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RUSH: This is Obama yesterday in Chicago at a campaign event for Illinois Senate candidate Alexi Giannoulias. Here is a portion of what the Bamster had to say.

OBAMA: (godlike echo) They haven’t come out with a single solitary idea that is different from the policies that held sway for eight years before Democrats took over. Not a single policy difference that’s discernible from George W. Bush. Not one. So what they’re really betting on is amnesia. They’re betting that you didn’t notice that the recession started under their watch.

RUSH: So that’s really uplifting. That’s a way to get somebody to vote for your guy. George W Bush: The architect of the recession. ‘They are betting you didn’t notice the recession started under their watch.’ Who has made it worse? What everybody knows is that the Democrats have made it worse. When the president says, ‘We can’t go back! We can’t go back! We can’t give the keys to the car to the people that wrecked it the last time.’ We want to go back! If we could go back a year and a half, my God, do you realize the change in mood, the optimism that would exist in this country? Barack Obama is doing everything in his power to recreate the New Deal of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and he says the Republicans that want to go back to old ideas that failed? He is doubling down on the New Deal! He always believed that the reason the New Deal really did not get us out of the Depression was that not enough money was spent. Obama really believes that, and of course the only thing that got us out of the Depression was World War II. The New Deal had nothing to do with it. But here is Obama trying the recreate the New Deal, Maxism, Leninism, all of that stuff — and he accuses the Republicans of wanting to go back to ‘old ideas that failed’ Wolf Blitzer is not sure about this strategy of mentioning Bush’s name.

BLITZER: That’s pretty unusual for him to name the former president directly in this criticism. Usually it’s implied, but to specifically name George W. Bush, that is significant.

BORGER: You are going to be shocked to hear this Wolf but they have actually been looking at polls. If you ask if you would vote for a Republican who supports George W. Bush’s economic policies, the voters overwhelmingly say no. So that is why they are invoking George W. Bush’s name again.

RUSH: Let them go ahead and take these phony polls and lie to themselves about it, but I don’t think there are very many people who are going to associate the economic life support that we are on now with George W. Bush. This regime has had two years to deal with it. The regime is lying to the American people about all the success their policies are having. Tax increases are due to hit in January. People cannot find work. The people that do have work cannot get raises, salary increases. They are not secure in any number of ways. And if these people think that they can run against George W. Bush and have Democrats win, go for it! Go for it! That is the single biggest indication of just how stupid they think every one of us happens to be. Obama ‘inherited’ a deficit that he voted for. In fact, he insisted on it!

There wasn’t one vote that he disagreed with, wasn’t one plan he disagreed with. He voted for every aspect of legislation that led to this current economy. He voted to expand the deficit four fold since January 20. He never opposed anything about what Bush was doing. He was always of the mind it wasn’t enough. Now, if the Democrats ‘inherited’ any deficit, it was the fiscal year 2007 deficit, the last of the Republican budgets. That deficit in fiscal year 2007 was the lowest deficit in five years, the fourth straight decline in deficit spending. After that, the Democrats in Congress took control of spending. They took control in 2007, and that includes Obama who voted for all of the budgets that Bush put forth. He voted for every budget that busted whatever.

He cannot say he opposed it. He cannot say he differed from it. He cannot say he warned everybody. He was right in there! He voted for every one of those budgets, so if he ‘inherited’ anything, he inherited from himself because he was right there. His only complaint during the Bush administration was that they weren’t spending enough. So I urge them — I urge the regime — you go ahead and you try to make the current economic circumstances Bush’s. You go ahead. The people of this country know the Republicans are not in power. They can’t do anything. They can’t stop anything, can’t make anything happen. I mean, this is one-party rule. The American people now, 86%, think there ought to be limits on government. There isn’t any polling data that shows Obama in a good light in any way, shape, manner, or form.

So I don’t know who is lying to them about these internal polls but I hope they keep it up. As you heard, Wolf Blitzer not convinced that it’s a good move politically for Obama to mention Bush by name. But Gloria Borger says she is down with it.

BLITZER: Isn’t there normally a little protocol that a sitting president does not necessarily hammer his immediate predecessor; that other aides do that, of course, but that’s sort of above what the President United States should — or below what the President should be doing.

BORGER: There may be but it certainly worked for Obama in (snickering) 2008 pretty well.

BLITZER: He wasn’t the sitting president at the time.

BLITZER: Eh, right, but using George W. Bush worked.

RUSH: So, Gloria Borger, totally in the tank, a partisan political operative disguised as a journalist. The smartest thing she ever did was get out of Newsweek, which is where she used to be. Maybe it was U.S. News and World Reports. I can’t remember. Let Obama go ahead. Let him invoke Bush all he wants. George W. Bush had 52 straight months of job creation. You let him invoke Bush only once. We will invoke Obama. That will be the simplest sell. He wants to run against Bush? Fine. What he knows and his regime knows is that everybody is going to be running against them.


