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RUSH: How long will it be, ladies and gentlemen, before Karl Rove has his own radio talk show? It is a valid question because Karl Rove is going to be the guest host on Monday of this program. I’m going to be out waaaay late on the Left Coast on Sunday. It’s impractical to get back here in time for the busy broadcast on Monday, so we’ve asked Karl Rove to come in. Almost everybody who has guest hosted this program ends up with their own show. So I wonder how long it’ll be before Karl has his. The State-Controlled Media are just obsessed with Karl Rove guest hosting this program. We have John King on CNN last night, a panel discussion. Guest host Jessica Yellin spoke with former Bush/Cheney Campaign Adviser Robert Traynham, Gloria Borger, and Don Baer, all of them talking about Karl Rove doing this program on Monday. Yellin says: ‘Karl Rove is going back to work in a new role for a day. … George W. Bush’s go-to guy for politics, will be the fill-in host for Rush Limbaugh’s radio show next Monday. Robert, is this a new career for Karl Rove?’

TRAYNHAM: Possibly, he does have a face for radio, no question.

YELLIN: (cackling wildly)

TRAYNHAM: Uh-huh-huh-huh!

YELLIN: You get in trouble for saying that?

TRAYNHAM: Well, Karl is a friend, but there’s no surprise here. Karl Rove is a conservative, obviously Rush Limbaugh is a conservative, and what better way to have a former presidential spokesperson/advisor talking about how bad the Democrats are doing right now in the context of Rush Limbaugh… with his 12 million or so (sic) listeners.

BORGER: It’s getting to be the kinder gentler Rush Limbaugh Show.

TRAYNHAM: (chuckling)


BORGER: Really?

BAER It’s August.

YELLIN: Mmmph!

BAER: You know, eh, why does this surprise anyone, though? You know, Karl is out there looking for things to do. It’s perfectly fine thing for him to do.

BORGER: Absolutely.

YELLIN: It worked for Rush.

TRAYNHAM: (laughing) Muh-huh-huh-huh!

YELLIN: It could be a good thing for him, huh?

RUSH: It ‘worked’ for me? Who did I sit in for? I was never a guest host for anybody. (interruption) Works for me? No, she said it ‘worked’ for me. ‘It worked…’ That is what the transcript says: ‘It worked for Rush.’ Any way, they still can’t get it right. It’s 20-25 million people. But you see? They are obsessed. Rove, Karl Rove guest hosting the program. In fact, he was on with Greta Van Susteren last night and Van Susteren said, ‘Tell us what you are doing on Monday.’

ROVE: I’m sitting in for Rush Limbaugh.

VAN SUSTEREN: Ever done radio before? Like, been the anchor?



ROVE: No. I’ve never been the host.

VAN SUSTEREN: How many hours is — are you going to be on?

ROVE: Ten gazillion hours. A lifetime.

VAN SUSTEREN: Do you have any guests?

ROVE: They haven’t told me yet, so I think they are trying to keep me fresh and on my toes and ready to go.

VAN SUSTEREN: Do you know how bad it is if you don’t have any guests and you’re not, like, ready for it? That’s, like, really bad.

ROVE: I know. I know. I’m reading every newspaper I can. I’m racking my brains and eating healthy, drinking lots of fluids and hoping that I’m ready.

VAN SUSTEREN: Oh, n-n-n-n-no! Don’t drink a lot of fluids because I don’t know if you can get up that often.

ROVE: Well I’m doing it in advance.

VAN SUSTEREN: (cackling)

ROVE: Keeping my brain lubricated.

VAN SUSTEREN: You know what? You know what to do? Here’s a hint, though, is, eh, uh, make phone calls. I mean, like, if you get into, like, a dry spot make a phone call to somebody.

ROVE: Take some callers. Take some callers.

VAN SUSTEREN: Yeah, take calls.

RUSH: Yeah, so, the media here is obsessing about Karl Rove guest hosing the program. We haven’t told him whether or not we have any guests for him on Monday? (interruption) What…? You guys know anything about this? We don’t do guests. No, but if he wants to have guests he can bring them in here. I mean, the guest host comes in here and flies on his or her own. Right? So, Karl, whatever you want to do, pal, is fine. If you want us to get some guests, I imagine we could do it. It’s a big deal, Snerdley, because they hate Rove. It is a big deal because they hate me. It is a big deal because it’s an even bigger microphone and forum for Rove. That is why it’s a big deal. It is another step in what they see as the expansion of the opposition media. Remember, these people wanted Rove in jail and now where is he? He is behind a Golden EIB Microphone. They hate every aspect of this. This just won’t fly with them.

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