that wedding, why America ‘needed’ the Chelsea wedding. Meantime, I got married on June 5 and Elton John was the performer.

They think they know what it cost, and for a week there was genuine vitriol and anger over the fact. There was no speculation of why, only condemnation. There was no intrigue. There was no interest. There was no support. There were no stories about all of the stimulation of the local economy that took place because of the wedding here. None of that. No, no, no. It was mocked and made fun of. This is just who they are. Like I say, answering this stuff bores me after 22 years because this is one of the things that isn’t going to change. As long as the media is made up of the people it’s made up of, it’s not going to change. My frustration is that if we have people looking for their own validation in the way media reports, you’re forever going to be miserable and I’m going to be ticked off answering your questions.

Because you are never, we are never going to have the media on our side. The media is never going to present our side. The media is never going to represent us properly. The media is never going to condemn Democrats the way they condemn us. It isn’t going to happen. If you are waiting around for that to happen as a sign that things are leveling out or that we are winning, then you’re going to perpetually think we are losing and we’re not. But some things are what they are.


RUSH: Journalism long ago stopped being ‘Who? What? When? Where? Why?’ Journalism today is, ‘Who is the Republican here?’ Journalism is, ‘Who is the conservative here?’ That’s all journalism is. Now, the UK press is a different store. The UK Daily Mail is just one example. They are ripping Obama to shreds in the UK. ‘Spanish Police Close Public Beach for Michelle Obama’s £250,000 Spanish Holiday.’ That is $375,000, and it’s being paid for by us. Michelle Obama today faced a fresh wave of attacks over her lavish break in Spain with 40 friends, which could easily cost U.S. taxpayers a staggering [$65,000] a day, and don’t misunderstand. She is not representing America. She is going to see the king and queen, much like a businessman would go a have a meeting to deduct a whole trip.

This is a vacation. You don’t take 40 friends with you on an official trip. She is on vacation, and we’re paying for it. The UK press is all over it. They have pictures. This UK Daily Mail story (you can see it at Drudge) prints out to 12 pages. It’s huge, with all kinds of pictures of the beach that has been cordoned off — and Michelle’s car van of SUVs that she moves around, and pictures of the hotel. So the UK press, they are laying it on thick. And by the way, one thing I need to mention about the Reagan china: Taxpayers did not pay for it. US taxpayers did not pay for the china that Nancy Reagan bought. It was a gift to the White House Foundation by California friends of the Reagans. I kid you not. It was not paid for by the taxpayers.

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