RUSH: Gloria Borger, Wolf Blitzer, all of you in the partisan political operative media. You think it’s great, you think it makes sense (well, Wolf doesn’t but Gloria Borger does), and it’s great politics for Obama to personally invoke the name George W. Bush. Miss Borger (Mrs. Borger, whatever it is), how many congressional district and states must Obama avoid because he is so politically poisonous? How many places does Obama go where Democrats don’t want to be anywhere near him? He goes to Georgia and Democrats in Georgians don’t want to be anywhere near him. Who is it that is radioactive, Ms. Borger? He keeps going to the same places. He goes to California, he goes to Detroit, and he goes to Chicago.

Sometimes he goes to New York. Those are the places he goes. When is the last time Obama went to a Border State to campaign for a candidate? When is the last time Barack Obama went to a Southern state to campaign for a candidate? When he went to New Jersey to help Jon Corzine, Corzine got whipped. When he went to Massachusetts had help Coakley, she got creamed. Obama is in no position to talk down anybody. He did not help anybody in Virginia. The Republicans won that statehouse as well. Fifty-nine percent of the public think Obama is performing ‘very poorly.’ In Gallup he’s at 41 percent approval. When Bush was at 41 percent, you headlined it for three weeks.

Fifty-nine percent of the public think Obama is performing very poorly. He cannot pull anybody over the finish line. Democrats do not want him to appear with him anywhere they are up for reelection other than California or Chicago or Detroit, and you think you are going to sail to victory invoking the name George W. Bush? What our candidates are going to do, Ms. Borger, is our candidates are going to campaign all across the country invoking Obama’s name. They’re going to be talking about 19 months of Obama: 19 months of failed promises, 19 months of failed policy, 19 months of lying. Unemployment, foreclosures, business failures, reckless spending, massive government, all of it is owned by Barack Obama. In Obama’s world ‘going forward’ means driving off the cliff, and 59 percent of the American people know it.

The vast majority of the people don’t want his health care bill. They want it repealed. This judge out in California has created more angst and animosity for government. It continues to build, Ms. Borger. The American people are not enamored of government anymore and certainly not enamored of Obama. The seas are not lowering. The dreaded oil spill did not become dreaded. Why don’t we see any polls asking who is more popular, Ms. Borger, Obama or Bush? I mean, I’m sure if your polling data or Obama’s polling data that you cite, which says running against Bush is a winner, where are the polls? You know your buds in the partisan political operative media would put those poll numbers out.

On November 2, 2010, George W. Bush isn’t going to be on the ballot. But the Democrats who have had control of Congress since 2007, January, are going to be on the ballot. The Democrats who talked down the economy, the Democrats who wanted this recession, the Democrats who wanted defeat in Iraq, the Democrats who gave us this recession (just so they could get control of Congress and the White House), they are on the ballot. George W. Bush is not. Let’s take just one example. Public Policy Polling found that more people in Louisiana approve of Bush’s handling of Katrina versus Obama’s handling of the BP oil spill. Public Policy Polling is a liberal Democrat polling outfit out of North Carolina.

Where are these polls, Ms. Borger, and the rest of you in the State-Controlled Media, that show us running against Bush is a win-win. If that’s the case, how come the Democrats are lagging way behind in the generic ballot? If the American people are still blaming George W. Bush for all of this, how come it is that the Democrats expect to lose control of the House of Representatives? Hmm? You just make it up. You just make it up. You are so slavish in your idolatrous support of Obama that whatever he does has to be miraculously wonderful, brilliant and so forth, but where is the evidence? Where are the facts?

Where are the facts the American people blame Bush? There are billboards all over the country with Bush’s picture on it saying, ‘Miss me yet?’ I haven’t seen the reelect Obama billboards. I haven’t seen little kids singing Obama’s praise songs lately. (They might still be doing it.) I don’t see this massive, overwhelming hatred for George W Bush. But the Democrats who talk down the economy, they’re in trouble. They know they are in trouble and they don’t want Obama anywhere near them.


RUSH: Public Policy Polling. This is April 15 of this year. It showed up in Roll Call, Congressional Quarterly’s Roll Call: President Obama just passed another milestone: His popularity is polling behind that for his predecessor, George W. Bush, according to a Public Policy Polling survey taken April 9-11. When asked to state their preferences for president, 46 percent chose Obama, and 48 percent picked Bush,’ with a 4% margin of error. Imagine what the answer would be today? I mention all this because Gloria Borger and the rest of the news media out there saying, ‘Oh, yeah, it’s going to work great for Obama if he runs out and runs against George W Bush. Why, that’s the ticket. Run against Bush,’ while Obama is out there praising himself for 9.5% unemployment, praising himself for all these foreclosures and bankruptcies.

If you like where the economy is and you want more of it, then vote for the Democrats. It’s that simple. If you think 9.5% unemployment is success, vote Democrat. If you think continued foreclosures are good news, vote Democrat. And as I said previous hour, I’m very close to whipping out Happy Days are Here Again. (singing) ‘Happy days are here again…’

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